Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 27th March 2012 Written Episode

Arnav is annoyed because Anjali has asked him and Akash to wait. She has sent Khushi and Payal to them and Mahendra also comes dressed like a driver. All four of them are shocked when he says he is their driver cum attendant. They ask him what he is doing but he continues behaving like an attendant. Inside the house, they see it is decorated just like Bali and everyone\’s dressed that way as well. The entire atmosphere is very beachish Manorma (i.e. Mona) welcomes them to the \’Delhi Bali Hotel\’. They just look around in awe as Manorma gives them coconut water. Nani comes to welcome them with garlands and explains to them that this is happening because Arnav cannot leave the town. They click pictures of thr two couples as well. Shyam and Anjali also join in this and Arnav rolls his eyes like this is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. Shyam comes and gives Khushi roses since she likes them and Arnav doesn\’t like this. He tries to escape but is not allowed to. They push him with Khushi in their room so that they can get ready.
Arnav wonders what is the need for this. Khushi says he won\’t understand since he doesn\’t know how to spread happiness. They have an argument over who will change first yet again.
Akash tells Anjali that they will get ready in 10 minutes and the situation is reversed. They offer the other one the bathroom to get ready first.
Everyone is waiting downstairs for the newly weds. Akash and Payal come looking perfectly happy and everyone\’s happy seeing them as well. Manorma wonders where the other couple is and just then Arnav comes down. Everyone tells him he forgot his partner. But just then, Khushi also comes and they share an eyelock (Why do I blush whenever these two are together? They don\’t even need to do anything except share the same frame!). Anjali makes them promise that they will forget everything which happened yesterday and enjoy. Hence, the two play along but the intense and passionate tension is very evident
Both the couples are made to dance with each other. Arnav gets aggressive and tells Khushi not to dream. Khushi says she cannot dream about him anyway. Arnav says he is doing all this only for his sister and Khushi says so is she. The two couples are dancing and Nani makes Anjali and Shyam also join in and everyone dances on the title track of the show. PayAsh look much in love, ArHi have tension evident and Shyam is constantly looking at Khushi much to Arnav\’s wrath. He recalls Shyam and Khushi hugging and his anger shows in the aggressive way in which he is leading Khushi in the dance. Everyone is left speechless at the passion and chemistry emitting from the performance (And that includes me. I had to rewatch it to write it down. I was way too mesmerised the first time). They end the dance with a hug and everyone starts clapping as the two are lost in each other\’s eyes
Afterwards, both the couples are lead to their rooms, I mean “Honeymoon Suites”Mahendra takes their mobiles from there and shuts the door.
Khushi is mesmerised to see the decor of the room. Arnav seems equally surprised. Khushi compliments it but Arnav gets hurt. Khushi\’s first reaction is of worry but then she is like he is punished
Akash and Payal are also sitting in their room. Akash says he is reminded of the NY\’s eve. Payal asks him to check if he can get up from hsi seat. Payal is amused recollecting that night\’s events and Akash starts chasing her
Khushi asks Arnav to come and eat and says stuff annoying Arnav He blows out the candles but then realises it\’s a bad idea since there is no light.
PayAsh also realise that only their room doesn\’t have lights but Akash is in a mood to romance and they share a cute moment.
Arnav is trying to open the door of his room but it is locked. Arnav realises this is his sister\’s idea. In the dark, they bump into each other thus getting annoyed as well. Arnav finds a match and Khushi goes to get candles but collides into Arnav and they fall on the bed and get lost in each other Khushi comes back to senses as she realises Arnav\’s hand is about to burn and immediately throws the match away but unfortunately the flame doesn\’t die down and sets the room on fire!

No precap!

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