Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st May 2012 Written Episode

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Episode begins with Ashu shouting Nidhi\’s name & searching for her while on the other side Nidhi too gets worried & calls out for him, soon it gets dark & Nidhi is scared, tries to call Ashu using her mobile but there isn\’t network, she desperately shouts Ashu\’s name while Ashu too calls for her. Nidhi finally hears Ashu\’s voice & moves in its direction & finally they see each other, Nidhi in tears comes running to Ashu & hugs him, Ashu too hugs her & says he was so scared of loosing her. Nidhi says lets forget whatever happened but the mistake was hers to bring him to such an isolated place, Ashu tells her its not possible to find their way back to the guest house and they should look for some place to spend the night.

Ashni walk hand in hand looking for a place, Nidhi says since their wedding each night has been eventful when Ashu says that first night he went to hospital, second night they travelled in Government bus and third night they are lost in jungle, when they come across a tree house made of grass, they decide to spend the night in the house,they climb through the ladder & reach the house & both stand admiring the moon & the surroundings when Nidhi says its such a beautiful & romantic night & Ashu agrees with her, Ashu sees a lantern & lights it, there are few more lanterns & they both slowly light them all & stand admiring the surroundings when Nidhi hears a wild animal\’s cry, she gets scared & runs into Ashu\’s arms who hugs her back tightly, after a few moments Nidhi comes out of the embrace and moves away from Ashu in shyness..

The song “Chup Tum Raho Chup hum Rahein” plays in the background while Ashni\’s romance begins, Ashu comes near her to kiss when Nidhi keeps her hand near his mouth & runs away, Ashu then comes from behind her & starts kissing her Neck, Nidhi again teases him & runs aways.. It goes on like this & finally Ashu dims the lanterns, they see a bedsheet & pillow nearby & set it on the floor & both lie down, Ashu comes close to Nidhi & the screen fades away…
[ You should watch the episode to know it better]

Meanwhile Armu is trying to call Ashu to know if Ashni are fine but unable to get network coverage, Baba is happy that Ashni are together and nobody to disturb them especially from the hospital.

Next day early morning Nidhi wakes up & finds Ashu is nowhere just then he comes bringing some fruits for her, Nidhi eats it happily, she then takes out a knife and climbs down the tree house & carves Ashu & her name on the tree & says their name will remain forever here. Ashu looks at her smilingly.

Precap : Ashni are travelling in an open jeep [National park safari] , Nidhi & Ashu standing in the jeep & Ashu is hugging her from behind.


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