Pratigya 10th April 2012 Written Episode

Shakti Niwas

Kesar is going to the roof to do some chores..KN stops to enquire and is concerned for Kesar that she will be working in heat..KN feels guilty that whilst he is drinking cool drinks, Kesar is doing chores on the roof in sunlight..Radhe sees the transformation in Kesar and is attracted to Kesar..KN scolds him..He reasons with KN that since Kesar is not his wife anymore but Meneka is..KN retorts by saying that Kesar is the mother of Samar, and my wife so remain within boundaries..KN changes the topic and enquires about whether Radhe has managed to get workers but Radhe dallies and says he is still making a decision on who to keep and not to keep..Radhe tells KN that Meneka was right and that KN should sell the business..KN refuses to sell baalu ka tekka..

Kesar calls P and tells her that Samar wants to meet her..A reluctant P agrees..Kesar arranges P to meet at the local park..


Adarsh is packing and Komal enquires as to his intention. A coward Adarsh tells Komal that he will leave for Dubai straight from the court..Komal swallows her pain and tells Adarsh to eat with the family last time..Adarsh agrees..Komal tells Adarsh not to take anything from GH that reminds him of this house..Komal helps Adarsh in packing his bag..Komal gives Adarsh the most priceless commodity a married woman can have, sindoor and tells Adarsh that she does not require it anymore and to take it with him..
Adarsh is about to leave when Chinky stops Adarsh from leaving and enquires as to where he is going ..Adarsh lies to Chinky and says some important work with Komal..Dadi is happy to see Komal and Adarsh united and relates a story about a meeting a sadhu who blessed Komal and Adarsh a long married life..

At the Park

Keasr and Samar waiting for P..She arrives with gifts..P plays with Samar and tells Samar to play on the swings..Kesar tells about the situation that KN is thinking of selling the business and that Meneka and her mom are like guards who are on a constant look out..Kesar shares her fears with Pratigya that she is unable to complete the task and finds KN newfound fondness disturbing..Radhe catches the closeness between Pratigya and Kesar and curious to know as to the reason why..


K comes to the adda with sweets and tells SS and GD that the restaurant has reopened..SS asks where P is and K tells gone to meet Kesar..SS unhappy that P gone alone to meet Kesar..P returns and SS tells her that she should have taken him along..P says that it happened suddenly and if anyone saw them together, their plan will fail..SS refuses to listen and his desire is to meet Samar only..

Shakti Niwas

Radhe tries to come on to Kesar..Kesar warns Radhe not to get close..Radhe does what he knows best and threatens Kesar that he will reveal that Kesar went to see Pratigya in the pretence of taking Samar to the park..Kesar shocked

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