Balika Vadhu 5th April 2012 Written Episode

Doctor calls jagat and tells him that he can meet gauri. He went inside and thanked god. Then he starts talking to gauri that god gave a chance to him and he will bring all her happiness back. He will make everything back to normal. He tells gauri not to leave him. but gauri doesn\’t not respond to his words and closes her eyes. Jagat is in tears.
At haveli, Anandi,gehena and ds r in puja room. Anandi is disturbed and goes away to bring ghee for diya. Ds tells gehena that they should keep anandi busy so that she cant think about the bitter past happenings. Gehena tells her that gauri is not letting that happen and explained about gauri\’s call. Ds is irritated on that. Anandi comes there, ds asks her to get ready to go to school. Anandi reluctant but ds managed to convince her by saying she started the schools and she has to handle those. Anandi goes to get ready. Then Ds prays to devi maa that its not only about students\’ future but also about anandi\’s too. If she will come out of her bitter past then only her life will be better.
Asha- Abhisek meet and very happy.(with bg song turn se mile ke esa laga..). They hug each other. And that is shown as asha\’s dream. Asha comes out of her dream when abhisek taps on her shoulder. He asks her whether she was dreaming about him. Asha blushes. He tells her that he will talk to her kakusa about their marriage. Asha is surprised. He goes on his knees and proposes her for marriage. Asha nods. He tied the payal on her ankle. Asha is emotional and in tears. He wipes off. Asha is lil worried and tells him that they should try in a different way coz if they will talk directly then may be things will go out of control. Abhisek agrees.
Jagat tries to make gauri to drink juice. But gauri cries bitterly and jagat consoles her. He manages to make her drink by emotional blackmailing her that he won\’t also eat. Anandi on her way to school but still worried about gauri. She tries to call jagat. At that time asha comes there running and both hit with each other. Anandi teases her about abhisek. Asha blushes and accepts that they r in love and shows the payal gifted by abhisek. She tells anandi that abhisek wants to marry her. Anandi is very happy for them.
Precap- Jagat informs anandi about gauri\’s accident and miscarriage. Jagat tells g\’s mom that he can\’t understand how it happened. She charged him by saying not to put all his faults on god. He didn\’t want the kid so that he and anandi, both pushed gauri into this state.

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