Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 10th April 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Nilanjana says Misthi and Mayank, when we both go to mandir, both of you play at the garden alright? Mayank says no mama, we will follow you. Nilanjana says no as we can\’t bring you, if we can bring you, we would certainly bring you. We will go in the morning and be back by evening. Mayank, you are a good boy right. Make sure you take care of everything while mama is not around. Take care of Mishti and be a good boy always. Mishti is the words best daughter. Misthi asks maa, you will be back fast right? Nilanjana says yes, i will be back soon. Nilanjana says Viren, i will keep your things in this suitcase and you may straight go to the hospital.Viren says i shall bring you along to the hospital. Nilanjana says once you go to the hospital, your forget me because rishti is there. Viren asks who is this Rishti? Nilanjana says i know everything. Viren says omg, you know everything? Nilanjana panics and says what i know? Viren says what happens! Work and Viren laughs. Nilanjana says you can\’t do anything like that. Viren says so much of trust in me? Nilanjana says soo much. Viren says what if i break them? Nilanjana says i will kill you. Viren asks how where Viren and Nilanajna laughs. Daiima scolds Dev saying i planned everything so well where once Raj sees you and Lata together and i would take care of the balance. Raj\’s love and trust for lata would dissapear. But you have ended the game before it started. Daiima thinks to herself, this Lata is smart. She came into my home and ended my game. raj is my son and the rights is only mine. Dev says i did all this for money and so that i would get my daughter. You may do what you want. Daiima says you can\’t even do a small thing but no problem. Nothing is broken now. I will make Lata go away from Raj\’s life. Someone claps. Dev and Daiima turns and sees Lata standing and Lata walks towards Daiima and says Waah! How good hearted? I did suspected you earlier but your age made me respected you. But today, your true color is out but forgive me. I will no longer give respect you. And Dev, you are showing fake love for your daughter just for money? Such a cheap act? And you Daiima, i am asking you. What do you want by being a mother? And remember, what you did to Raj\’s mother, don\’t think of doing it to me. You can\’t come in between me and Raj ji. Daiima says you are so confident about your love right? Lets see who Raj chooses. This Daiima who he thinks as a mother or this lady who just came. Lata says lets see how much of power my love has and i have full trust in my love. And yes, i forgot to tell you something. I will bring the rights for my mother in law in this house.

Part 2

Pratibha is in her room where Shelly comes in saying maa, please tell me what do we need to buy for Swarn Bhavan\’s function as we need to get prepared as fast as possible. By the way, what saree are you going to wear? Pratibha says i was thinking of wearing my wedding saree. How would it look? And i want all my daughter in laws to wear their wedding sarees. How would it be? Shelly gets excited saying that is great. Let me go and tell to everyone. Pratibha says i have something in my mind today. You bring a pen and i would tell. Abha is speaking on the phone to Lata asking how is Lata as we are missing you a lot. Lata says i miss you too. But if i had came this time, i would not have came to know of the truth about Daaima. You were true Abha about maaji. All this was because of Daiima. Daiima tried to do the same to me as what she did to Raj ji\’s mother. But now, i have opened my eyes and you just see. i will very soon bring maa from Swarn Bhavan to my house. You just wait and see. Abha remains silent. Lata asks Abha, you can listen to me? Why aren\’t you saying anything? Are you worried about anything? Abha says no didi, just i remembered maa. If maa was here today, all of our problems would have been easily solved. Didi, for the past few days, i been having weird visions. Pratibha says to Shelly, you are this house\’s eldest daughter in law, and i have trust that before i leave as i am getting older, you wil take care of the family. Shelly says take your hands. What are you saying again and where are you leaving? Pratibha says arey, i am not going anywhere. I just want that all my daughter in laws be together taking care of the responsibilities so that i and your father in law can have our own time together. Is it okey? Shelly says i am sorry, tell me now what am i to write? Shelly and Pratibha says my mother used to say that a mother in law\’s trust is never lesser than a mother\’s love. Pratibha says alright, now lets get back to writting and Pratibha wipes her tears. Pratibha says this bangle is for Paavni for her wedding. Write it down. Remember the necklace set i had, its for Asmi, it will look good for her. And another set is for Nishant\’s wife. Shelly, for a lady. Clothings and golds will look good for ladies but do you know what is the best among all? Seeing the family happy. Lata says remember what maa always said? Never be afraid. You don\’t worry and everything will be fine. And yes, there is a mandir near your resort? You bring the whole family and go there and do Pooja. Do Daarshan for maa and all will be fine. Abha says you are right didi, i will surely go to the mandir before leaving. Alright, i shall hand the call and you take care. Its morning and Aruna ji is praying and Lata comes from behind and holds Aruna ji. Aruna ji turns and Lata says please forgive me. I took so long to know the truth. I take a promise today that i will get my mother in law\’s rights. Aruna ji says what did you say? Sasur ma? Lata falls to takes blessings from Aruna ji. Lata says my mother always said that asking for forgivess from elders is good. Please forgive me but i promise that what you lose all these years, you will gain back. And the person who is responsible for this will get punishment. I will make sure Raj ji sees Daiima\’s truth.

Part 3

Aruna ji and Lata cries and hugs each another. Lata says i am so happy that i got back my mother on the function day of Swarn Bhavan. Lets go and get all prepared that Abha would forget all her problems as soon as she gets back. Misthi and Mayank are talking together where Mayank says Papa brought us for picnic and left us alone taking maa lone. Mayank sees a car with the carkey left inside. Mayank says so what Mishti is papa left us? I will bring you for a car ride. Mayank and Misthi sits in the car and as Mayank tries starting the car, Abha sees both Mayank and Misthi and runs to the car and asks Mayank to get off the car. Abha says what are you both doing? Where did you get the carkey? Mayank says i didn\’t take it. A guy comes saying i left it inside. Abha says its your mistake and if anything happened to these kids, who would answer? The guy says i am sorry and leaves. Abha says to Mayank and you, you wanted to drive the car like a grown up? What if anything happened? Look here Mayank, you are still small and you should not do this. Once you are grown up, you will drive a bigger car than this and you will bring your papa for a ride like this. Mayank says my father don\’t even think of us and i will do what i want. And why are you advising me as i don\’t listen to anyone else except my mother. Come Misthi, lets go and both Mayank and Misthi leaves. Everyone is leaving back where Veer and Priyanka are sitting alone and Shelly and Karan teases them asking do we need to extend this picnic? I lcan leave both of you here. And Kanika, where did you and Prakash went missing? Kanika gets shy and tries changing the topic. Karan says where is Vimal bhaiya? Vimal says i am here. I got a gift for my wife. A saree and Vimal takes the saree and puts it over Shelly where Abha recalls her vision of Shelly crying and fainting.

Precap: All the ladies as dressed beautifully and shouting looking at the fire.

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