Afsar Bitiya 29th March 2012 Written Episode

Sorry I am so late with my take today. I had nearly typed it all and then my laptop decided to switch off of its own accord.

I loved today\’s episode. I though it was absolutely brilliant and I am liking the fact that they are compartmentalising better rather than trying to fit everything a little bit at a time into each episode. I like this pattern much better where each episode has a clear theme and a goal and it can focus just on one character. Yesterday we saw Krishna\’s struggle with her family and today we see Pintu\’s struggle with his.

What I loved most about the way they handled this episode and the drama of Pintu leaving, was the fact that they linked it to the central social issue of the show, ie, women\’s position in this particular society. I like how Pintu\’s dialogues made this about a bigger concept and a bigger goal, rather than just his love story. Krishna has long been the scapegoat for problems in other people\’s lives and I was so glad to hear Pintu articulate today that the problem was not just Krishna but rather TTS\’ treatment of women in general, and worse, his mother\’s support of her husband despite it all. The problem really, is Ganga because as long as she stood up to TTS, Pintu saw some self-respect in her but he also saw now that TTS has stamped it out by brute force and I think this is what snapped for him.

I loved the little detail of Pintu taking his family photo with him. It showed that he loved his family and that is actually part of the reason that he left. I think he doesn\’t want to resent them and so he prefers to go out in his own, breathe freely and be able to be the best version of himself so that when he grows to love himself, he can love his family in a much more fulfilling way than just blind obedience and avoiding confrontation. It was great to see him stop Ganga from exercising her powers of emotional blackmail when he refused to let her put his hand on her head. This Pintu is done with the EA and he is moving forward, adhering only to what is right and what is logical.

TTS is so overconfident that I feel sure they are setting Pintu up to succeed. I feel like TTS, being a self made man has actually over valued the role of money and forgotten the things that can\’t be bought with money. He underestimates Pintu\’s appreciation of these invaluable privileges like freedom, peace of mind and doing the right thing, which far outweigh the material privileges he is used to as his father\’s son at this turning point in his life. By not doing something on his own and paying the price of material and familial comfort by being blindly obedient to TTS\’ every whim, Pintu has given him the impression that he can\’t do anything on his own, but I could see the fire in Pintu today and I hope it lasts the adversity he will have to face!

Ah, the Prishna scene. I think Pintu didn\’t pick up Krishna\’s call because he was afraid she would top him from doing something that was already difficult for him but which he had to do. But he did speak to her as soon as he was free, and she came to him without question.

I loved the nail scene. I think it was so in character for Krishna to see something wrong and want to fix it immediately. And it is Pintu\’s instinct to protect her from her own good intentions. I think the nail could symbolise Krishna trying to make Pintu go home but getting hurt in the process. Luckily Pintu is there to nurse her wound. But I found it kind of funny, he looked like he was going ti eat her finger rather than just suck on it to get the blood out. Directorial blooper, maybe? I just loved that intimacy when he said “tumhe BDO kaun banaya?”. It showed he is not intimidated by her power but just sees it as part of the her that he loves.

Anyway, I think today proved that the only way TTS can stop Pintu from being successful on his own two feet is if he takes Krishna away because as long as Pintu has Krishna\’s support, he is going to believe in himself and believe in what he is doing. I loved her tacit declaration of her support for him and how his whole demeanour changed. He had made this decision that she may or may not agree with but the question was, was she with him? And she was!

The brother scene was my absolute favourite today! I love how Babloo went from assuming Pintu was immature to realising Pintu had become even more mature and decisive than him! And the way he supported Pintu and gave him his blessing was very touching. That instant understanding between the two is wonderful and I loved seeing the respect that Pintu got in Babloo\’s eyes for the first time when Babloo saw him not as a rash child but as a mature adult who made a tough decision for himself, one that Babloo himself has never been able to make.

Oh Ganga Debi.
Like Krishna needed to be anyone else\’s scapegoat!

I like how Krishna\’s staff were quaking in their boots. Nayki BDO madame ki assar.

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