Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2012 Written Episode

Summary: Sandhya shows the papers, Chavi tells the necklace pis or details aren\’t there in that. Bhabo tells this might be fake paper also. Meena comes running saying she got necklace in the saadi which Sandhya gave her and she got it now. Misplaced unknown. Bhabo angry on Meena. Checks the necklace if its real or fake and gives to Sandhya and goes away. Meena tells the whole story to Vikram and he is in shock. Sooraj telling Meena to give the necklace to Bhabo saying she got somewhere in house etc and he will pay the necklace amount to her but the jewelry will remain with Sandhya. Sooraj worried of the last day of Sandhya\’s test. Tries to console Sandhya, but she is totally hurt and worried, goes away to sleep non-responding., Sooraj is hurt.

Detailed Update

Episode continues with Sandhya giving the loan papers of Ankur to Bhabo to verify the jewelry pictures. A paper falls by mistake which comes unnoticed. Bhabo sees and finds to lost jewel pic in that.
Sandhya tells she went to get this earlier because she cannot live taking robbery blame.

It was a blame and showing regret on her parents brought upness hence she couldn\’t take it. Chavi takes the paper and sees, says that necklace picture isn\’t there and nothing written about it. Bhabo doubts that the paper Sandhya gave might be fake one. Sandhya says t show the paper to Mohit and enquire as he is also working in the same bank and all blames will get over.

Bhabasa tells Bhabo that she is proved wrong and she did big issue on this. Sooraj comes in and Bhabo taunting on Sandhy meanwhile Meena comes in screaming that she got the necklace All are shocked seeing Bhabo asks how did she get the necklace and has Meena stolen it.. Meena tells she got in the saadi which Sandy had given her and she got while opening.

Bahbo asking necklace was in dabba and how its in saadi for which Meena relentlessly explains saadi and necklace must be in bag and might have got misplaced and necklace stuck in saadi Meena keeps saying even Sandhya might not have known this and she was blamed unnecessarily. Meena-Sooraj have look at each other Bhabo gets angry on Meena

Bhabasa tells now to be calm to Bhabo, she says there are lots of duplicate ones need to check if this is the original one. Starts rubbing the gold on floor and says this is original and starring Sandhya keeps the necklace on cot and goes away.Sandhya says thank you heart fully as she removed robbery name from her head. Bhabasa asks Sandhya to take jewelry and she goes. Meena signals Vikram to come upstairs

Sooraj while going out sees the paper lying on the floor thinks its Sandhya\’s and keeps with him Vikram taunts Meena for her sudden change in behavior She explains the whole story happened with Sooraj, Vikram is all shocked and relieved that his name hasn\’t come out Meena saying Sooraj was dam angry and Meena did big drama in public and gave big tears

A Flashback shows Sooraj saying Meena has to clear this confusions and she has to give the necklace to Bhabo, Sandhya has taken a lot on her head. Meena says she will do this work and she will get out of house, Sooraj gets angry and says she has to go and tell that she got the necklace in house somewhere, he cannot lie to Bhabo, he cannot see Meena-Vikram getting out also. Requests that house isn\’t in good condition and manage.

He further adds that it will remain as Meena\’s necklace but will stay with Sandhya and gives money to Meena. Vikram scolds Meena for thinking to take the money from Sooraj as she did mistake etc.. Meena nautanki Sooraj in shop thinking about Sandhya\’s fifteenth day tomorrow. Bhabo comes there and consoles Sooraj that all will be well in the end.. Sooraj consoles Bhabasa later that Bhabo isn\’t that bad, and he knows she will accept Sandhya tomorrow and both go to house

Sooraj comes in seeing Sandhya in worry state. Says tomorrow is her fifteenth day and he believes that Bhabo will give positive reply as she achieved one thing today. Sandhya is all in thinking mode and isn\’t happy at all. Sooraj seeing her tension face (new lyrics, sad background song \’naa tum ho mere, naa main tumhari, tumne juda har manzil hamari, kyu hai apna saath adhura, kyu suraj ye doonde savera, kabhi hoga ye milan kya banegi ye saathi, ye diya aur baati\’) tries to get response from her but without responding she goes away, keeps bed ready and sleeps. Sooraj is worried and hurt.


Meena tells Bhabo Mom forgives their children. Sandhya did lots of mistakes by complaining on Bhabo, locking her in station etc.. Bhabo can think Sandhya that way and forgive her.. Bhabo angry

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