Pavitra Rishta 5th April 2012 Written Episode

Archana gets a phone call from Purvi .Purvi is very excited because she is now going to the Pune conference .Archana tells Purvi that it is manav\’s birthday tomorrow . Purvi is very happy and wants to wish her father on his birthday .Archu tells her not to do that because they should not force relationships on Manav .Purvi tells her that on the holi day Manav himself told her that he will always be there for her as her Baba and if he didn\’t wanted to have anything to do with her then why would he say this .Archana puts the phone down and is sad that she cannot do anything for Manav on his birthday because everything between them has changed so much in the last 18 years .Next day Purvi rings the door bell of Manav\’s house very early in the morning .

She wishes Manav happy birthday and gives him Prashad from mandir as she went there to pray for him , then she gives him a pen as a gift .She tells Manav that she knows that he likes pens as her mother has told her everything about him .Manav is really angry and thinks that Archana fooled a sweet girl like Purvi all her life and acted as if Archana loved him. Purvi and the rest of the staff is about to go to Pune for the conference .Punni comes to sit in Arjun\’s car but it has lods of things in the back seat so Punni has to sit in another car .Purvi sits in Arjun\’s car in the front seat as she has to brief him about the meeting .

Archana wants to wish Manav for his birthday , she is about to go but Sachin comes in the room and hugs manav . He tells manav that he has to go to make arrangements for his party , before leaving Sachin gives Archana an angry look . After he leaves , Archu goes in Manav\’s room and wishes him happy birthday .Manav is extremely angry that she of all the people is wishing him .He tells her off that she has never thought of him or her kids so why is she doing this now and that his life has been so lonely thanks to her .Archu says that she only wants to wish him because it is a big day for him .Manav gets even more angry and says that she is just acting to look strong and make him look weak .He says that she never cared for him and his emotions and he will find a solution for his loneliness and never trun to look at her ever .

Sachin calls Teju to invite her for Manav\’s birthday party .She says she won\’t because that woman would be there and she has not fogiven her father for living with that woman . She hates that woman and how can Sachin is living with her .Sachin promises that this woman will not come to the party .Sachin does not ever wants Teju to know that Archana is her real mother .Arjun and Purvi are talking about the conference .Arjun tells her that he has never lost a deal .Purvi says it is Ok if people loose sometimes because that can make them stronger and learn to value their real friends and relations .Ajun says that they should forget about the past and move forward in life .

Sulochna gets tea for Teju who is depressed because it is Manav\’s birthday and she said no for going to his party .Sulochna says that she must go to wish her dad . Teju says that she cannot forgive Manav for his lie .Sulochna tells her that parents are also human and they can also make mistakes but she should forget al lthis and be there for her dad . Teju starts teling her about how they used to celebrate Manav\’s birthday in canada and how Ovi used to dance on this day .Sulo wants to know more about Ovi .Teju tells herthat Ovi is into fashion, dancing and so many other things …Sulochna is reall yhappy and excited to hear all this about her grand daughter


Manav\’s birthday Party is going on .Archana enters and Manav is very angry to see her .

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