Pavitra Rishta 12th April 2012 Written Episode

Purvi gives Archana beautiful earings that she bought for her as gift .Seeing Archu happy she prays that her mother gets what she deserves in life and is always happy .When Purvi leaves , Manav comes out of his room .He takes his picture out of the phote frame . Archana is watching him do this .Purvi comes back to get her bag . Manav quickly hides the frame so Purvi will not see that his picture is out . Punni uploads the MMS clip of Arjun and Purvi and sends it around to everyone who work in her company .Even the peons are having a good time looking at it .Every single person at work is now gossiping about Purvi and how wrong they were about her .Vinay\’s friends say to him that they thought that Purvi was a sati savitri when she was someone totally different .

Purvi comes to office . No one is talking to her and she immediately feels a change in everyone\’s attitude , even her friends are acting strange and the peons are giving her cheap looks . Purvi notices that Vinay did not follow an instruction that he was supposed to and she and tells him off. She says that she had send him many reminders but he is slacking .At this time Punni walks in and she is happy that now she will witness some fun .Vinay is feeling insulted that he got told off so bad by Purvi who is his senior at work .In Arjun\’s office , Arjun is giving instructions to an officer .The officer who is busy looking at the MMS clip on the phone gives his phone to Arjun to see the clip .Arjun is shocked to see himself and Purvi ..

Purvi and Vinay argue and Vinay shows her the MMS clip .Purvi is shell shocked .Tears start coming in her eyes and she cannot say anything . Vinay accuses her that she broke their engagement because of this . Suddenly a furious Arjun comes out and he screams at Vinay , threatens him not to say a word against Purvi .Vinay wants to know why Arjun is sensitive about her. Both Arjun and Vinay get into a fight and Arjun gets hurt . Vinay is thrown out of the office by Arjun\’s orders . Arjun starts shouting at the rest of the staff. He is disgusted that they could think about something so cheap for Purvi , if they all have their jobs it is all thanks to Purvi who taught them how to use the soft ware and fought so hard for them .He tells Purvi that she was stupid to fight for such people .

Arjun says that the day he finds out who did this , he swears that he will make life hell for that person .Punni starts acting as if she is upset .Purvi goes in Arjun\’s office he is really very upset .Purvi also starts crying and he hugs her , telling her that she should not worry about what others are talking .In a very emotional state , Arjun gets carried away and kisses Purvi on her forehead .Purvi pushes him away hard . She can\’t believe that Arjun did what he did and starts shouting at him that she was wrong about him .Vinay warned her about Arjun but she should have realized Arjun\’s intentions .She resigns from her job and says that now she will never come back .Arjun is so shocked and depressed that he is crying as well and he is desperately trying to tell Purvi that he did not mean to do this but she leaves .

Punni , at home , shows her parents the MMS clip .They cannot believe that Purvi would do somethign like this but Punni puts up this big act of how the whole office is talking about this and how she understands as she too had made a similar mistake in life .manju is worried about Archana and she decides to go to Archana\’s house and tell her all this .Manju is disgusted that Purvi did not think about Archu before doing something like this .Purvi is walking back home fro mwork , she is crying and is devastated .She is thinking about Arjun and how sweet and caring he was towards her thinking about the monets when they were dancing , he is putting his coat on her …

Manju is showing Archana the MMS clip . Sulochna is also angry .Purvi comes home and Archana looks at her very angry .

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