Pavitra Rishta 26th April 2012 Written Update

Manav tells Archana that he does not wish to force Ovi and Teju to love their mother and also do not wish to see them insult her so it is best to leave things the way they are .Archana starts crying and she also agrees that nothing can be done now .While crying a lot , she turns and looks at Manav in the mirror and says that there is something I always wanted to say to you, \’ I wish I had stopped you 18 years ago , that day when your mother came with the divorce papers , I just could not believe that you could do this to me .Along with the divorce papers were the papers for the legal custody of Ovi and Teju , I did not sign the divorce papers but I signed those .I was so confused then ,.just did not know what to do and whome to trust ” while saying all this she looks at the mirror …

Manav is not there. He left the room before Archana had started to tell him about what happened 18 years ago . Arjun is signing the power of attorny and giving the company to Purvi to take care of it .The lawyer advises him to think again about this but he is sure that his company is in good hands with Purvi .Arjun leaves for the airport in his car .As soon as he goes , Purvi comes in an auto and is informed that Arjun has left .She asks the auto driver to drive fast .Purvi is crying a lot and is thinking about the time when Arjun told her that he loves her . The auto stops as there is no gas , now Purvi is running on the busy road trying to get another ride to the airport .Arjun too is looking at her picture and is very sad .

Arjun checks in . Purvi tries to go through the security but she is stopped and asked to get some paper first .Arjun\’s mobile had fallen down and it is not working .A heavy hearted Arjun goes towards the gates .Purvi gets the permission to go in and she is looking for Arjun .They both miss each other again as Arjun is going up the escalators and Purvi is just running around looking for him .The final call for the flight is announced .Arjun takes a deep breath and wants to move ahead but all the past memories of him and Purvi flash in his mind .The flight takes off and Purvi is informed that the flight has left . A shocked and numb Purvi walks out of the airport thinking about Arjun ( telling her , ” after today you will never see me again” ) . It starts raining heavily and Purvi is standing in the rain .She stands next to a pillar and breaks down crying .

She is crying and thinking to herself ” My first love , my feelings ..they are all incomplete now because I could not stop Arjun ” . Arjun walks out of the airport with his luggage .He too is standing in the rain . He could not leave and came back the last minute , tore his boarding pass . Archana is praying to God late at night , she notices the rain and smiles \’ I can feel something good is about to happen ” she thinks . Arjun is walking in the rain and thinking why he could not go and something seems to stop him but what could that be when he sees Purvi standing near him and crying . He runs to her and looks so happy to see her there .Purvi is also shocked and asks that he was to go but Arjun says that he couldn\’t .Now Arjun wants to know if she has something to say to him but Purvi is really emotional, all shaken up and nervous .

He mkes her sit on a bench nearby and asks her if she is happy right now , Purvi shakes her head to say yes .Purvi says that somethimes you only feel the importance of someone when they go away fro myou .She calls Arjun ” tum ” and Arjun smiles .She tells him that he means a lot to her and that is why she came to stop him but was told that the flight left , only then did she realize that …she gets all shy and then tells Arjun that she too loves him . Arjun and Purvi are both crying so much and they both hug each other .Arjun kisses her on her hands , forhead and is very emotional .He drags her out in the rain and gives her a big hug .At the same time , Ovi walks out of the airport .She sits in the cab and calls Teju . Then she looks at a couple ( Arjun and Purvi ) hugging each other . Ovi smiles as she too thinks of Arjun .The cab passes the happy couple who are hugging . Ovi smiles , calls them ” cute ” and gives them a thumbs up from her window …

Manav is telling DK that he told Archana that Ovi is going to get married to Arjun and he wishes that he had told this to her earlier .
DK says that he did the right thing as Archana is Ovi\’s mother and she has a right to know this .

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