Pratigya 7th May 2012 Written Episode

Sajjan Niwas

Continues from the Maha Episode where both Sita and Meneka seek forgiveness from SS..KN who is totally devastated of the revelation of his wife and MIL deceit points a gun at them to kill them both..P stops him and reminds KN that Kesar is still missing and only Meneka and Sita know her whereabouts..K too adds his voice in asking Sita and Meneka about Kesar\’s whereabouts..Both deny knowing where the kidnappers have held her..K rightly points out to them that it is impossible as they are the ones who have given orders for Kesar to be kidnapped and them knowing where Kesar is being held is known to them..Both Meneka and Sita continue to deny Kesar\’s whereabouts..

Chandu receives a call from an informer to tell him where Kesar is being held..He conveys it to K who leaves with Chandu..KN also leaves in search with K and Chandu

SS refuses to forgive Meneka and her mom..SS tells them both that they will be punished SS style..The both have to realise that who they messed with and who SS really is..The guards get hold of Meneka and her mom..P tries to reason with SS saying that the law should takes its cause..Ghanti dadi agrees but SS overrules both GD and P and tells them that their arrogance and wickedness has to be taken care of first..He reminds P and GD of the pain they caused them and the level they had stooped to get what they wanted and that this punishment is suitable for them both…

SS ties both Meneka and her mom to the jeep to be dragged and paraded around..GD tells SS that they are women and it is not right to punish them this way..SS tells GD, they lost the right to be treated with respect based on gender…The punishment fits the crime…Again P tries to reason with SS but SS overrules her again by saying that he will give his punishment and then only hand both Meneka and her mom to the police…Both Meneka and her mom are about to be dragged by the jeep with SS driving only to be stopped by Samar who is standing in front of the jeep..He tells SS not to go ahead with it as it will both Meneka and her mom will get hurt..SS tells Samar that both are bad women and both committed a crime..Samar refuses to listen to SS and tells him that he will stop speaking to SS and will consider him a bad dadu if he continues with the barbaric punishment..SS melts and releases both Meneka and her mom..

Meneka and her mom get arrested by the police..SS warns them that he will ensure that they get the maximum punishment possible..SS praises P for instilling some good values in Samar and that she has brought unity and strength to the family..P is happy..

SS inquires about Kesar to P…P replies that K and KN will bring her home safe and sound shortly..P tells SS that everything is back to normal but SS disagrees and applies that KN punishment is still to be given..

KST and KN rescuing Kesar

K, KN and Chandu in jeep going to rescue Kesar with KN driving…K is staring at KN in anger..KN telling K not to continuously stare at him..He seeks forgiveness and says he made a mistake which makes K even more angry..K tells KN that KN is responsible for whatever happened to Kesar and not Meneka as Meneka was doing what she knows best..It is KN who allowed it to happen..KN tells K that he can punish him when he gets home after rescuing Kesar..This riles up K even further and berates KN for having the gall to think about Kesar welfare suddenly..K refuses to forgive KN…

The gunda is unsure what to do with Kesar as Sita is not returning any of his calls..One of the sidekick who is besotted with Kesar tells his boss for him to be with Kesar..The gunda refuses to do so..He then tells his boss that he reputation of a gunda will go down when he himself is indecisive about what to do and only waits on the instruction of a woman on whether to kill or not to kill Kesar..This riles up the gunda and tells him that his reputation is intact and that his job is to kill…

K comes in time to rescue Kesar..He beats up the gundas whilst KN unties Kesar and inquires about her well being to which Kesar is pleasantly surprised..He encourages K to beat the gundas


P informs the prof over the phone that everything is back to normal and that SS has regained ownership of the haveli and all his property..She invites the family over to celebrate..Prof conveys the good news to the family and Komal is overjoyed with the news


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