Punar Vivah 26th April 2012 Written Update

Epi starts wth- Yash denies aarthi\’s point and leavs to office.. and yash\’s mom tels aarti that u gav birth to 1 child but i brought up 3 boys and nw they r ths enough gud that they r managing our family work and even his dad also says that our big family is al together is juz becaus of their anushasan.. aarthi\’s try to make them understand her view point goes vain.. yash\’s dad tels his mom to control her tongue, change her way of talkn wth her dils. aarti leavs frm thr on d way shehad a smal fun talk wth her devar.. n he leavs to talk to dad. aarti goes to room and receivs call frm mom and she asks when aarti wil come for patphera? but aarti tels she wil not come. even her dad also tries to convince her, but aarti dont agree.. aarti\’s mom tels to mr.dubey tht aarti wl nt forgiv them but he convinces tht she s happy thr. at ni8 in kitchen aarti tels fud s lft n she wil keep in fridge. bt vidhi tels thy wl gv tht fud to maids. she tels aarti to go n she wl wait for husband. he comes, vidi goes to her husband n asks wil he hav fud, but he busts on her tels he dnt hav hunger and she nevr hav tym to him. in room vidhi\’s children were watchng DID, vidhi comes thr n tels them to hav milk and go to sleep.. her husband tels tht atleast today let him hav sum talk wth children. but vidhi dont agree.
Aarti in room combing her hair. yasg sees wet towel on bed. at same tym palak, payal n ansh come thr and start to play in room and jump on bed. yash scolds them and tel thm to go 2 sleep. but children diney. aarti tel u al play for while n thn shldsleep. n 2mrw she wil take thm to park. but again yash tels thm to go n try to sleep. for tht palak payal tel v knw y ua sending us bcz u want kiss frm nayi mamma, these 2 remain shockd, bt yash asks who told thm? palak payal tels chachu was asking kiss from pari chachi so v know. lik tht u als want kiss frm nayi mammy na? these 2 again left shocked.. Aarti tels yash y u r angry wth children. yash sends them to sleep. even aarti sends ansh to sleep teling him not to disturb palak payal. in room they both go to take pillow n hit each other. yash goes to clos door bt ansh comes askng for car. aarti asks y? he tels he want thts t. yash receivs a call but goes to side totalk. ansh finds a hair clip n fixes t to sofa. aarti givs him d carn wish gudnt. yash comes n sit on sofa n get hurt by pin. he shouts. precap:aarti tels yash to take rest n ansh tels to yash tht dont kiss aarti.

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