Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 22nd May 2012 Written Episode

–MMV and Mohan goes thru the recipe book but dusnt find anything and Megs rmbers abt the 5 cd pack ramanathan gave that very day and they begin search for it and Megs finds it and they check out the CD\’s on Mohan\’s laptop but hey all turn out to b clueless and Ved questions Ramanathans integrity while Megs says there must b sumthing that proves Amar innocent and we search for it and she starts to search while Mohan is just standing and then Megs finally gives up saying have found nothing and Mohan asks her to b not so emotional and Ved intervenes and Mohan says i trust Ramanathan and wont leave without getting clues and that u guys must b tired so go n rest and trust me i will get a proof and that u might remember sumthing as well and bot MV leave one by one on his request

-Guru patrolling outside vyas house and there Mohan begins his search and spots the doll nanhi asked for and fetches it frm top of the cupboard and along with it falls Amar\’s diary and Mohan reads and says why were u so perfect and that aaj se pehle never realized or saw my imperfections and u and I only share two things in common love for KK songs and he dusnt complete his sentence and keeps the diary bk only to pik it again and he finally gets that the clue lies in KK CD-4

-Mohan scans the CD and finds out and is unable to bel what a great saazish it has been and he keeps looking at nanhi\’s doll and then goes to check on a sleeping Megs and Ved , Mohan is like i dont have the guts to tell abt Amars brutal death to Ved and Megs ..I cudnt have handled them

-Police comes bk and spots Mohan and he is held at Gun pt when Ved hits the police guy with a danda and they tie the unconscious police guy and run away and saroj calls and ved tells her they didnt find anything and Megs asks abt the kids and Saroj reassures

-Mohan asks megs for the phone and he calls up Guru and DN piks it up and starts laufing and Mohan kinds dusnt get who it is

-Precap-Mohan with proofs thinking it is Pratik is shocked to see DN and Nanhi there

Awww for Mohan when he says u make me realize how imperfect i am and when he falls short of saying the second thing that common btw him and Amar …and the Precap looks hope mohan has made a bk up CD

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