Balika Vadhu 16th May 2012 Written Episode

CM congratulates everyone again.he wants to enjoy the mela too but due to some works at delhi , he has to leave. Shiv shakes hand with CM.Anandi took blessings. He left.
Then a dance performance is going on of folk dancers. All enjoy. The dancers drags anandi to the stage. Anandi shakes leg with them. Then they dragged Shiv. He says he cant dance but then came to the stage due to the request. He removed his coat and took the dhol and starts beating it. Anandi danced along with it.(Song-aayore maro dholna) Ds is amused seeing AnSh on stage and thinks that devi maa has some plans for AnSh that\’s y anandi enjoys her dance so happily after a long time. Ds hopes that shiv is not married yet. Performance ends. All
Then AnSh convo, Shiv comes towards anandi and sends security guards away. He complements her for her dance and anandi does the same for his dhol beats. He says he just has very less knowledge on that. Then anandi thanked him for saving her life and says sorry too that she didn\’t recognize that he is jetsar\’s collector. Then Shiv joked that that was not written on his head that he is the collector. Both laughs. Then Ds\’s entry, she is super exited and tells anandi to take him to the mela. Anandi confused. Shiv denies. But ds insists both more and says shiv that she is anandi\’s dadisa. Shiv says namastey dadi. Ds says now he called her dadi then he has to visit mela with anandi. And she managed to send AnSh to mela together.
AnSh r enjoying mela and chatting. Shiv eats chaat which he finds very spicy. At that time Shiv saw a girl(child widow) is crying. When he asked her that y she is crying. She tells that shopkeeper doesn\’t give her the bangles. When shiv asked him, girl\’s father came and says she cant wear those coz she is a child widow. Shiv surprised and blasted at him by saying that how can he even think that the small kid will understand what the meaning of widow. He tells him he has the responsibilities towards his family 1st. then he gives some bangles to the kid. Anandi observes that and ds too. Anandi helped him to make the kid wear the bangles. Shiv again warns the villagers that he doesn\’t want to come between their rituals but if their rituals comes between his duty then he wont tolerate that. Ds amused and thinks that he is very much like anandi.
She comes to shiv and after some random talks , shiv tells her to call him shiv in stead of collector sab. And DS at last asked him y didn\’t he bring his wife and kids to the mela. Shiv says he is not married. Ds is so happy and imagines him in a groom attire. He left. Ds thanked devi maa and again imagines shiv in groom\’s attire and ppl r throwing flowers on him.
Precap- Ds tells all that shiv is not married. Bhairon irritated and says she finds her damad in every boy, and after all he is the collector. How it can happen. Ds says what if he is the collector, her anandi is also the sarpanch. She thanked devi maa for sending such a nice groom for anandi.

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