Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2012 Written Episode

Archana goes to find out about her loan application .The manager tells her tha tshe has already taken too much money as loan and cannot take any more .Archana thanks him for all that company has done for her and she leaves .Manav is listening to all this .he feels bad because he feels that somewhere he was very wrong in the way he just left Archana and in 18 years never thought even once that she could also need money and maybe that is why Archana has changed . At home Sachin is laughing while watching cartoons ., Archu comments that he looks good when he smiles ..To that sachin says that \’ give me my smile back then \’ .Manav comes with the money that Archaan wanted as loan .He gives the money to Archana and apologises to her for any financial hardship tht she had to face .Archana thanks him for thinking so much for her .

Archana first hesitates but then Sachin gives her angry looks so she takes the money .After Manav leaves Sachin comes to her and in an angry manner he taunts her , that she took money from Manav .Archana says that she took the money because manav si stil lher husband and she has every right on his money .Sachin says that he will snatch all her rights after 4 months . she says that she will happily give her rights to him because no one means more to her than Sachin .Sachin goes away very angry .Archana puts the money back in manav\’s wardrobe and says that she cannot take this but is so happy that he thought about her and her home and that he is still a very good person . But she cannot take any money from him .

Next day there is a knock on the door .Archana opens the door and is so happy to see DK there .DK is also happy to see her .She starts talking to him how she used to enjoy all the functions in this house with Ashna ..She sees DK and suddenly becomes sad about Ashna .DK tells her that Ashna will always be with them and he is happy that she was the one who opened the door to recieve him .DK calls Damodar to tell him that he is in his Mumbai house .Damodar says to DK that they can only pray that one day manav wil lrealize how good Archna is and he will drop this whole idea of divorce . Arjun is making a list of employees to work on a deal and he strikes Vinay\’s name off the list .Vinay finds out about this and he feels that Purvi is behind it .

Prashant comes to see Vinod and Manju .He wants to get married to Punni after one month as it is the right mahurat according to their family pandit . Punni\’s parents are so happy to know this .Prashant wants Punni also consulted about the wedding date and wants to give this news to Punni himself . Punni is at work , she sees the list of the people who are going out of the city with Arjun for a meeting .Punni wants to be the one to go to this meeting .Arjun tells his staff about the meeting . DK goes in Manav\’s room , he is happily surprised to see him .DK tells Manav that he is going to celebrate manav\’s birthday tomorrow .DK tells Manav that Archan reminded him of his birthday .manav is confused about Archana\’s reality , is she after his money or is she really a good person .

Manav tells DK that it is best that he stays as far fro mArchana as some painful memories ( of Archan asking for alimony ) keep coming to his mind .He tells DK that Teju is in Mumbai and has met Archana and that Teju is angry with him because he is living with Archana . DK tells him that he tried to hide this truth from their daughters but it came out in the open . Manav tells DK that tej udoes not know that Archana is her mother .DK gets angry at manav for complicating everythign so bad .He says that in the end he is the one who will suffer .Manav requests DK not to tell Teju that Archana is her mother when Teju comes for his birthday party .


DK wants to go in Arjun\’s office but Purvi stops him and asks him if he has an appintment as Arjun is a very busy man .DK says that he does not have an appointment so Purvi says that he cannot go in the office then ..

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