Choti Bahu Season 2 20th April 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with both Madhwi and Radhika making butter.Madhawi aska Radh that everyone in the family loves her so much to which Radh replies it is all because of Kanha and she is making the butter for him also.Madhawi does some magic and a leaf was there in Radh\’a butter.Rads again makes butter and Madhwi again ruins that.Rads goes inside with her butter.Madhwi tells to Kanha that Rads is also like every other human being and she is not the greatest devotee of him.Madhawi puts butter in front of Kanha and then feeds everyone in the family.All are praising her.Mohini tells that her butter is better than Rads.Rads goes to the temple area and sees the butter made by Madhawi and she is very happy.Rads hears some crying noise and goes outside and sees a boy crying.When she asks the reason he tells that he is hungry and Rads feeds the butter made by her to him and asks him to also eat breakfast but he refuses and leaves from there.
Kanha-Radha talk:Radha asks Kanha how is the butter and then sees that her butter is untouched.Kanha replies that as Rads has feed that hungry boy with her butter he also felt like eating it.He also tells that Rads had made butter again after Radha has ruined it.So she is his greatest devotee.But Radha again says that she does not feel like that and she will prove it.

Break Precap:Dev planning to go on a honeymoon and Rads blushing

RaDev talk:Rads explains Dev about the incident of butter making.Dev teases Rads by saying that she is jealous of Madhawi.But Rads says that Madhawi is her sister as she is from Barsana.Radharani was born in Rawal but was brought up in Barsana and Madhawi is like Radharani.Dev then rest on her lap and says that she should now forget about the household respnsibilties and should now think about he husband.Dev is on a mood of family planning to which Rads bluses.Dev asks her to give all the responsibilities to Madhawi and they should go on a Honeymoon and they should think about child.Dev says that Madhawi is his SIL and he can tell anything to her to which Rads replies that Madhawi is her sister.She goes from there as its Madhawi\’s pehli rasoi and some guruji will come there to taste it.
Scene shifts to Rohan\’s room where is again reminding Madhawi what is her real motive of coming there and she has to prove him innocent before the family members.

Break Precap:
Madhawi is asking Rads any solution how to prove that her husband has changed.

Rads is in kitchen and says to Dai that she has informed Viswamber Rishi and he will be very happy to see Madhawi.Dai replies that she must have praised high about Madhawi in front of him.Madhawi comes there and wants to talk to Rads.Madhawi explains to rads that Rohan thinks that Rads has not forgiven him completely and she wants to prove that he has changed.Rads says that what she has to do and Madhawi asks for a work in mutth.Rads is confused and she assures Madhawi that she will talk to Dev about this and she than asks Madhawi to smile.Madhawi praises Rads and Padma supports her.Mohini and BB are standing outside the kitchen and listening to all this.

Precap:Kanha is telling Radha that she ie doing wrong by helping Rohan to which Radha says that she knows that she also knows how to control Rohan.

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