Parichay 2nd April 2012 Written Episode

Siddhi goes to the room.

Goons reach the hotel n show SiNal photo to receptionist n asks if he has seen them.He\’s very co-operative n says that they are in Room 112 n then asks what for they are asking.(Hotel Decent hai,so they are very decent to goons also)One of the goon says that they just want to meet them n goes upstairs.

Siddhi in room waiting for Kunal remembering what she said to the ladies-(that when someone falls in love,others need not tell them,they themselves will know it,they start liking everything about their partner inspite of their imperfections.).She feels that he must have heard her talks with the ladies that\’s why he\’s hesitating to speak to her n also feeling shy.She thinks if he really missed her,remembered her n feels the same way as she feels for himShe prays that all her thoughts should come true n sees Kunal coming inside.

Siddhi anxiously looking at him to hear something from him.Kunal in thoughts-What are you doing Kunal,You are a lawyer n you bring out truth from people n when it comes to express yours…Siddhi asks if he wants to tell her something?Kunal says that after her kidnap everyone missed her a lot,Siddhi anxious to know about his feeling,Kunal hesitates to tell.Siddhi asks what about him.Kunal teases her saying that their house was very peaceful,especially his room,he used to have sound sleep as there was no one to irritate him.Poor Siddhi again asks him if he missed her.Kunal gives a cute smile.They hear door knock.

Goons go to Room 112 n knock the door,some other couple open the door n are shocked to see goons with gun.One of the goon holds wife n the other points the gun to husband n ask about Sinal showing their pic n slap him.He says they exchanged the room with them as they want large room n tells SiNal room no.They go to SiNal room but find out that they escaped from window n goes in search of them.

SiNal going in jungle,seeing the goons coming they hide behind a tree.Kunal hugs her tightly n Siddhi holds him tightly.Goons go in another direction.SiNal go from there,after walking for sometime,Kunal notices that Siddhi stopped behind n worriedly goes to her.Siddhi starts crying n asks what if the goons find them.Kunal consoles her that nothing will happen n he\’ll not let anything happen to her n gives his hand n takes her.

Goons divide into 2 groups n plan to surround SiNal from both sides.SiNal after running for sometime reach top of a cliff.Kunal seeing the goons coming towards them asks Siddhi to run,but when they turn back other goons stop them.Kunal tells the goon to take CD n leave them.The goon says that they don\’t want CD but want his wife\’s life,they came to kill her.Kunal covers Siddhi n hides her behind him.Goon points the gun,SiNal walk backwards,Kunal trying to stop them.They reach the edge of the cliff,Kunal shouts not to do anything.The leader ask others to separate SiNal.They try to but SiNal doesn\’t leave their hands,both keep shouting each other names.The goon fires the gun pointing towards Siddhi,Kunal goes in btw n hugs Siddhi,both of them fall from the cliff n goes rolling down.

Veena gets up from sleep shouting for Anand n says that Anand is in trouble,someone help him.Raj consoles her that nothing happened to her son,she must be having some dream.She asks Raj to go n help him as no one is there near him.Gaurav n Seema come there running.Veena keeps on saying the same thing,to let her speak to her son n worries if he\’ll return back or not,Raj n Seema console her n put her back to sleep.

Goons also confused about who was shot Siddhi or Kunal.Their leader says that Ma\’m ordered to kill Siddhi but Kunal came in btw,dont know who got the bullet.The other goon says that they\’ll not let anyone know about this,they shall run away from the city taking the money.

Thakral scolding Rohit-What does he want from him,Police came to their house searching for him n are ready to arrest him if they find him on the way.Rohitsays that once they kidnapped that cant be changed now n blames Richafor instructing to kill Siddhi.Thakral says that he must have committed some sin in his past life that he got such children -one kidnapped Siddhi n other wants to kill her n says if Siddhi tells everything to Kunal,this time Kunal for sure will not leave him.He asks Rohit to call the goons n find out what they did n says that his daughter has gone mad n will definitely ruin them all n that day is not so far.Before Rohit could call the goons,their landline starts ringing.Rohit picks up the call ,goon says that they shot Siddhi,Rohit shocked to hear this n asks about Kunal\’s condition.Goon says they can\’t say anything about Kunal as they ran away from the spot immediately after firing.Rohit tells the same to his family.Thakral tensed n says that now no one can save them.Rohit says this is not for their good,now Kunal will not leave any of them.Richa happily goes n starts celebrating having drink n saying cheersto her dad n bro.Thakraln Rohit

SiNal unconscious,holding each other hands.Kunal has blood over his shirt(left side a li\’l below shoulder),Siddhi has some injuries on forehead n face.

Do pal ruka song from Veer zaara(one of my fav songs) is played with Sinal journey right from their marriage till the gunshot.

Do, pal ruka, khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

(All marriage rituals n the bus scene where Kunal keeps his hand protecting Siddhi)

Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran
Tum the ya koyi kali muskaayi thi

(Kunal getting gadda from Seema\’s room n Siddhi laughing)

Tum the ya tha sapnon ka tha saawan
Tum the ke khushiyon ki ghata chhaayi thi

(Kunal warning Thakral for making Siddhi to work late in office)

Tum the ke tha koyi phool khila
Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jahaan

(Kunal giving roses to Siddhi outside Thakral\’s house)

Do pal ruka khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir chal diye tum kahaan ham kahaan
Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aa… aa… aa…
(Sindhoor scene before Vineet\’s party n 1st SiNal hug outside Thakral\’s house,Siddhi blocking sunrays from falling on sleeping Kunal)

Tum the aa khushboo hawaaon mein thi
Tum the ya rang saari dishaaon mein the

(Pallu scene)

Tum the ya roshni raahon mein thi
Tum the ya geet goonje fizaaon mein the

(C-night hug)

Tum the mile ya mili thi manzilein
Tum the ke tha jaadoo bhara koyi sama

(SiNal hug after Siddhi looses a hearing)

Do pal ruka, khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

Kunal holding Siddhi\’s hand n taking her from Thakral\’s house

Holi tub scene where Kunal holds Siddhi

Hug in jungle n finally the hug while the gun shot happens

Precap:Inspector calls n informs Raj that before they reached SiNal,kidnappers reached there n from tap record of Thakral\’s phone they came to know that they shot SiNal.Raj n others shocked

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