Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 4th May 2012 Written Episode

No, it\’s not a joke. Khushi Kumari Gupta as we know her is probably going to die because of what Arnav Singh Raizada has done.
At first glance, she may look over the top; but to me, she was more Khushi today than ever.
Carpe Diem!

Note to CVs

I\’d actually applaud the CVs for such beautiful work in today\’s episode. I loved how many loose ends were brought together and joined to form a now understandable and appreciatable pattern. I LOVED it!

The underlying continuity maintained was beautiful!

Well Done!

Progress Points
The preparations are complete.
The next step is not a step-up; it\’s a plunge.
Favorite Scene
Khushi notices the stars hanging by her bed and writes them down to an unknown \’special someone\’ in her will.
It is ironic; though he is special, to her, he is still an unknown.

The Many Deaths of Khushi
Yesterday, I made small observation that did not look that significant to even me. Trust has eroded to such a level in Khushi\’s life that she finds it easy to believe that Arnav can kill her.
All the different ways that she has imagined Arnav to use for killing are symbolic of the many different situations and ways in which little by little Khushi was in fact killed.
* Khushi\’s life, her character, and her reputation has been poisoned. It\’s been made bitter.
* Khushi was Khushi because of who she was – a daughter, a sister, a friend. She has been cut off from the ones she was close – she was not allowed to share her plight with anyone. She lost parents, elders, sister, and even DM.
* The man whom she dreamt would shower her with flowers has cut off all her dreams and desires.
* All her hopes are strangled. All her attempts to escape were suspended.
* Her personality is screwed and twisted beyond recognition.
* All her cries are stifled.

Death to Self
Little by little, bit by bit, Khushi has died.
At the end, Khushi has decided, rather than suffer killing at the hand of the enemy, like the queens in ancient times, she would kill herself.
A queen being held by the enemy was considered ultimate humiliation. The enemy would tar her honor. Instead, the queens, with their dignity and honor intact, chose to kill themselves rather than suffer dishonor.
Khushi is choosing to retain her honor and give away her life.

Arnav, however\’
Each of these times, Arnav was oblivious and even confused about Khushi\’s behavior. He was doing something either for himself or for the family. Though off and on, he showed mild concern for Khushi, he really didn\’t do much for her except ask a few times if she was okay. Arnav even noticed that her behavior was way off from her usual self, but Arnav accepted the explanation offered – that Khushi is irrational and eccentric. Although, with time Arnav\’s concern increased, especially when she did not eat well (he noticed that she did not eat well) and he tried to offer a glass of milk (not a solid nourishment) – yet by this time, Khushi would not touch anything given by him.
In the past months, Arnav has noticed changes in Khushi. However, he has remained oblivious to the reason behind the change. He was only helping family, or dealing with his own jealousy, but apart from showing bits of concern to her off and on, he\’s not done anything much to change or improve her situation. His concern and care have increased over time, yet he has not offered any solid support to her that she may hold on to. His concern may have been genuine, but by the time it was offered, Khushi was in no position to receive it.

Partly-seen, Partly-said, Partly-understood
Each of the times, Arnav and Khushi could see only half the picture.

1. It started with the news of an unlikely marriage between a rich man and poor girl.
Arnav didn\’t hear the news. He left the scene before the news came on.
Khushi not only saw and heard, she also experiences, was hurt and she bled.

2. Khushi saw Arnav taking the poison, but she didn\’t believe it was for the pest control. Arnav asked Khushi to take the poison in order to kill the pests. Khushi said: the poison is not for the rats, it\’s for me.
Arnav did use poison to control Shyam; he didn\’t know (no one did), but it became effective for Khushi as well. In effect, Arnav used the same poison on his wife that he did on the rat.

Khushi did counter the poison, but she didn\’t know it was meant for Shyam.

3. Khushi was busy peeling a cabbage, when Arnav asked for the knife, and she did not pay attention. She saw Arnav take the knife, but did not see the apple he had in his other hand.
Arnav only asked her for the knife, but did not tell her his purpose for it.

Khushi saw only the knife being taken, and reacted based on it and her belief that he was out to destroy her.

4. Khushi dreamt that Arnav brought her flowers, but instead he threatened to use the clippers on her.
I remembered the time when Arnav discovered that Khushi was engaged and in anger, he cut off all the flowers from his garden. Khushi tried to warn him, but it seemed he was doing it intentionally. When the most precious rose of his garden is taken away, he cut off every other as well.
Khushi went to the terrace hoping to meet Arnav, her dreams probably realizing. However, when he did talk to her, he clipped off all the flowers off.

5. Khushi saw the rope in his hand, and again didn\’t know its purpose. Arnav only meant to help Bua ji with her washing.
Once again, the rope that meant for helping ended up strangling Khushi instead. Arnav saw that she looked strange, but again missed the cue.

6. Arnav had the screw-driver, but he also had a pair of nuts to deal with. Khushi did not that, she only saw the screw-driver and attempted another escape. Arnav again did not understand her behavior.
By this time, Khushi is suspecting Arnav\’s irrelevant actions as devices to further hurt her. Arnav is left wondering why Khushi yelped at the sight of a harmless looking screw-driver.

7. Finally, Arnav thinks about asking Garima again why Khushi is behaving differently, and that she did not eat well. Garima, who has also seen Khushi being strange and now hungry as well, is already preparing a glass of milk for her. Arnav takes the milk for Khushi and sends Garima to rest. However, his manner of offering Khushi the milk lacks care. He simply tells that because she\’s not eaten well, she can have the milk. Khushi refuses to touch the glass. Arnav does not push her (Garima might have pushed her to take the milk) and keeps the glass for her to drink later. Khushi inspects the glass with suspicion, and retires empty stomach.
By the time Arnav notices and decides to do something about Khushi, all trust is eroded. Even with help from her family, he is unable to reach out to her. Though he keeps her family at rest, he sees that Khushi is unreceptive of genuine care from him. She chooses to be without nourishment, rather than accept anything from Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi\’s Will
She is completing her preparations. She has offered to cook food for everyone in the family according to what they like.
She is writing down her last will and testament before she dies.
1. A balm for Anjali and her baby:
It shows the honesty and purity with which Khushi has accepted her marriage with Arnav Singh Raizada, when she chooses to name his priority – his sister – as the first person who gets anything from her will.
Anjali needs health and healing, especially during her pregnancy, and in more ways than one. Khushi has left Anjali a balm. A balm is often referred to relief, solace, and comfort. Khushi has for Anjali exactly what Anjali and her baby would need.
Arnav chose to give everything to his sister; no one else even in his own family gets anything. Khushi, however, chooses Anjali and her baby first. Though Arnav gave all of his excesses, Khushi gave from her scarcity.

2. A pair of Mojri for Nani Ji:
The next in line is not her family, but Arnav\’s Nani Ji. It is perhaps one of the most expensive and shiniest things she has, and also something that probably comes from Lucknow. Khushi leaves this pair of Mojri for Nani Ji.

3. Her Money for Bua Ji:
Khushi knows the needs of Bua Ji. All the money she has, she leaves for Bua Ji.

4. Her love for Amma and Bau ji:
What else would a child be able to return to their parents, except their love? Khushi truly acknowledges that she could never return anything for her parents\’ love, except her love.
She has been a good daughter.

5. Her suit for Payal:
Khushi has a suit which is typical of her choice – bright colored and shiny. She leaves it to her sister.

6. Names for Payal\’s child:
Khushi has kept her promise to Payal by naming her children. If it\’s a boy, he\’d be called Aloo Kumar and if it\’s a girl, she\’d be Poori Kumari.

7. Stars for…:
Khushi spots the stars around her bed. They are one of her dearest possession. They remind her of her mother. They are comfort for her at nights, in scary darkness she looks onto their light, she holds on to them for some support unrelatable by anyone else. These are her hopes, her support, her comfort, her light.
She has left them to someone whom she did not name. Any guesses?
It is probably the man who looked for his mother among the stars, wondering if she would be happy with him. She knows he needs comfort, support, light, and hope. She has probably given her stars to him.

Khushi: The Sleeping Beauty
The previous night Khushi\’s revelation of her dream wedding and her dream husband hit Arnav hard. He sees not only Khushi\’s shattered dreams, but also the broken hopes of her family in the form of Garima\’s expression of her fears regarding answering Khushi\’s mother, and her blessing for Khushi to always be happy with her husband. He went into throes of guilt.
Unfortunately, by the time Arnav wakes up to the truth, Khushi has slept.
He wanders around the room looking for some relief from his realization perhaps, thinking over, but there is no comfort except there where Khushi is.
Arnav turns down the coldness and takes his place beside her, for the first time seeing her. He holds her hand in support to her. All is good, except, Khushi is no longer receptive. She has slept. She does not know of Arnav\’s support.
At the end of the night, when Khushi sees Arnav holding her hand, her interpretation is still drawn from the night that went by – he is holding my hand so that I don\’t run off. She still sees him as the selfish cold man who is holding onto her only for his own reasons till his will is fulfilled.
Khushi has no clue of the care and support Arnav has already given her. She does not know Arnav reached out in full realization. Arnav slept unaware that the night had ended, and now they both would need to get up and out of their bed. He continued to hold on to her hand. Khushi, however, knows that the duration of her night has ended and she wants to get up and go. She pulls her hand away, thereby jolting him out of his slumber.
This night Khushi is too scared to sleep. If Arnav, so much as, shifts, Khushi jumps up in fear. She is fearful that he would kill her in the night while she sleeps. She wakes up screaming from a nightmare and Arnav tries to help and comfort her. Khushi, however, recoils from even letting him touch her.
Interestingly, the last time he touched her was when she was asleep. The entire day has gone; Arnav and Khushi have been together in one house. Khushi has either constantly run from him or has shooed him off if he attempts to comes close. She is not letting him even touch her anymore.
Arnav, you called her antics stupid. You\’re SO going miss it. It seems you\’ll crave for the crazy n\’ cute Khushi who is your heart and soul.

Arnav, your Beauty has drifted into deathly slumber because you were being such a beast. Now, unless the Prince comes and kisses life into her, she sleeps.
I\’ve said it before, I\’ll say it again.
Nothing would move Arnav to the truth except Khushi\’s love.
Nothing would move Khushi to reconciliation except Arnav\’s love.
Display of love from Khushi in various crazy forms has forced Arnav to change his ways and offer her his support and presence.
Will Arnav now be able to do the same and love her to life?
Arnav, time to lean on your heart and not on your mind!
Remember, Khushi said on the stage to you –
Khushi: It\’ll soon be your best day and Ranjha\’s worst.
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: I\’ll die.
Remember, Arnav, your heart sank at those words. It probably the reality of those words that hit you and you poured out your heart:
Heer, open your eyes once and see me. Heer, I cannot live without you. Heer, Ranjha is nothing without you.
I left you alone and went, and comforted my heart thinking that nothing mattered to me. But you know that I cannot live without you. Whatever I said or did, forget it, just come back to me. Today, nothing else matters – no truth, no lies – except that, if you are not, then I am not. You said that without Heer Ranjha doesn\’t mean a thing – without you, my existence doesn\’t mean a thing. Perhaps not here, but perhaps in another world elsewhere, we can be together always. Whatever wrong I said, doesn\’t mean a thing; whatever wrong I did, doesn\’t mean a thing. In love, right and wrong don\’t mean a thing. All that matters is that I always always …
Time to complete the confession. Time to partake in the poison that she ate for you. Time to die to everything else and live for her, just as she has done.
So once again…
Arnav, your Beauty has drifted into deathly slumber because you were being such a beast. Now, unless the Prince comes and kisses life into her, she sleeps.

1. Bubbly makes another move to discredit Payal and is successful.
2. Payal loses face once more in front of Mami Jaan and Akash.
3. When Bua ji scolds Khushi about the Jalebis, she screams and says she does not want death because of sweets.
Yup! Bitterness is now the new taste for Khushi. She has run from the sweetness of herself.

4. Loved how Arnav offered to help Bua Ji tie the rope for hanging her washing.
5. Loved the Garima-Arnav bond. He asks her about Khushi\’s health and Garima helps. Arnav puts Garima to rest and they are now at a comfort level where she gently touches his face with affection, as his Di and Nani do.
Garima\’s affection for Arnav has probably increased after Khushi\’s description of how much he loves her.

On the Lighter Side
1. Bua Ji: Is it your Uncle\’s Happy Birthday that you\’re preparing so many jalebis. Are you planning to distribute it to the whole community?
2. Mami Jaan: Limited Edition? Magajeen hai ka for smart womans.
3. Limited edition phone bye-bye!!

Khushi is getting ready to take the plunge!

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