Balika Vadhu 15th May 2012 Written Episode

Rajasthan CM presents award to Anandi for all her achievements. They request Anandi to say a few words. Anandi recites some poem she learnt in school as a kid. The poem describes a girl\’s dreams and how the dreams are broken. She says this poem depicts the evils of bal-vivah. This is what has inspired to come forward in life. She declares that all Jetsarians deserve the award along with her. She thanks all the people who have helped her in her endeavors. She thanks her teacherji, DS, Sumitra, Bhairav and all others. Anandi says she will strive to abolish Bal vivah as much as she can and also to educate all girls. She also vows to make Jetsar an example to the rest of the country. Everyone is happy and applaud.

CM then announces that he has appointed a collector for Jetsar who will help in Jetsar\’s development and progress. He calls out Shivraj Shekhar, the new collector of Jetsar. Everyone turns around to see who it is. Anandi is shocked to see her savior walk toward the stage flanked by security guards. DS too realises Shivraj saved Anandi. DS tells Bhairav and Basanth that Shivraj saved Anandi.

Shivraj says that first time in his career he has been posted to a place, which went from village to jilla in a matter of minutes. He hopes to have the villager\’s support and says that with a sarpanch like Anandi, there is no need for him. DS tells Bhairav that she thought the collector would be a khoosat, but he is in fact a jawaan-baaka chora , who is so handsome. Bhairav chides her and tells her he knows what she is thinking. but its possible Shivu is married. DS wonders who is the lucky girl is who is married to Shivu. Shivu tells everyone they can approach him anytime. Everyone applaud.

They announce Anandi\’s school girls\’ programme next. The girls dance. Anandi and Shivu glance at each other and smile.

Precap :
Shivu playing the dhol while Anandi dances with her girls. Everyone looks on happily. DS looks at the two is very happy

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