Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th March 2012 Written Episode

This was what I call – a total \’Hate Your Guts\’ episode!
ASR hates Khushi\’s guts.
Khushi hates ASR\’s guts.
ASR hates Shyam\’s guts.
Shyam hates ASR\’s guts.
Khushi hates Shyam\’s guts.
Anjali & Nani hates ASR\’s guts.
Mami Jaan hates Payal\’s guts.
Talk about a hate track coming into full bloom just as we enter into the Spring season.
Come Fall, we suppose someone will be ready to fall in love all over again.

Okay dokey *rubs hands together, cracks a few knuckles and twiddles fingers* time for the review!
LOVED the shouting match! Need more of these. Each time ASR lets drop some delicious hints. Hope Khushi picks up and munches on them. They might prove very helpful in giving her the much needed life-lines.

Arnav & Khushi
There is some turbulence expected. Passengers please fasten your seat-belts, and don\’t panic
They were just beginning to settle in with the new arrangement – when the storm decided to remind them that it was still around. Just because it gave them a breather did not mean, it\’s over! This twister will not settle until it has laid everything desolate – everything that needs to be laid desolate. Till all lies are destroyed and truth has a chance to shine its light, unhindered, the twister will come and go.
…Okay, Panic! It\’s quite pointless to tell the Fandom not to panic. Their love transforms into Panic at a moment\’s notice.

1. ASR: Thank you for staying back in the show. I was wondering if you\’d done your bit for the hate season and were off to Hawaii for a siesta. But, good to see you back.
ASR: What\’s this mess? Clean it up. NOW!
Fandom: WOW!

2. LOVED Khushi\’s response to his command – points to BT and continues the telecon.
Girlie, don\’t take hubby lightly.

3. Uh oh! Now you\’ve done it, Khushi. You don\’t mess with ASR when he\’s angry and girl, how many times! You don\’t ignore him when he is talking!!
That was a bit of a childish fight over a BT.
You shall have it when you have cleaned the room.
Gimme now! I\’ll just grab it back from you.
… and here we go..! Scene set for a Rabba-vey! Khushi, why are you losing yourself, dear?
She looks into his face, somewhat lost and he seems to be just focusing on getting the BT as far as possible from her, and letting her know he means business.
But oh dear! In a few seconds, it blew out of proportions.

4. Khushi: My life\’s dream is now true. I can feed everyone. Now, I can die in peace.
Erm… Khushi! That was a bit too out there! I mean, die!! Ain\’t that taking it a bit too far?

5. ASR: yes yes! The moment Anjali talks about her life, you\’re all attention. You paid NO heed when Khushi was talking of dying in peace.
Though, right now, if something were to happen to her, you\’d lose your resolve in a hurry. All attitude would be thrown out of the window!
Let\’s just hope this doesn\’t come back to haunt you, if something does happen to the poor girl.

6. When Khushi started to talk good of Anjali to Laxmi, and ASR paid attention – I heard me say, ASR, do the math!!
He did! Though, his solution to the problem was far from … right.
He again added up 2 + 2:
Khushi: Why don\’t you leave Anjali?
Shyam: The only obstacle is Anjali
2 characterless swindlers in my house.

There we go – ASR\’s math!
And the result was an explosion.

ASR – That is understandable. The one who is cheating your sister has the guts to spout praises about her goodness. Here is your sister, genuinely blessing her with her own life and this unworthy cheat has the cheek to say – Anjali Di is sweet and emotional! How dare she make fun of his sister\’s innocence! He won\’t stand for it.
There comes the tirade!

7. Important keys for Khushi:
It\’s my sister. I won\’t let anything happen to her. No matter what you try.
That\’s a real clincher! Khushi, grab it. It ties up with the brainwave you had regarding Shyam.

Just because I don\’t say anything, doesn\’t mean I don\’t know anything.
Yeh, a (w)hole lot you know!

You deserve everything that has happened to you. Going forward, it\’ll be worse for you.
Yes, it will be worse for her when she figures out what\’s going on in that head of yours.
BUT OHMIGOSH! ASR, you\’re going to tell this to yourself few months down the line. You think you\’re going thru pain now? The worst is yet to come.

I don\’t know what\’s going on in your mind …
That\’s right, buddy! Cottoned on finally, have we? And now that you have that figured out – ASK!!

… but you\’ll never get what you want!
IDIOT! All she wants is you!

I wish I could tell all about hideous things you do and think.
Yeh! That\’s the first good idea you\’ve had since creation! TELL!!!

I won\’t believe anything you say, especially, your tears.
Fandom, he\’s being serious. He won\’t believe. So now, if Khushi figures out the whole truth of what ASR believes and what he saw and what he thinks.. oh dear! She ain\’t telling him naught! Because she knows he won\’t trust her.
He is not breaking that easy! But when he does – we better have the ICU ready! First-aid won\’t suffice.

Khushi, that\’s a lot of stuff to munch on.
ASR, that\’s a LOT to make up for.

8. And Khushi won\’t be backed down!
Khushi: I can\’t believe you\’re the man with whom … *- and she says no more*
Girl, if only you both learn to complete your sentences…
He seemed to have caught it, but didn\’t pay much attention.

I will not waste my tears on you. The man who\’s as stone-hearted as you …
Fandom: YAY for Khushi!! That\’s my girl! Give it to him!!

And that\’s about all ASR can take!

What\’s worse ASR?
To be called stone-heart by someone who according to you is a heartless cheat? Or To be called stone-hearted by someone with whom your heart beats as one?

9. And then you go and thrust the poor girl against the wall and slam the door shut on her hand!
She screams in pain, and there goes the anger outta the window! What did we tell you?
He\’ll hurt her, he\’ll draw the line and hedge himself in. But the moment he sees she is hurt, the line can go to hell – he\’s out in the open with his bleeding heart – Ouch! Khushi got a bruise.

10. He calls her name, all care and concern! But no, Mister! She\’s a tigress, and you ought to know.
Khushi: I deserve this pain, don\’t I? Then let me suffer. I deserve more than this, isn\’t it.
He looked like he\’d agree with her, but for the life of him, can\’t handle it.

ASR, all that gel has seeped into your brain, jamming it. Sometimes I really wish that Khushi would grab your head and shake it till the insides of your jammed brain – all nuts and bolts – would rattle! And then maybe she\’d dip it in grease overnight, so that by morning the machinery hums in perfect harmony.
11. Interference in the match!
Shyam asks if Khushi was ok, and poor girl responds nicely because Anjali is facing her – but so is ASR. Oops!

ASR, how you hated the creep mouthing his concern for Khushi! You just had to tell him that you won\’t let anything bad happen.
ASR: All is ok, Jijaji. I won\’t let anything go wrong.
LOVED the ASR-Shyam defiant face-off!
Shyam: I read that loud and clear.
ASR: You don\’t have me fooled with your rose petals and baby cribs.

12. Honeymoon!? Wow! Hmm… not much good right now. It\’d be a total waste of honey and moon.
Khushi: I wasn\’t too keen on it.
ASR *tears it to bits*: You think, I am?
Darling Khushi hurt again.

13. Khushi: Thanks for saving me from going to the honeymoon.
Proud of you, Khushi!!
Khushi, darling, sometimes it is a good idea to shut that trap of yours. The man already has magnificent ideas about your non-existent love life. You don\’t need to add your fairy lights and stars around his over-worked imagination.

He simply thinks that you happy to not go because you\’d rather not go with him, but someone else. See the hurt on his face. His eyes look like he\’s been crying again. And his face is all set that he won\’t let himself be weakend by emotion.

1. Wow, Shyam! You and your dumb luck …
When you get engaged to a girl, she is already engaged to another man.
When you propose to a girl, she marries the same another man.
When you try to break her marriage, you get to dress up her room for the SR.
When you try to report their argument, you get to book and plan their tickets, limo pick-up and candle-light dinner on a honeymoon in Bali.
And now, when you try to explain that ASR is a busy man and cannot go for a honeymoon, you\’ve just given Nani another idea to keeping the girl and the same another man together…

It seems that you constantly have a black cat cutting you off, or someone\’s sneezing every time you depart for battle … you know, the sort of stuff that causes such rotten luck! (Not that I believe in luck!)
Though, for you – you probably do not need someone else to mess it up for you – you\’re terrible enough for yourself!

2. You never give up, do you! You really want that watch, it you want that watch.
You think ASR won\’t find out about what you are doing. Well, even if he does, you don\’t care. You know it is too dangerous to taint ASR in Anjali\’s eyes. So, you just use her gullibility. But don\’t you have to set up a good example in ASR\’s eyes?

3. Yes, perfect. When they fight, eavesdrop, you peeping tom, and broadcast to the Official Interferor.
Shyam is getting bolder by the day. But unless he gets bolder, ASR and Khushi will remain subdued …

4. If you didn\’t have the fixation for black, we might have termed you the neon light that points the way.
When every brain in RM collapses under the pressure of thinking, you are the only one who shows them how to proceed in bringing Arnav-Khushi together. Your self-sacrificing villainy even overlooks their own willingness to be together or not.

1. Was it just me or was that Watch-salesman smirking when Anjali went off to get money? Creepy\’s friends are creepy too!
2. Anjali: darling, it has to be you – who doesn\’t need to work – who keeps 75k ready cash at home! I\’m surprised ASR hasn\’t invested in home guards. And they call him, the brain.
3. Nani Ji, I love you! Only you could\’ve thought of sending ASR to a honeymoon. Too bad, he didn\’t fall for it. But you have another idea.
4. Anjali: ASR ain\’t unromantic – he\’s just in a very bad mood for the last 15 years!
5. Mami Jaan: yeh yeh! You are super cute. Looks like the Payaliya will the definitely the wins the hearts. Hmm! Will ASR\’s threat to Khushi fall kaput then?
6. Laxmi, you smart mutton you! The moment ASR and Khushi has the shouting match, you disapparated from the room!
7. Aww, Anjali was SO sweet when she blessed Khushi.

On the Lighter Side:
1. Mami Jaan: Baali pe ticket lag gawa ka!

ASR\’s To-Do List
1. Upgrade the Pattern Recognition software in my head. It\’s recognizing some junk patterns off late.
2. Put a Volume Controller on Khushi. Note: Keep the Remote Control in my coat\’s inner pocket.
3. Troubleshoot Command identification and Application utility on Khushi to enable her to understand “Lower your voice” in one go, without repetitions.
4. Install an Argument Sensor on the room\’s door to shut automatically for keeping shrill sound waves from escaping.
5. Note to Self: If I don\’t want anyone to hear, then I need to stay indoors and close the door; not drag the screaming Khushi outdoors, so that heaven and earth would hear.
6. Board up the Poolside to keep Creepy Peeping Toms from getting first-stall view of the shouting match.
7. Send a Thank You note to the Makers for fixing a call-bell on Anjali. She calls before she enters giving me chance to fix my expressions and warn Khushi wordlessly.
8. Remember not to tear up Air tickets when they can be re-claimed.

As ASR and Khushi finally shared the room, apparently, the Precap was too scared to be around either one of the fire- breathing dragons tonight. It slept by the pool, for a change.
Fandom, you can be happy for one day. Until tomorrow, in case you figure out that one of them went to sleep by the poolside. ROFL!

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