Dekha Ek Khwaab 1st May 2012 Written Episode

The episode begins with Komal walking into Manyata\’s room and tells her that today is the last day of being rajkumari. Manyata questions if she is dying today. Komal admonishes her for saying such a thing and then explains that from today onwards she will become a Yuvrani and her first priority will be her people. She will always have to put the people of Devghad before her and her family.
Brijraj is shocked to see Mr. Phillip and tells Giriraj what if Rajmata sees him here. Mr. Phillip taunts him saying he is afraid of his mother. Giriraj assures Mr. Phillip saying that UV will handle everything.
UV makes his entry by walking down the stairs as everyone stares at him. Giriraj tells Mr. Phillip to see how UV is treated like he is already the son-in-law of Devghad and everyone in Devghad sees him as part of Devghad.
Komal brings Manyata to the bathroom where there are maids waiting for her. They all put turmeric paste on her and then give her a bath with milk.
Rajpurohit is performing the pooja with his pundits.
A maid tells Manyata that with this bath her *shudh karan* has been performed and hereafter she will be known as Devghad\’s Yuvrani.
Daisa brings JN an apple and tells her this will end Manyata. JN smiles saying today is Manyata\’s death day.
Komal tells Manyata that all the maids will get her ready now. Manyata tells her to stay with her but Komal informs her that it is important for her to be there in the preparation of her being crowned.
Manyata is dressed in her white and red attire when Daisa comes and dismisses the maids. Daisa brings a container with smoke leaking from it (sorry don\’t know what\’s it called). She gives manyata\’s hair steam with the handholding container and tells Manyata that from now on she will not look back but forward.
UV expresses his worry for Manyata\’s safety to Vijay bhai and tells him he will have to go to Manyata as she is alone. JN comes and taunts UV saying he has become a *joru ka Gulam* so soon. UV says that its good she is here now it means Manyata is safe. JN questions UV if Manyata knows about having to marry him after being crowned as Devghad\’s Yuvrani. UV warns her against making any attempts in trying to create a rift between him and Manyata.
Manyata complains to Daisa about having a headache. Daisa says it might be because of the loud music and plus she might be hungry. Manyata tells her that she can\’t eat anything as she is fasting.
Giriraj takes UV to meet with some people while JN gives a satisfied smirk.
JN comes to Manyata and taunts her if she is thinking about her juhu life. Manyata tells her to leave her alone. JN says she will go but she just wanted to let her know about how her life being constricted after she is crowned. Manyata tells her to stop bothering her as she is already in frustration because of hunger. JN gives her an apple and tells her eating this her hunger will vanish forever.
UV realizes that JN is nowhere around and questions himself where she had disappeared.
Manyata takes a bite of the apple and falls down unconscious. JN smiles and bids Manyata goodbye saying they will meet again in next life.
Precap: Manyata being crowned.

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