Punar Vivah 28th March 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aarti telling Shobha that it was Prashant\’s call and he wants to meet her on which Shobha tells Aarti that she must b out of her mind to meet that guy when after few hours she is about to take the pheras with Yash ;But Aarti is all adamant to meet Prashant since she feels that his voice was sounding different this time and mayb he wants to return back to his family which will b a blessing in disguise for them since Ansh will get his real father ,she will get her life back and they too will get their son back ;Hearing this Shobha in anger asks how can she not once think about Yash on which Aarti tells Shobha that she will herself speak to Yash about it and will ask for forgiveness but Shobha is not at all convinced and tells Aarti sarcastically that will she tell Yash\’s family that suddenly their son came back and so they r cancelling this marriage ;Aarti keeps pleading to let her go and meet Prashant at least once but Shobha says no (WAY TO GO SHOBHA )

Mr.Dubey then comes there and asks Aarti why she wants to meet Prashant on which Aarti tells Dubey that Prashant wants to return back and so he needs to b given one last chance ;Dubey is convinced at one go and asks Aarti to go and meet him if she wishes ;Aarti finally goes to meet Prashant in Mandir against Shobha\’s wish and then Shobha starts blasting Dubey for this stupidity (Shobha plss kill your husband..I m giving his supari )

Yash in his room talks to Arpita\’s photo and asks her if he is doing the right thing by getting married again when all of a sudden temple bells start ringing and so Yash decides to visit the same temple where Arpita used to go so that he can get all the answers in that temple (Its the same temple where Aarti gone to meet Prashant …*My nail biting starts* )… While leaving ,Pankaj stops Yash reminding him of the evening Sangeet but Yash requests Pankaj to let him go as he needs to find certain answers before this marriage and he does not know when he will return ;Yash leaves and Pankaj is bothered regarding when will Yash return as Sangeet is in the evening (Yeah yeah Panku wants to dance more and more ..Bachelar party se dil nahin bhara )

Aarti reaches mandir and while going upstairs she was about to fall when Prashant holds her from back and both hving an eyelock ;Prashant then tells Aarti that she is looking beautiful and further tells her that he was stupid not to realise her love but now he realised all his mistakes and wants to return back to his wife ,kid and family once again ;Prashant then stretches his hand asking for a hug from Aarti and well Aarti is all overwhelmed (I was about to enter my TV Set and throw both of them down from the staircase ) But it was Aarti\’s dream inside the cab(My life came back )

In the resort Shobha once again asks Dubey why he had to send Aarti to meet Prashant on which Dubey in his defence tells that he did it for Aarti\’s happiness ;So then Shobha puts Dubey\’s hand over her head and asks him to tell the truth after taking the kasam of his wife ;Finally Dubey confesses that he was selfish to send Aarti to the temple since somewhere he too is wishing for Prashant to return back again because afterall Prashant is their son and so as a father he became selfish for that one moment of hope ;Shobha is mad at Mr.Dubey and tells God to forgive her husband for this sin since today her husband proved that In-laws can never become a girl\’s real parent as they failed to do their duties today

Meanwhile Pankaj tells Vidhi that he does not know where Yash has gone and Sangeet will start now (Panku just wants to dance dance dance ); Gayatri comes there like CID officer and asks what happened ;When Vidhi tells Gayatri about Yash has gone out and not returned back ,Gayatri is all scared thinking he might never return back for marriage and mayb Aarti has told something to Yash and so he went out in anger (waah kya logic hai ) ;Pankaj then tells Gayatri that its not Aarti\’s fault since she was never in the picture because Yash went out on his own without telling him where is he going but dont worry he will return back …Gayatri is still tensed

Aarti finally comes near the temple and looks at the temple wall where Prashant-Aarti\’s names r written inside a heart sign and so she goes in flashback mode when Prashant had written their names on that wall so that after years their kids can see how much both loved each other ;A happy Prashant-Aarti moment was shown …Aarti once again stops dreaming and goes inside the temple and starts searching for Prashant when Yash too comes in the same temple and passes by from Aarti\’s side only ..A hit and miss between Yash-Aarti happens ( my nails r about to finish now )

Prashant and Yash are shown walking together in same direction towards the temple entrance when someone pushes Prashant which results in Prashant-Yash collision ..Yash looks at Prashant and Episode ends (My nails also end )

Precap :Aarti meets Prashant …Prashant compliments Aarti for her beauty and mehndi and tells her its too late now ..Aarti tells Prashant “Aankh khuli tabhi savera” (Once your eyes open,the bright morning starts) thus indicating she is ready to forgive him ..But Prashant gives a look of I dont care …Yash is shown as if he is overhearing everything (I feel precap is misleading…I think Yash is looking at something else but its made to look like he overhears )


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Episode Analysis

Yash-Aarti both hv gone to the same mandir to get the answers ..and I feel both will get it in positive with Aarti realising Prashant is a moron and Yash realising that Aarti is perfect choice …So chill all

Here are the interesting moments of today\’s episode according to me ..

Temple is the destination selected by God for Yash-Aarti to close the doors of their past and march ahead towards their bright present without any fears or guilt : I know we all r irritated with Prashant\’s call and Aarti falling for it but I feel this is God\’s wish to finally free Aarti from all the miseries of her past once she gets the final reality chk from Prashant himself ;Aarti will realise her stupidity once she is finds out tomorrow that reality is far bitter and harsh than her sweet little dream which she sees about Prashant while coming to the temple ;The image of Prashant which she had kept in her heart will finally break tomorrow ;Aarti feels Prashant did a mistake years back and one day he will realise it and return back to her because Prashant is not a bad person by heart …This misconception needs to break before Aarti does the remarriage and so it was God\’s wish that Aarti goes to the temple and confront Prashant one last time so that the mirror of misconception that she has about Prashant finally breaks and she is freed from this pain and guilt that she was feeling during this remarriage ;

On the other hand Yash too has the fears of whether Aarti is the perfect choice and also the guilt of whether he is betraying Arpita by marrying Aarti …So once again God selects the same temple for Yash where he can go and free himself from all the fears and guilt by directly confronting Aarti in that same temple and mayb finally hving their first ever interaction ;I m assuming Aarti and Yash will come face to face in the same temple once Prashant leaves from there leaving behind a heartbroken Aarti who will finally accept her destiny with Yash

So Yash-Aarti will return back together from the temple leaving behind their tragic and bitter past

Prashant-Yash collison symbolism : Both are walking in the same direction together which indicates both their destination is same ..that is Aarti …one is past and another will b present ..But Prashant is pushed by a third party and he was about to fall down but because of his collision with Yash ,he survives from falling down which indicates Prashant is a kind of guy who will keep falling down in life with jerks given by third parties whereas Yash is rock-solid with his thoughts and relationship and will never fall down in life once he commits to anything …

Shobha and Mr.Dubey\’s opposite thoughts : Shobha we all know was always selfless in her decisions related to Aarti but Mr.Dubey is someone who was always shown a bit selfish and also he believes in taking the short cut route for anything and playing safe without raising his voice or standing for his own family\’s honour ..Today also he palyed safe and took the short cut route by asking Aarti to go and meet Prashant with a hope that if he returns back then his own family will stay intact but not once he thought about all the humiliations that Aarti might go through if Prashant once again gives her rejection and then Yash\’s family too finds out about it all …Well I dont blame Dubey here since what he did was human nature …Prashant is his son afterall ..but the way Shobha stood up for Aarti and opposed her husband ,hats off lady ..take a bow

Aarti\’s desperation for Prashant ..Is it love or just a safe excuse to avoid Remarriage ?? :Aarti claims that she still loves Prashant and wants him back but is it true ?? ;If she really loves Prashant then how can she not recognise Prashant from his backside ?? ;She sees a random guy entering the temple and thinks its Prashant from back which he is not ;So this means Aarti only wants to make herself believe that she still loves Prashant only to avoid falling for some other man but the reality is Prashant is simply an excuse to avoid this remarriage with Yash ;She just does not want not fall in love again and so wants Prashant to come back …Once she gets the reality chk from Prashant himself tomorrow who might either ask for Ansh\’s custody or simply announce his own marriage ,then Aarti will realise why Shobha wants her to move on in life so that she does not get such rejections or humiliations in her life ever again …She needs to fall out of love with Prashant to move on and eventually fall in love with Yash and thats what will happen in tomorrow\’s episode

Precap is misleading ..so will not comment on it

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