Balika Vadhu 18th May 2012 Written Episode

Bhairon is taking Sumi to the airport and family bid her and are tearful.

Bhairon is forgetful that Sumi is away and Anandi saying that he is being reminded of her, he says even when he didnt see her he knew that she was nearby but now she is not here. Anandi says that Sumi has left all by herself and even she too is thinking of Bhairon. Bhairon tells Anandi to take rest and not to take everything on herself.

Anandi is with the kids and they want to hear a story but Anandi says its late for a story but the kids want her to sleep with them, The girl is comparing surya badal to the collector person and Anandi recalls the dream she had the night before and how Shiv saved her. Anandi says that Surya badal is only fictional and tells them to sleep

Gauri tries to wake Jagat up but he still wants to sleep, he says she needs to go to work not him, she wants them to have breakfast together but he doesnt want to. Gauri says that there is more to life just because he doesnt have a job and he needs to prepare for his MS and whether to get another job. Jagat tells him to stop and is she trying to say he is a failure and she is successful. Gauri reassures that she doesnt want to hurt him and she wants him to better himself and not to think bad things by being idle.

Anandi informs DS that Bhairon doesnt want to have breakfast and that they should do something to make himself feel better. DS saying if he has something against her and says when he eats it makes her full and tells him to eat. Gehna states that maybe they should have sent Bhairon to America as well, people are teasing Bhairon that he is missing Sumitra. DS puts food on a plate and wants Bhairon to eat, they all have Nok Jhok. Anandi is off to the collector\’s office and DS gets a flashback of Collector in groom attire, she calls Anandi to go with her

DS wants Anandi makes food but Anandi is confused what to make, DS tells her what to make and she makes the food. DS tells Anandi to get a dabba and then she tells her to give this food to the collector, Anandi asks why she should take the food for him, DS says that he saved her life and this is to say Thanks You, Anandi is about to call Makhan but DS says for her to take it herself and serve him, Anandi question this but DS says that he is new and he should be treated well. DS then tells her to wear something nice and not dull clothes as she is wearing, Anandi asks what is the point, DS says that she should look like a sarpanch. DS chooses clothes for her to wear and doesnt give Anandi the chance to complain. DS asks god to help bring them together

VOICEOVER – when the older generation have a change of perception then they cross limits

PRECAP – Anandi in a jeep seeing the collector helping pull a cart, Anandi comes to help but Shiv says its beyond her, she replies that he doesnt know her so how can he say that. They are then washing their hands and Shiv then says she is right that he questioned her capability

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