Hitler Didi 18th April 2012 Written Episode

The show starts with Indira holding Rishi hand while he was going to throw the sindoor in the fire.Rishi asks her to leave as he already accepted that he\’s not going to marry her.Indira tries to explain but he…and Indira continues and tells him how much responsibilities she has,she wants Mandira to study further and stand up on her feet,and Vidith to get well so that he can take all her responsibilities.because Vidith needs her the most and she cannot dream about her future.Rishi asks, if he ever stop her,he don\’t want to hear her now.Indira asks who else will hear and understand her?Rishi says “BAS” enough of you and he asks her to leave(watch this part how he said it)Indira is shocked and he says to leave him alone as she only think about herself and her responsibilities where\’s he among all these.If she ever thinks about him she makes his life a joke,he asks Indira if ever she asked him his point of view while making any decision.he says he\’s not a puppet in her hand and when did he tells her to forget all her responsibities after the marriage she thinks only about herself she was,is and will remain Hitler Indira closes his mouth with the cellotape and ties his hands making him sit on the chair.
Indira tells him she also has a dream as all normal girls she wants to live her life and get married also.She wants to marry him and be the mom of his two children though she does not like the name Mantra but she\’ll accept it because he likes it.
she tells him he\’s one in a hundred may be she does not merit him.who can love such a grumpy girl like her she wants to spend her whole life with him after marriage. She only wants some few times, she has lots of hopes with him, he will stand with her through thick and thin.She asks Rishi to tell him if he\’ll be with her in every up and down.

Rishi nods his head and she removes the cellotape then she untied his hands and asks him to come home.While searching the way out they take the round of the holy fire.Rishi reminds Indira this is their seven rounds and Indira also has flashback of their first 6 pheres and this seven last one which completed their wedding.Rishi tells him she refused to recognise the Macau marriage how will she refuse this one.Rishi fills her part with sindoor,Indira touches her sindoor and cries,rishi wipes her tears and Indira covers her head and takes his blessing.Rishi asks her what is she doing?She tells him she\’s taking her blessing and she loves him.Rishi also tells her Makanmalkinji she loves her,Indira tells her not MMKJ but Indira Rishi Kumar.They hug.

After the hug they have a sweet moment(please do watch how can I write it as I already said I\’m not a M&B writter but only reader)so they consummate their wedding,and Indira is fixing her saree Rishi gets up and tells her he\’s sorry he did not know what happen to them that they forgot their limit and he tells her he\’s sorry.He knows well an indian girl always like the soceity to value and recognise her wedding.
Indira asks, who told him that she cares for the soceity and above all staying with a husband is not the right of a wife.She calls him patidevji and rishi says what a jump hopefully she did not call him prannathji who knows when she will take out his life as she\’s Hitler.Indira laughs(she looks stunning)
PRECAP:They both are dancing in the rain.

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