Dekha Ek Khwaab 21st May 2012 Written Episode

Okay so obviously CVs tamp down on ManVeer scenes because of last week\’s overdose…SIGH. The only overdose I don\’t mind in DEK…SIGH. ANYwAY, it\’s time to hit reality after a week of happy ManVeerland and boy do we get hit with it. So we see more of Aryan, VB shares some INTERESTING truths/talks with M, and JN has more evil planning. And precap is interesting because of future ManVeer implications with Nizza\’s news that was shared last week. OVerall, excited about this week\’s track!!!
Akash Jagat
Jagat says Aryan what are you doing here, we are all waiting for you at the campsite and you are here sitting. Aryan says I heard a voice, it sounded like someone was in danger. Jagat says no one is here. Akash takes off his glasses and he looks off in space.
Not much to say except how Akash has bat ears…AND WHY is he SO pensive about it?? It was like a jhalak of lover boy. Moving ON…
UV-M Jeep Drive
New BG music playing. M looking at UV and fbing to when UV saved her from water.
That was definitely something new in the background for music, I liked it! M IS CONFUSED!!! GOOD. Stay confused until you have reached true clarity M. I know that will take a while, but confused is A GOOD STEP. At least you are having UV FBs and not Akash ones.
Aryan and Jagat Jeep
Aryan is holding M\’s earring. Jagat says hey why are you so lost? Aryan says nothing yaar. Jagat says look at your face, you look completely down. What are you thinking? Aryan says, I was just thinking that…I was just thinking that how can this global warming be controlled! Jagat and Aryan laugh. Aryan says its so hot right, it feels like God is taking some revenge on us from last reincarnation. Jagat says you are the limit! Aryan says how is it the limit man? Taking it to the limit is Dad\’s department. Speaking of Dad, can you please drive the car quickly, he must be waiting for me! Jagat says okay!
Seriously don\’t care what CVs do this, guy is Akash, I mean he is again in his lover boy head, clearly thinking about M. And reincarnation??? What is this Karz??? I feel like CVs are trying to side track us with this red herring called the movie Karz, so that we start making comparisons to it. Well I AM NOT buying it. Complete BullSHIT (sorry for my language), but whenever CVs do that, something else ALWAYS happens. Plus CVs are known to do BIG tracks in very different style so I don\’t believe they will be copying Karz concept, but they will try to fool us by making it seem like it, hai na??? So clever of them to put the thought of Karz in our heads first by using it in UV-M\’s dialogue. Yup feel like Aryan is going to mess with UV\’s head by doing Karz bit on him, but this time story is different. UV is not the merciless killer like Simi Garewal\’s character, and Akash is not some innocent victim who is out to get justice of his attempted murder. Puh-lease give me a freaking break, I suggest you all don\’t fall for this BS red herring that CVs are throwing out at us either. Stick to the facts of Nizza\’s news, because she has always been accurate, and has never failed us with hew accurate news. Whenever she gives us news, in the long run, that\’s what comes true even though in the day to day episodes it might not seem like it\’s headed that way. I mean come on, look at ManVeer, she predicted that long ago, and just recently confirmed they are lead pair! And many other news I have not mentioned have come true. Even with this recent article about gf, well looks like that will be over once CVs end the whole charade that Aryan is truly a look alike and not Akash bit.
Aryan\’s new home
Jagat says Okay buddy next weekend we will hang and make another awesome plan! Aryan says come inside and meet Dad, he will be happy to see you! Aryan enters and says Hey Dad and his Dad who is sitting on sofa turns around. Akash and Jagat smile at his Dad. His dad says Aryan my son! They hug. His dad says so you have come! A says no we are still on the way! They laugh. A\’s dad says so Jagat how is business. Jagat says its all good, you must have heard about our Goa deal, right? A\’s dad says yes I have heard and impressed, you have done a good job! Jagat says Thank you so much Uncle! A\’s Uncle says where were you guys anyway, here I am waiting to eat with you thinking it will be boys night out and we will eat together. I was starving waiting for you guys, (Jagat and A look at each other sheepishly because they were out hanging and eating junk). Akash says sorry dad we were out for a long drive so we just lost track of time. But you should have not waited up dad, you should have eaten! A\’s dad says what are you saying Aryan, you know I have never eaten without you that I am going to start doing that. You are my only son and this father\’s little madness you will have to put up with it. Aryan smiles. A\’s dad says we have always eaten together now and always will. A says look at him, my dad has become senty again and they hug. Aryan says are you going to hit me by crying or starving. A\’s dad says what\’s with you always talking about fighting and dying. A\’s dad said lets go eat boys. Jagat says sorry but I must leave. A\’s dad says why? Jagat says in Mumbai, I have very important meeting, but I didn\’t have that meeting I would definitely sit with you and eat up! A\’s dad says work is worship so I won\’t stop you, but always come around when you come back the house lights up with joy. Jagat says yes uncle and then says and yes Aryan, telling you to come to Aryan is pointless because you never come even come there. Aryan says no yaar, I just don\’t like that city. Those people there have more than their fair share of bad dreams. Aryan says okay buddy see you soon, call me on the weekend ok? Jagat says for sure! Jagat says bye uncle and Aryan. A tells his dad okay lets go and start attacking the food.
Yea, Aryan doesn\’t like Mumbai, hmmm. I wonder why??? Seriously everything I said in the above paragraph goes. And you know what else??? I think that the father who can\’t eat without his son, has some sort of illness and that isn\’t some cheesy fatherly love he has for his son, feel like he made Akash his son because he can\’t get over his real\’s son\’s death. I know I am jumping to some serious conclusions, but I don\’t know, it\’s super fishy their relationship, it seems loving and normal on the outside, but there is something there we don\’t know. I mean this is the motto of DEK, what you see is not what you get, there are more truths to the story than we know. ANd I guess we shall have to wait and watch to really see everyone\’s true colors come out eventually. As of now CVs can take their time because all I care about is ManVeer development!!! =)
BR is gambling and losing, and drinking up. Maya keeps giving him his drink and sits by him. Maya says don\’t worry Brij, I am sure you will win the next round. BR smiles and says Maya please sit on my right side. Maya says to sit on your right side, I have no right Brij. BR says Maya. BR says excuse me. Maya sitting on sofa. BR says Maya, Maya you brought up that topic again. You know, that this talk always upsets me. Maya says have you ever thought Brij, how much this talk has been upsetting me for past 20 years. Brij looks at Maya. Maya continues saying that you could not marry me because I was not from a Royal family, you love me still but you are the father of two daughters. Maya gets up and BR says please don\’t go and be mad at me Maya. If I don\’t have you then where will I go. BR says Maya, my life is already difficult, and I come to you to forget all those difficulties, and you are talking of leaving me, please don\’t. Maya says I have never left you Brij, you left me for that Komal. BR says you know that Komal in my life has never taken your spot. Maya says that\’s what the regret is Brij, I sacrificed my love that so that you could be happy, but 20 years have gone by and not you are happy, or Komal, or not even me. BR says Maya, Maya, I know you have given lots of sacrifices, in fact you have not even lived your life, you have the right to leave me. If anyone was in your place, they would do the same thing, but Maya I can\’t don anything. BR says please don\’t leave me Maya, I need you. Maya says don\’t say that Brij, let\’s go back to the table and you will see I will help you win, after all I am your lucky charm. Come on lets go. Both go back to table. Maya sits on his right side. BR says friends please deal. Maya and Brij hold hands. BR sees his cards and smiles because he has good cards. He bets all his money. And wins the round.
Well I want to hate Maya and BR, but I…still hate BR but feel sorry for Maya a little bit (don\’t hate me!)…I just think BR, Komal, and Maya just got the bad end of it all. Especially Komal, that lady dESERVES a loving husband and she has this jerk, this whiny child. I mean both of these women are BETTER than BR, yet they BOTH have BR in their lives and care about him TOO. DOn\’t get me wrong, I don\’t support Maya, but I don\’t hate her either (unless proven otherwise) although i think she is an idiot for loving BR. Really??? You love that guy??? He is an idiot?? He is a snob, I mean this guy wanted JN to marry a royal because he didn\’t want bloodlines to be ruined???? And he is the one who loves someone who isn\’t EVEN royalty?? And where was his compassion for M when she loved someone who wasn\’t royalty either??? He could have been nice to her, and explained to her that he understands but she needs to understand that they are in a royal family, such things are not possible. But NO he is completely heartless when it comes to his family! i Feel like he never even tried to give Komal a chance because he was too selfish to give her a chance! Sigh…well looks like from precap M will get to the bottom of it all!
Palace UV-M
UV is holding M and taking her to her room. M says put me down Udaybeer, what if someone sees? UV says then let them see, if they see that their to be Jamaisa is showing love towards their Yuvrani than they will like it. UV says Manyata, if you keep breathing deeply, then if you stop breathing a storm will come. M says oh, so now you are counting the breaths I take? UV says, what can I do Princess, after all you are so close to my heart. Anyway I don\’t understand one thing, why are you so scared of asking for help, huh? Taking help doesn\’t make you weak. M says taking help is not a problem, taking help from you is a problem. See I am not some Princess who is awaiting on a minaret on some fort for some Prince on his horse to come and save her. UV says okay stop your drama, you\’re foot is hurt and you can\’t walk. M says you are hurt too and you are still picking me up? UV says this is also true, why don\’t you pick you me up and drop me home. UV and M smile at each other. UV and M enter the doorway entrance, M continues and says forget me, not even the devil will take you in his arms, and you are his son. UV looks at M and then puts her down. UV says and you know what is so great about the devil, that you take the name of the devil and the devil arrives. M is confused. UV continues and your personal devil always brings you home safely, Your Highness. M looks at UV and UV looks at her and leaves. M watches UV walk away and leave. M then walks and then screams in pain and says is anyone home?? All maids come rushing and ask if she is okay. M says bring ice please. Maid says let me help you, you are hurt. M says no I can help myself. Maid says sorry your highness. Maids leave.
UV brings M back home, in his arms!!! AWW TO CUTE!!! LOVE THEIR ENTIRE BANTER!!! SO DAMN CUTE! I MEAN I LOVED IT ALL!!! SO CUTE! M might hate UV, but VB is right, she somehow is pulled towards him ANWAY. And so we got into M\’s heart a bit, when UV said why don\’t you take help EVER and says she doesn\’t want to be a damsel in distress and love how UV calmly says this is different you got hurt and I am picking you up because of that. And then he makes a remark about how she should pick him up in her arms and she SMILES. LOL you know she didn\’t want to but she DID, LOL. Ladki Haansi toh phaasi!!! HEHEHEEE. Anyway love their banter about the devil, so FUNNY, LOL. Personal devil…AHAHAHAHAA, UV cracks me UP!!! SIGH. These two are so cute and M looks at him confused when he leaves because she kuch kuch hota hai and M doesn\’t like it, LOL. It\’s so funny and SO IRONIC, na?? That M says she has problems only asking for help from UV and then she doesn\’t want help from maids, LOL. Yup UV is right, she just has a problem asking for help in general, because our M likes to be independent strong-headed girl, but sometimes as UV says M, you can\’t do everything by yourself, sometimes you need help and you should let others help you…I think that will be M\’s issue of the week hehee, that\’s what I think of them these days. Always at the beginning or for an entire week, M is told she doesn\’t know how to do something and so that would be CVs way of showing M\’s flaws and then following weeks she works on them. So now it seems as if M\’s issue of the week is asking for help when she needs 😉 More on that later!!! 😉
Palace: M
M is walking up the steps with difficulty. M is remembering how UV helped her out of ditch and how he picked her up. M says to herself, I don\’t need anyone\’s help. (VB comes into view from downstairs and watching M go up). M says it again, no one.
Well M is fbing on UV, and I say GOOD. Let her be confused. She can say she doesn\’t need his help all she wants, but she knows she does and needs him just as much as he needs her. I think it\’s funny CVs are doing that again, do you remember when she was tying her dori and fb to UV zipping up her back and she said the SAME thing, LOL. Deny all you want dear, we know it\’s your favorite mind game, but we all know you care. HAHAHAA LOL.
JN and Bua in JN\’s room (VB enters later)
Bua opens JN\’s door, while JN is brushing her hair. Bua says Jai, my darling, here you are, I have been looking for you all over the house. JN says wow Bua saab, so much love?? JN says just tell me straight up what you want. Bua says I don\’t want anything JN, I just wanted to share some gossip with you that\’s all. JN says gossip? Bua says these days in our home a lot of spicy news seem to happen all the time. Take your sister for example, do you know how she got home? JN says in a car obviously. Bua says come on JN, one more try. JN says oh sorry with UV, in his jeep, of course I know both went in UV\’s jeep. Bua says again wrong answer, M did come in UV\’s jeep, but she came back in his arms. JN looks at Bua shocked. Bua says Her Highness has come so high that her feet don\’t touch the ground. Poor UV is walking here and there with her in his arms. JN shocked. Bua says anyway this Manyata madam is a very clever thing, on one hand she says that she hates UV all the time, and on the other hand, she comes back home in his arms. JN says you know what Bua saab what your problem is? You have the habit of reacting to the littlest of things that\’s why your plans for making VB never worked. JN says Bua Saab whatever you saw is nothing, all you saw is two pathetic people tired from the jungle giving each other support, that\’s all! JN says whether M comes back home in his arms or dancing on top of his head, there is no matter, do you know why? Because M hates UV, hates him. She won\’t EVER be able to forgive him for his sin. Never. VB says enough Mom, enough now, the war is already over and you are still trying to fight. VB says M has won this game and has won this game with much calm. She has proven that nobody has the right over that crown, but her. No one has the right. Please both of you stop making such stupid ploys. VB says Seriously Mom, just grow up. VB leaves the room. While JN smiles after him leaving and side glances at Bua.
Seriously Bua!!!! W*F!!! Mind your own business, but we all know that\’s NOT possible. UGH. Well I like how JN ignores, but then later on realize it\’s pointless, but I hope JN maintains her role as UV-M\’s reverse cupid. So I shall ignore her. Well I like how JN reminds Bua that JN is not someone to be helped by giving her such information when she talks down to Bua\’s failed plans for VB. AND SERIOUSLY I JUST LOVED VIJAY BHAI in this scene!! HE WAS AMAZING!!! I mean look at his character graph, he tells his mother to GROW UP!!! It\’s so funny that he is MORE mature than his own mother, before you always saw her as more grown up and more mature, but it is funny how VB has surpassed his mother and really come into his own!! So many hugs for VB for telling off the two witches of Devgadh Palace. Seriously always plans in their heads cooking. And don\’t like JN,…UGH…
VB and M
M is relaxing in her room. VB says M bhai, how are you! VB says has your foot become heavy, so quickly?? M smiles at his antics. M says VB looking at your face, makes me feel all better. VB says there was a time M, that we both couldn\’t stand each other. M nods and smiles. VB says but look at us now, we are brothers! We are so close now. And I think you should give your other enemies one more chance to be your friend. M side glances off. VB says okay tell me one thing, why do you always fight with everyone? Did you watch BR Chopra\’s re telecast of his movies. Wherever you are, you are always fighting with everyone…aren\’t you tired?? M says I don\’t fight VB?? VB smiles, even now you are fighting against yourself. VB says M bhai it doesn\’t matter how many battle you fight, and conquer or lose, the most difficult fight is the one within you. Again. you are saying one thing and your heart is saying something else. You say you hate UV but something in your heart makes you go to him. There is some connection between you too. VB says you know that song, Kuch to hai tujhse Raabta. Feel like that song is made just for you guys. Whatever you say whatever you do, you can\’t ignore/deny that whatever you are now, is because of UV. He has given you support in all your fights, he is the reason behind your every smile, he is…M interrupts you are right VB, whatever I am is because of UV and UV only! He, behind my back, had that marriage contract signed and he is the one who killed Akash. There is no conflict within me VB, because I hate UV and I will have to hate him otherwise I will forget what he has done. VB says that\’s what I am saying Manyata, that you hate him so much that you have forgotten what he has done for you! You keep saying I hate UV, I hate UV, but you keep on saying that doesn\’t change the truth does that. Again you will go towards him. VB says whatever I have said to you please, focus on it and think about it with a calm mind. What has happened already, you can\’t do anything about it, but yes I don\’t want you to take this love and label it as hate your entire life. M looks up at VB scared. VB says because this is your life\’s biggest truth, and that truth is Yuvraj Udaybeer Singh. M worried.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CONVERSATION. VB says everything that everyone is thinking!!! Really hats off to him… Seriously VB is show stealer for today for me because he was JUST AMAZING!!!!! So it starts off with him making her feel better and telling her how they use to hate each other and now they love each other, how things have changed for them. And then he asks her why she keeps on fighting with everyone and M is confused and VB rightfully says that M is fighting such a big battle against herself isn\’t she tired? I LOVED IT!!!!!! I Love how then he says what we HAVE all BEEN THINKING and says that you say you hate UV, but then somehow you are always pulled towards him. Your mind says one thing and your heart another…lOVELY dialogue!! AND I LOVED how referenced the song Raabta from Agent Vinod BECAUSE OMG even I feel the same way about those two and that song. I hope they use that song on them, because I LOVE IT!!! Aww VB, that song is made for them!!! And then he goes on to wisely say that whatever you are it is because of him, he is the reason behind your smiles, but of course M being M, Queen of Denial, can\’t handle the truth and says bitterly yes I am what I am because of him. He killed Akash and he had that contract signed (another misunderstanding of M\’s of UV that has to be cleared up…SIGH). So Miss Queen of Denial goes on in her defensive mode (because she is freaking out at VB\’s calm truth) and says she hates UV and that\’s IT. There is no inner conflict…SIGH. Seriously M whenever you deny things, hamesha opposite happens…ALWAYS. LOL Deny all you want, UV say tujhse raabta hai!! LOVE!!! I Love how VB continues and says look you can deny all you want, but the biggest truth of your life is Yuvraj Udaybeer Singh. AWWW completely agree with VB, for how long will M go on labeling her hate as love…I LOVE VB!!! He is taking on his role as M\’s wazier FANTASTICALLY!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! He is such a GREAT GUIDE for her!!!!! I loved him so much for defending M in JN\’s room and now I LOVE him even more for being the BEST brother/wazier to her!!! If Unnati is Uday\’s conscious then VB is M\’s conscious speaking out loud. I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!! Agreed with VB, M darling whatever has happened, has happened, just think about it calmly once because UV is your life\’s biggest truth.
JN Eavesdropping
JN at the door and smiles evilly. No no no M Jiji, you can\’t change your attitude towards UV. you know why, because I don\’t like peace at all. I only like war, and if there is peace between two countries, then everything gets so boring. Fireworks only happens when there is a spark. Right Manyata jiji? JN smiles.
UGH…SERIOUSLY…why does she show up THEN. Well JN you better be reprising your role as their reverse cupid for all I care. Hope Jagat and Aryan come fast to take care of you!!
PreCap: M says to JN in the office, we are royal family right? JN nods confused. M says then why do we every month give a check of many lakhs to this Maya Dance foundation. And all these checks are signed by our father not DS. JN says interesting behind this Maya Dance Foundation, there must be some secret. What if behind this foundation, somebody is controlling dad? M looks off thinking.
Well looks like Nizza\’s news is about to start coming true, and heres to hoping to see more ManVeer with UV helping M out with this BR-Maya case. It seems from precap that JN and M will be investigating, but who knows, I am sure CVs will sideline JN somehow, LOL. Maybe M will find out first, and won\’t want to tell JN the truth because the secret is too scary for the whole family to know and will break everyone\’s hearts so she will confide in UV because he is an apna who is not part of Devgadh family who will be shattered from hearing this. CHEERS TO MORE MANVEER!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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