Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Kokila telling mota bhabhi that she agrees that she feels bad for anita\’s marriage break up but she cant let that affect Gohem\’s marriage…as Gopi is not just her daughter in law but her daughterHetal assures her that she trusts her and knows that she will do the right thing and Thakurji is also with her. Kokila is happy and apologizes that she didnt tell her everything earlier but motabhabhi says she does not mind. Raashi is in the kitchen wondering how to come up with a plan for gohem to please koki and gets a call from urmi asking what is going on..Raashi almost tells her that she is thinking of a plan for koki but stops and Urmi asks \’you are planning against koki alone?\’…Raashi tries to avoid her questions and tells her she cant say anything. Urmi is irritated and tries to make Raashi tell her. Koki comes in the kitchen and interrupts their conversation. She asks Raashi why did she tell Urmi when she had asked not to tell her anything. Raashi promises that she didnt tell anything and Koki walks away. (i dont think this Raashi will be able to keep her mouth shut)
Anita is wondering why did Ahem wear Gopi\’s shirt and remembers him telling koki that Gopi gave it to him. She concludes that he must have worn it to please koki coz he loves his mom a lot . She thinks she will have to do something to please him and calls him. Ahem\’s phone is on silent (thank God!) and he doesnt realize its ringing. Anita is surprised he didnt take her call.
Ahem with his favourite file and Gopi near the cupboard about to keep the blue shirt. Ahem watches her and calls her. He goes to her and says this colour…Gopi says if he doesnt like it…Ahem interrupts saying nothing like that then asks that she likes the colour. Gopi says she likes the colour a lot. Ahem is pleased .
Ahem tells Gopi that kaki told him that Gopi had learnt a song last year. Gopi asks which song and Ahem says the birthday song. Gopi says she even sang for him but he had fallen asleep (saw that scene..his bday last was so )…Ahem smiles and asks wont she sing this year. Gopi asks what and Ahem says song. Gopi
is feeling shy and tries to move away but Ahem turns her towards him and Gopi sings the happy birthday song (so cute!). Ahem is super happy and says thank you thank you so much and and and…HUGS HER!!!! Gopi is on cloud 9…though i dont think she hugged him back…title song in background…(omgi hope i did full justice to this scene…a historic moment!) for the record…Ahem is on cloud 9 too …i thought he would hug her again he looked that happy

Koki in her room and Raashi comes. Koki asks if she thought of a yojana and Raashi is looking scared. Koki is annoyed and asks her to bring out her hand and removes a ruler! Raashi is shocked! Koki hits her hand and Raashi wakes up screaming (it was a nightmare ). Jigar gets up too and asks if she is ok and did she see a bad dream..Raashi says she is ok and goes to sleep.

Next day Raashi gets a call from Urmi again and Raashi tries to avoid talking saying that she anyways cant think anything for Koki and Urmi tries to find out again but Koki calls her and Raashi keeps the phone. Koki asks her if she thought of something and looking at her scared face Koki taunts her that she tries to act smart but is actually dumb ..Koki was coughing..

Koshi enter the kitchen..and Gopi is getting breakfast ready. Anita enters wishing everyone good morning and Koshi are alert. Gopi says jai shri krishna and Anita says jai shri krishna . Anita asks if she can prepare breakfast and Gopi looks angry! (it gets better and better!!!). Koshi are watching Gopi and Raashi asks Anita what she wants to make. Anita says pancakes and Raashi says that Gopi does not know how to make that. Anita says its very easy. Koki agrees and Gopi is almost glaring at Koki!..(Koki enjoyed that look i think)…Koshi are happy seeing Gopi is upset.

At breakfast table Ahem arrives…entire Modi clan present for a change..Koki is coughing again and Ahem asks about her health. Koki says she has a slight cough (they should have had this scene when she could barely talk!) Gopi brings the famous kadha and Koki is pleased and tells her that she didnt even ask for it and Gopi prepared it (go Koki!). Koki announces that Anita prepared the breakfast today and Ahem is surprised. Baa is pleased and asks what she made. Anita says pancakes, brown potatoes and orange juice. Ahem is surprised and tells Koki that this was his favourite breakfast when he was in America. Anita says thats why she made it …all shocked and Ahem is displeased. Gopi is officially pissed (she looks cute even when she is angry ..aww Gopi!)…Gopi tries to leave for the kitchen saying she will prepare tea but Anita stops her saying she prepared coffee. Gopi sad and Ahem is uncomfortable seeing her upset ..Gopi leaves for the kitchen and Anita offers pancakes to Ahem. Ahem asks where is the rest of the breakfast. Anita is confused and Koki tells him that Anita prepared just this. Anita asks him “but you like all this”. Ahem agrees but tells her that he liked it when he couldnt get to eat home food and asks koki if something else is there to eat (love you Ahemji!)Koki says not to worry and tells Raashi to ask Gopi to prepare poha for Ahem . Koshi look happy and Raashi rushes to the kitchen.Jigar says that he will eat Anita\’s breakfast (i think Raashi\’s grihasthi is in trouble here )
Gopi is crying and Raashi asks Gopi to quickly prepare something to eat. Gopi says sadly that Anita has prepared everything and Raashi tells her that Ahem hasnt eaten anything and is waiting for her to prepare something . Gopi is super happy!!! and quickly starts to prepare poha.
Kokila asks Anita to join them for breakfast and taunts her saying so what if Ahem didnt eat her breakfast, others are eating it and Anita is sad …she sits and is glaring at Ahem and Ahem looks annoyed. Jigar praises Anita\’s breakfast (wassup Jigar??). Episode ends on Ahem\’s worried look.

Anita tells Gopi that since she is going for the party she should get a gift (tie) for Deepak (that was the name i think). Gopi says she is not sure if she will go and Koki says fine if she does not wish to go then Anita can go. Gopi looks angry again!

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