Punar Vivah 23rd April 2012 Written Episode

Episode Analysis

I just loved what happened silently between Yash and Ansh today. Most of the time they didn\’t even interact but just one gesture from Yash, going out of the way to make Ansh feel wanted and loved went such a long way in their equation. I loved Yash\’s dialogue when he says that he is a boy and still bought a girl\’s gift for Ansh. I guess he has been in a girl-world for so long now that he has forgotten what he enjoyed as a boy, in fact he has forgotten what he enjoyed other than Arpita. Through this revelation of his own inadequacy, I loved how he sort of rediscovered a child in him when he played his own game of getting Ramdulare to give Ansh the gift and playing peekaboo with Aarti. He didn\’t really want the praise or the thanks from Ansh but just wanted his anger to abate and for the kid to feel happy after a rough day and he accomplished what he wanted and so much more!

I also loved how the dinner table mirrored almost exactly what happened at breakfast but we got to see how much of a change there was in the smallest details. Ansh was still sitting with Pankaj and Yash with PayPal but Ansh was much happier and more peaceful. When he started making music with his cutlery (which I frankly found rather adorable) it wasn\’t the clatter of the morning, demanding attention but just a child getting creative and experimenting with the stuff around him and finding an outlet for his energy. Similarly, Yash\’s tone did not change, it was just as threatening as the morning but this time it was just a warning rather than a admonition and it had a proper context. With the knowledge of the gift, Ansh felt wanted and understood and so took the warning in the spirit it was intended and because of his talks with Aarti was immediately able to find a solution for Yash\’s threat. Even Gayatri seemed well appeased and something tells me her animosity won\’t hold out for long!

Today we, sort of through Aarti\’s eyes also got a glimpse into the happier part of Yash and PayPal\’s daily lives. I loved how PayPal sort of shouted and Yash about how silly he had been with the gift-selection, gave him a suggestion to do better and then acknowledged that he was indeed very sweet. I guess it makes them feel important to be able to tell their dad what to do and it is so sweet that he has given them the liberty to do that with him, act so naturally I mean. If those kids aren\’t totally depressed and neglected it is because of the sole effort of Yash and how much he puts in when he can. If not quantity, he does give them quality time, but they are at an age where they need both and I think Aarti is going to be so wonderful for them! I also liked that we got a Yash-PayPal moment where Aarti played only the silent spectator. Before they understand each others\’ kids, it is essential to understand the equation the other has with their kid(s). Aarti has always given ample material to Yash but Yash remains an enigma for Aarti most of the time. Here she was privy to a moment of his that touched her heart.

I thought it was interesting that one glimpse into Yash\’s life made her laugh (ie PayPal) while an encounter with another aspect of his locked down emotions brought her to tears (ie Arpita). I think for a moment there she felt the overwhelming love that Yash had for Arpita and wanted to remember when she too had been loved that way. I don\’t know if this is the case, but I do this a lot. When I see great love stories in films or read them in books, I am always looking for that feeling in my own life. For now, Yash-Arpita is like some sort of epic romance novel for Aarti and when she gets a whiff of it, all she wants to do is feel that love in her life. But all she finds is that she is alone, trapped in this great, tragic story as some sort of peripheral character, rather than the heroine of her own great love story. You hang in there, girly, your epic is being written as we speak!

The dinner table scene was on the whole a bag of wonderful! From Aarti tending to Yash\’s coughing to Ansh\’s teasing his chacha to Gaya3 actually giggling! It was a treat all around. I loved how Ansh called Prateek not something like chachaji or even chacha but chachu, so endearing!

I also thought it was interesting that Aarti sneezed repeatedly and Yash\’s food went down the wrong pipe. Both of these things I have heard mean that someone is thinking of you and that is why they happen. I guess both of them were thinking of each other, Yash about what Aarti must think of him and Aarti about his stern voice and Ansh\’s reaction to it. I just loved their little eyelocks today, when Aarti caught Yash hiding while watching Ansh play happily, with that lovelorn expression on his face, when she gave him water and finally in that last scene which was like TOtally dreamy!

I love how Aarti took that initiative to get everything of PayPal\’s ready for school and Yash thought it was Ramdulare. I guess he just didn\’t expect such an effort from Aarti so soon and he is pleasantly surprised to see it. This is what he wants for his girls so badly, for their every minute to be accounted for and for someone to want to do these things for them out of love and not obligation to either family or salary. Nobody asked Aarti to do this and she did. I also loved that it was that note that contained his daughters\’ love that led him to Aarti, once again showing that through them he will be able to find her heart\’s hiding place just like he found hers today. And boy is he going to leave it all fluttered and confused, just the way he left Aarti today! I see the very eensy teensy beginnings of him taking charge of the romance aspect where she is the one nervous and bumbling and he just smirks mysteriously and walks away, making her think about him and question herself.

Precap: Yay! Minimal dragging on key issues. Now we know why Aarti had that emotional run-in with Yash\’s past in the closet. She is going to understand just how much it hurts for her to be called Arpita and how much the idea of her taking Arpita\’s place kills Yash. She has defied the Mamma S but that was just the lowly henchman. Now she is faced with the actual nemesis!

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