Choti Bahu – 12th May 09 – Written Update

Devki asks Radhika to tell the truth to Dev. She goes and asks Dev to meet Radhika. Dadi and Vaishali are very upset by Vishakha\’s careless and rude behaviour while distributing food and clothes to the poor. Shastriji explains to Vishakha the importance of doing the duties of a Raj purohitayin and Vishakha promises to try harder. Radhika tells the truth about the marriage thinking it is Dev listening but realizes that it was Amma. Amma is very angry and slaps her.
Part I

Devki tells Radhika that she will get her the rights of Choti Bahu. She will tell everyone the truth that it was Radhika who married Dev babu. Radhika asks “How can you even think of doing that? Don\’t you know that by doing so…” Devki replies “All I know is Radhika, that Dev babu likes you. And the marriage proposal came actually for you, only the name was Vishakha\’s. But it was rightfully yours.” Radhika says “No ma, I don\’t have the right to even think of him let alone be known as his wife.” Devki says “How can you say that, Radhika? He loves you. And he told you this right at the time of the marriage. Why didn\’t you tell us the truth at the time of bidaai?” Radhika replies “How could I have forgotten all that you have done for me? How could I have forgotten that I am an orphan? And babuji also believed that he was marrying off Vishakha. How could I take away her happiness?” Devki says “You thought of everyone else but what about you?” Radhika replies “Me? I am happy the way I am.” Devki says “Don\’t give me that Radhika. I can see your pain and feel it too. And we are responsible for your state today. We always put Vishakha\’s happiness above yours. But not anymore. I know I should have done this long back but I was not strong enough to take this decision. You and Dev babu are meant for each other. And nothing can stop you both from being together. Even though the marriage happened under those circumstances, whatever has happened after that till now is proof that in God\’s eyes too you are Dev babu\’s wife. I will not let you suffer any more. I will send Dev babu to you. You must tell him the truth and he will be able to decide how to reveal it to Purohit family.” Radhika looks shocked as Devki leaves.

Part II

Vishakha is muttering angrily “If they wanted to hold an event like this they should have waited till winter. I can\’t stand this heat..and what about my skin? I think I will sit inside the car and turn the a/c on.” She tries the door but it is locked and she looks around for the driver. Vaishali spots her and asks what she is doing there? She then asks Choti bahu to come along as they have to distribute food and clothes to the poor. Vishakha makes a face and reluctantly follows her.

Dev is distributing clothes and Vishakha is giving some food grains to the poor. She speaks rudely to a poor boy and asks him to stay away from her. She continues to behave rudely with others. Dadi and Vaishali look upset at her behaviour. Vaishali tells her “Choti bahu, this daan that we are giving is on behalf of God. The minimum we can do is to help reduce these poor people\’s worries with a smile.” Vishakha says “Yes maaji”. Amma comes near her and tells her to do the daan like Dev smilingly; Vishakha agrees and continues more politely. Devki goes to Dev and tells him to go and meet Radhika as she has something to tell him. Dev looks disturbed and surprised. He asks if everything is ok because Radhiks has been looking disturbed. Devki says “It would be better if you meet her and know from her directly.” Dev leaves to find her.

Shastriji is talking to someone who is inviting him to do puja at his house. Devki approaches them but at that moment he leaves with the other fellow.

Vishakha continues to give away the things with a look of disgust and Dadi feels upset. Vaishali asks her what the matter is and Dadi says “I don\’t know but I feel things are not going right. Will Vishakha be able to carry out her duties properly? Or are we expecting too much from her? These are things that we both have done too.” Vaishali says “But the difference is that we did it with our heart in it but maybe that is not how Choti Bahu feels.” Dadi says “But if she feels like this now, then what will happen once they have a child? Her responsibilities will only increase ! I just hope she realizes the seriousness of this and behaves like how she should.”

Part III

Radhika is standing and thinking of what Devki said. She thinks of how she did the jhoola along with Dev and impatiently waits for him. The CB song plays in the background.

Vaishali comes to Devki and says “I wanted to talk to you.” Devki asks if everything is ok? Did Vishakha commit any mistake?” Vaishali says “We all make mistakes. But Vishakha has been given a huge responsibility and any slip from her side will cause trouble to our family. After Dev\’s father passed away, she is the one who needs to be his strength. All our hopes and dreams are pinned on her now. And everyone is waiting for the day she gives us an heir. I feel it would be good if you can talk to her. Then things would be better.” Devki says “Yes, I will definitely talk to her”. Vaishali thanks her and leaves. Just then Amma comes there and asks her why she is looking sad. She says that she was just waiting to talk to Vishakha\’s father. Amma replies “I know that Vishakha\’s in-laws are angry with today\’s incident. But Vishakha herself has promised to be careful in future. She said she will go and talk to lalla herself. She is just a child. I am sure she will soon learn everything and blend with the Purohit family\’s traditions like how salt blends in water. You don\’t worry. She is a Raj purohitayin and that is no joke. And you should feel proud that you are her mother. So relax and enjoy, go around and see all the beautiful things in the mela.” Amma leaves and Devki goes in search of Shastriji.

Vishakha comes to meet Shastriji and seeing her he says “I was going to come and talk to you. Is the daan over?” She replies “Yes babuji, I finished it.” He says “That is not the way to speak. You must say that you have completed your duty. As Raj purohitayin you have a huge responsibility and are respected by everyone. As your father, I too get respect from others and that makes me proud. Do you feel proud to be part of the purohit family and to be known as Raj purohitayin?” She says “I do babuji.” Shastriji replies “I am glad to hear that. And I hope you have removed the thoughts of running away from the house now. I am happy that you are trying to become a good bahu but at the same time you are not careful enough about certain things. You were not there in the temple during the jhoola.” She starts to say that she was lost but he interrupts that if she had been with her husband she would not have got lost. As Raj purohitayin she must not have behaved like this during a puja. Vishakha replies “I understand babuji, and I will now prove that I am a good daugher in-law. I will make you and my in-laws feel proud of me.” Shastriji feels happy to hear this and blesses her. Devki is standing a bit far watching all this with a sad look.

Radhika is standing alone and sees Dev approach. She smiles at him and he too smiles back. She turns the other way and says “I know that you will not believe for a moment what I am going to say. I too can\’t believe that I am finally telling you everything. But it is the truth and no one can say otherwise. We are married to each other. It was me who was in the wedding dress that day, not Vishakha. I know I should have told you this before. BUt I could not do that.” Then she turns and finds Amma standing there !!!! Amma looks at her with venom in her eyes and Radhika is shocked. Amma slaps her hard.


Amma is telling Devki that she was about to tell everything to damaad babu knowing what would happen if she does that. Devki says “Please calm down. I will talk to her.” Amma says “Ok, talk to her !” and walks away angrily. Radhika just looks on.

My comments – I am confused why they showed Dev smiling and walking towards Radhika. He was nowhere near her when Amma slapped. Did I miss any part there?

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