Dekha Ek Khwaab 16th May 2012 Written Episode

FINALLY Akash has return. CVs can finally take the ManVeer track forward. THANK GOD. You know I spent so much time thinking about HOW will ManVeer really happen happen and over the weeks and months I was only running up one idea…THAT AKASH HAS TO COME BACK. I know I know. I hated the idea too, BUT COME ON he was going to come back one day we all knew. HE IS PIVOTAL in ManVeer love track. He is that stone unturned that needs to be taken care of so that ManVeer can FINALLY just BE! Nizza has predicted that the jungle will be comical scenes but afterwards there will be intense scenes, guess why intense scenes are happening dears?…AKASH. That\’s why! I have said this before and I will say it again, Akash HAD to come back, then how would M be CONFUSED??? She will know that UV is innocent of killing Akash, she will probably be happy to see Pakash, but guess what guys he went MISSING! He did some terrible things like LEAVE his parents and friends to suffer in financial instability and emotional trauma. THat Akash who once thought about others before himself has CHANGED. And I for one, am glad ManVeer track won\’t be dragged, no matter what Pakash does and how M will respond to his being alive. She can\’t ignore her feelings for UV either.
UV enters Mahal yelling M, M! Maid comes and UV asks where is HH? Maid says M is with Maharani. M then says from the stairs, I am here, Udaybeer. What do you want? UV says that, which is my right. M says that drama was all for the kids, the drama is done, the money has been given. UV says money isn\’t easily digested like that Princess, after all it\’s 2 crore, not some joke. I WILL get my money\’s worth. M comes downstairs and M says anyway UV, are you a Royal or a store owner? Here you are trying to get your money\’s worth. UV says uh uh, no more excuses Princess, I will get my 24 hours with you. M frowns. UV says just because you left me there, doesn\’t mean you will escape from me. UV says I will take into account of every minute spent with you. Every hour will be accounted like I did before, the more you delay this, the more penalty you will get. Think about it Princess, it\’s your decision. M says thought about it, just go from here. UV says Oh Come on Princess, you are a Royal, you can\’t so easily turn away from your word. And if those kids find out that you didn\’t fulfill your promise, than their hearts will break. M says fine! Stay here 24 hours, I don\’t care. UV says that\’s the thing Princess, you will have to care, and you will be affected. That\’s why I decided that today, we will not spend here, but somewhere else. Where all your focus and attention will be on me only. M says I can\’t go anywhere out with you. M says at this time, my family needs me. UV says I am your family too Princess, and I need you just as much. Now quietly quit wasting time and get ready. Today we are going to play shikaar shikar (hunting) for 24 hours. UV says thats 1440 minutes. Are you going to have me count the seconds too or you going to go and get ready? M says love doesn\’t happen with certain amount of time spent together, it happens in moments spent together. UV says Exactly that\’s why I am taking you out to hunt, so I can spend some beautiful moments with you. M is sad and looks worried.
UV and M\’s banter. LOVE IT!!! LOL, really LOVE when UV says I am your family too Princess, and I need you!!!!! Then he covered that up with his pride by telling her angrily to go get ready. M was shocked when he said the I need you line, and I was TOO! OMG. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! UV always knows how to shock M into worry, especially when he responds to her statement about love, and says I want to spend some beautiful moments with you too. M looks worried. YEs dear you should be worried! And I know why Yuvrani Sa is so worried, because you are scared those minutes will become moments of love!!! LOL.
UV taking out M on a drive to jungle. M is thinking in her head, a whole day in a Jungle! M says God give me the strength to be patient. UV thinking in his head, one whole day in the Jungle that I will surely make M restless/impatient. UV stops Jeep suddenly and M says what are you going to make the prey of your hunt? UV says thats the plan. M shrugs off his arm. M says you have forgotten to drive a car, but yes I haven\’t forgotten how to drive a tractor yet. So if you try to pass time like this, then I will drive over your jeep, haan nai toh! UV says wow Princess, I must give you credit. You really have so many misunderstandings about you, but I must give you credit, you are trying to run me and my car over, huh? M says I have seen Karz, not the new one, the old one, I know how Simi Garewal killed Rishi Kapoor okay! UV says oh come on, Princess, come off it, you don\’t have your guards around to say yes Madam, yes Madam, yes Madam. UV says all the work you will have to do by yourself. M says oh now I see, your power is limited in Mumbai only, over there you travel around with your whole posse and now you are all alone here. You are the one who says that when you go hunting, Now what happened did they all see me and get scared and run away?! Hmmph! UV hands M a picnic basket and says are you done? Now can we go? M is quiet. UV and M walking in jungle. UV says Princess, I am glad to know you remember everything I have said to you. M rolls her eyes. UV says but one thing you should remember that I won 24 hours with you and I don\’t want in these 24 hours for some 3rd person to get in the way. M says OH! So you are going to do ALL this work, will you be able to do all this work by yourself?! UV says uh uh! This is your misunderstanding Princess, you have so much pride being a chawl girl right? Now all the work you are going to do yourself. Come on do the work! M looks at UV in shock. UV and M keep on walking and then UV stops. UV says this is the Princess where you have to put up the tent, and now quietly get to work. And remember the tent should be put up quickly, because if you did not put it up quickly then I will think that you are passing time on purpose. And you will get a penalty and have to spend more time with me. Think about it. UV leaves M. M is worried.
HAHAHAA, I love CVs doing parallel thought process with M\’s thoughts saying she wants patience to tolerate time with UV in a jungle and UV in his mind is excited to provoke M into insanity! LOL. These two continue to banter, and it\’s funny how UV just lets M go on and on, just ignores her crazy insults and goes on to do his business of getting hunting gear, LOL. Yes, M ALWAYS remembers what UV says, it reminds me of Hum TUm where Rani is reminiscing about all the things Saif said in the past when dropping Saif at airport and Saif says wow you remembered that I said all that? M can roll her eyes all she wants, but UV is in her system like a permanent virus! Yes that\’s not romantic, but wouldn\’t you want the UV virus?? LOL. I know plenty of you already have it!!! LOL. ANd I love how UV keeps on telling M that she has her misunderstandings, and calls her out on her pride of being a chawl girl thinking that makes her better than everyone. REally loved that! She is going to be remembering those words when she is begins her guilting on UV…
Jagat enters the palace. Komal is there. Jagat says hi aunty, Komal says hi back. Jagat says here are some flowers for you. They are very beautiful and this bouquet is for Rajmata. KOmal says one second and gives flowers to maids. Jagat says this bouquet is for JN. Komal says she is actually probably coming. Jagat and Komal sit. Jagat asks K how DS is, and K says she will be okay in a few days. Jagat asks who is taking care of office then? K says Manyata is here, na? She is taking care of everything. K says you must have met her at the charity auction right? Jagat says Yes Aunty, M has learned a lot very quickly. Jagat looks down and looks up and says I found out from auction that UV and M are engaged now. Meaning JN and UV\’s engagement never happened. How? K says well M and UV\’s relationship has been fixed since childhood. Now look at fate, the day JN and UV were to be engaged, is the day we got M back in our lives. Jagat says we may make many plans, time doesn\’t adhere to any of them. If time hadn\’t played such a game with us, then things would have truly been different. JN enters and says Jagat. Jagat says HI JN. He gets up and gives her flowers and says that\’s you. JN says for me, how lovely thank you. K says I will leave and get you guys something to eat, JN says mom, can you put this bouquet in my room please. K says yes and JN says thank you. Jagat says please sit. JN says Thank you.
Jagat is really sweet! That\’s all I have to say, since this scene is just a filler.
UV and M 1
UV is chilling on his chair legs stretched out while M is struggling to put up tent. UV says Princess, if you need help then ask ok, if you ask with love, I won\’t say no. M says yes please UV, get that bottle of water, UV says this one, M says yes and take that water…and pour it, drown and die in it! M continues at tent. UV looks at M struggling and smiles. M continues and UV laughs at her. M finally puts up most of tent. M who is struggling with her dupatta constantly is then told by UV that why does she wear such complicated clothes? He says there are boots and britches in the bag, if you want you can wear them. UV says anyway, you do know what britches are right? It\’s the pants that you wear when you ride a horse. M says No, the way I am I am fine. UV says fine, deal with it. M looks at UV and UV shakes his head at her. M continues to finish up putting up tent, and sees UV laughing at her and realizes she has put a huge hole in her dress. M is upset. M then looks at tent and looks at UV and UV gives her a thumbs up. M shakes her head and opens zipper of tent to go in. The tent falls apart. ANd UV gets up to help her. UV smiles and says I am saying even now, ask for my help. M shouts never, never! UV shakes his head and smiles. Screen fades. Show UV and M looking at tent that has been set up together. UV says now Princess you that you have put up the tent, we must make fire. M says what, you are going to make fire in the tent?? UV says where else Princess that\’s why I was making you work so hard. He says of course not Princess, we are setting fire on wood. You see Princess in this jungle, there are lots of wild cats. M says you mean a tiger? UV says I mean cheetah. We are lighting a fire so that they don\’t come by our tent. M is shocked/scared. M says hohhh, now what? UV says hoh what, didn\’t I say to go get wood? Because if a cheetah comes before you light the fire, than he won\’t stop with respect to say YH. UV then nods M to go. M looks upset but leaves anyway. UV smiles with M leaving.
More ManVeer nok jok , LOL. UV is hilarious what with him chilling and M going crazy trying to put up a tent, LOL. These two are hilarious especially when tent falls and UV says you should ask me to help you and M says never, never! LOL. LOL love UV\’s line about setting up fire because cheetah won\’t stop to pay respects, LOL!!! And UV is just awesome! LOL. I think it\’s funny how M completely forgets how angry she is with UV, I mean granted she is mad, but she is the same level of mad she was with old ManVeer scenes like you annoy the crap out of me UV mad, not UV you killed my Pakash mad, LOL.
JN Jagat 1
Jagat says you know what I am downshifting to Lonawala these days. It\’s very beautiful and peaceful. JN says WOW. Jagat says Will you like to go? JN says of course Jagat. Jagat says That\’s great! then we should make a plan to go together with my friends. ANd then we will go. JN smiles and says one sec, and gives Jagat tea. Jagat says thanks. JN says but Jagat won\’t your friends think it\’s weird if I go with you guys? Jagat says please JN, all my friends will like to meet you. Especially Aryan. Aryan is rich, stylish, sometimes I suspect he is a royal! JN smiles. JN says anyway Jagat you are talking about Aryan as if you wanted to us to get together. Jagat shakes his head and says never JN. I would never want to hook you up with someone, especially with someone else, never. JN smiles but is unnerved. Jagat smiles and JN looks sideways sort of taken aback.
You know what…I feel like Aryan is Akash, but then wouldn\’t Jagat know Akash is Aryan? I mean the papers are everywhere about him? But then again how will Akash come back rich, I mean wouldn\’t people recognize him from the papers/constant media attention??? Well Jagat is placing his heart on a platter, hope JN actually likes him.
UV M 2
M setting up fire while UV chilling. M says I don\’t understand why you even hunt in the first place? Why are you taking the life of an innocent animal, do you want to prove yourself as a real man? UV says this a tradition of the royals, don\’t you even know that? M killing an innocent animal is your hobby, hearing this makes me shocked! UV gets up, there is a rule of the jungle Manyata baby, either be the hunter or become the prey. I have taught you how to shoot, but it\’s easy to hit cardboard, to kill a living, moving animal is another thing of its own. UV says all your focus must be on your prey, your finger needs to be faster than your brain, and remember one thing Princess, one shot, one goal. M says saracastically Wow you can give lectures on killing at schools and colleges! UV says its all about perspective Princess. For you it might be innocent, but for me its guilty. UV says let it go anyway, your attention/focus is neither here or there. M gets mad and says UV, get this, if it comes down to killing shot, then my focus will never waver from my goal.
I almost thought they were going to get on topic about Akash because of killing topic. Well we have gotten to know that M is shocked that UV would kill innocent animal for nothing (shows she is still shocked or confused about him killing Akash), they were talking about hunting, but they both definitely changed the meaning behind their conversation towards the end of it. I like again how UV reiterates its all about perspective, what may look innocent to you is actually guilty to me. Dear fans its CVS telling us its all about perspective again, how we have been seeing the show with UV put in guilty light and Akash in innocent light is what we have all taken as perspective, but like M, audience will also learn to look at story from both angles since we have been only shown through M\’s perspective of what has happened. Just like M we are new to this world and learning more and more about it as much as she has. SO DEFINITELY think that was some STRONG foreshadowing there about UV and Akash conflict. Yup those two were definitely were talking in double meanings with M saying that she won\’t let UV get away with what he did with hunting analogy and M is back to being I am mad at you because you killed Pakash upset since the talk about hunting only reminded her about it. Seriously M, L O freaking L. She FORGOT all about Akash and then hunting conversation comes up and remembers why she hates UV. You know what M, when you have to make an effort to hate someone like that, that means you are faking it. YOu think you should hate him because of what your mind has been told,but what you are feeling is telling you something ENTIRELY different. And when that girl sees Akash alive, yea well guess who is going to be a helluva confused…no points for getting guess right, LOL. M thats WHO! LOL. Seriously things are about to get heated up. FINALLYYY!!!
Jagat JN 2
JN is seeing Jagat out. VB enters the Mahal, Jagat says hey Vijay, how are you? VB says bad, bad, bad! That old lady is has been following me everywhere. Jagat and Jn laugh. VB continues saying she is so old, but she has makeup enough for a store which she slaps against herself to make herself look young.VB says I am annoyed! She keeps calling me! Jagat says VB I think you should change your number. VB says huh? Jagat says I mean phone number? Jagat then holds hand out to JN and JN takes it. VB watches smirking. Jagat kisses her hand. Jagat says Okay Princess, I will see you soon, really soon, bye. VB smiles and Jagat says bye to both. VB says well done Jai Bhai, you are making the same crorepati a fool again. Jai smiles and laughs. JN says I am a Princess VB, there are plenty of guys out there waiting to give me their hearts. JN says I didn\’t promise anyone anything. But if they once again come towards me, than what\’s my fault. VB says yea what\’s your fault. VB smiles. JN winks and smiles and leaves. VB smirks and shakes his head.
UGH. Seriously JN. But then what did we expect huh? It just seemed TOO picture perfect!! And as we all know, nothing is perfect in the real world and things do not work out with perfectly with a pretty bow on top. NOpe. Looks JN will have her own growing up to do just like M. I hope she doesn\’t let her pride mess with Jagat, because man that guy will definitely not let it go. But I don\’t know, think JN will try to push Jagat off as somebody she can brush off again, but don\’t think she will be able to this time. Or at least hoping new Jagat here will have the ability to handle her when she tries too ;)…I think that girl has met her match and she doesn\’t even know it. Silly girl…I tell you…LOL
UV and M 3
M is tired and and looks at UV drinking water. M gets up and says to UV here give me some water too. UV says uh uh, say give me water, please. M says huh? UV says not huh, no. If you don\’t ask me with respect for water then I won\’t give it to you. If you dont give me water then I will be thirsty all my life since apparently you have bought all the water in the world. As if without your permission I don\’t have the right to drink water, chal haat pare (move aside)! M leaves. UV gets up and is angry watching M walk away.
Well looks like anger is building between the two LOL. THANK GOD. Both need to stop bantering and let the freaking volcano explode already.
PreCap: M is in shirt and pants and she then slips and falls into a hole.M screams and says is there someone! please save me! Jeep is going by and stops. It\’s Akash who gets out, Akash takes off his sunglasses and M\’s face is shown saying is someone there please save me!
SO FINALLY. We see Akash make is come back. THANK FREAKING GOD. SIGH. Finally this UV and A track can start being resolved, have been waiting FOREVER for it to happen. Fasten your seatbelts because this ride is about to get INTERESTINGLY TWISTED!!! And not because of Pakash, lol, well partly because of him, LOL. Because he is needed to make M confused about UV. Him being alive makes M be confused about the truth of UV. She will ONLY think about UV more because of it. And dears doesn\’t matter but don\’t know what\’s going to happen tomorrow. And guys don\’t worry, CVs may show Akash in “heroic” mode, but PLEASE they are only misleading you guys, don\’t fall it for it and become CV ke bakre! If anything you should rejoice and be happy that this Akash track is finally coming to light so we can get over it ONCE and FOR ALL. Plus for M to truly love UV, she needs to say good bye to that girl moniya who once loved someone. For M to truly move on, it\’s necessary for her to close this Akash chapter in her life by finally letting it write itself out of the story because Akash was never meant for M. Doesn\’t matter how rich he is, or what status he has, their personalities aren\’t meant for each other at ALL. Akash was always trying to tamp down M\’s spark while UV only ignited it and helped her build it. There is no growth in Monash, but in ManVeer there is a lifetime of it. As I once quoted before with an old post, Johnny Depp once said, “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn\’t have fallen for the second.”
We all know M has feelings for UV, she is scared of those feelings as we saw yesterday, and now time will come for her to FINALLY face those feelings what with Pakash being back in the picture to make her face her own reality, which she has been ignoring for quite some time and has only begun to scratch the surface of it this week. I think our Yuvraj will be there to push her to it, because he will not give up on his rights 😉 Looking forward to a lot of explosive scenes between the two. (You know what, I feel like Aur ho From Rockstar will definitely suit them when these scenes happen, aww man I am already in ManVeer land, LOL)

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