Punar Vivah 25th May 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Yash and Arti in the Police Van. Yash recalls how once they were arrested for the same thing before the marriage.

Yash searches for his mobile and says that he has forgotten his mobile in the car. Arti teases him for forgetting mobile. Yash then asks her to take her mobile, she searches her purse, Yash helps her.

He says that she too has forgotten the mobile, she says that her mobile might be fallen off when she ran back of the theif!
After few minutes, a guy sitting next to her starts hitting her for which she feels uncomfortable. Yash understands it and exchanges their place. Yeh Dil Hain in the BG … with Arti\’s hair flying on face of YAsh !!

Dubey House
Gayatri declares that Yash and Arti must get divorced. Shobha tries to be soft and requests them not to do it. Gayatri doesnt listen to it and asks the divorce papers back.
Police Station
Both Yash and Arti in the lock up. Yash says he needs to call but constable says that he can do all that when the inspector comes.

Yash and Arti gets into a conversation. Yash shouts at her saying it was all because of her that they are now in police station. If she didnt run back of theif they wouldnt have ended up like this. Arti is sad. Seeing this Yash softens and tells that he doesnt want her to be in lock up. Arti apologises for all the mistakes which she has done to him knowingly or unknowingly. she adds, he had risked his life for her son, but she had always tried to be a good mom to Payal and Palak. Yash then asks why did she leave him before he gains consciousness as well why did she return the kangans. Arti recalls Bua\’s words and understands that Yash was unaware of all this and Bua had lied to her. She was about to speak up when the inspector calls Yash. Police and yash have a talk and they release Yash and Arti.
Yash and Arti both leaves to pick their kids from the school in an auto. A silence between the both. Arti thinks she must tell everything to Yash but then drops the idea as she dont want to create distance between Yash and his papa. She decided to go back to Scindiya house to prove herself as a good mom and a good daughter in law. She also understands that Yash too is against the divorce.

Papa Scindia is talking to the lawyer saying that Yash and Arti must get divorced at any cost and also asks to file a case against Arti for not signing the Divorce Papers. At a signal, Papa notices Yash and Arti together in auto and wonders how come they both be together! He decides that how ever hard she tries he will never allow Arti to come back to Scindia House.
Pratik, Yash and Arti ..
Pratik tells that he will get the car repaired soon. Yash leaves to take Payal and Palak. Arti tells Pratik not to be disheartened as she strongly believes that Yash will one day come to take them to Scindia House. Payal Palak runs to Chachoo while Ansh runs to Yash. He is happy as Yash had come to receive him.

Ansh says he is participating in race, Payal and Palak says that they are taking part in dance. Arti as a sweet mom, asks Payal Palak on which song they are dancing but they refuses to answer her. Ansh then tells Yash to take participate in race with him the next day and explains what happened last time when he had a race in which they lost because of Arti\’s duppatta.
Ansh worries if he would lose once again, Yash hugs Ansh saying that he will surely make Ansh win the race! Payal – Palak isnt liking this!
Dubey House
Papa Scindia calls Gayatri and informs about the sight he had seen. just then Arti and Ansh comes. Ansh takes their blessings and asks if they had come to take them back! Dubey asks him to change his clothes to which he obeys. Arti courageosly covers her head with the pallu, takes the blessings of both Gayatri and Bua. Gayatri asks what kind of drama is it, Arti very sternly replies that she was trying to be the daughter in law which they wants. Arti then tells that she would get something to drink and asks them to have apple till then. Gayatri throws away the plate angrily at this behavior of Arti!
Gaya3 says she wants to get the divorce paper… Bua continues with her rude words saying that Arti was no more their DIL and asks why was she covering her head and was about to take the pallu off from Arti\’s head to which Arti offends by holding wrist of Bua firmly!
Precap !!!
Gaya3 asks the divorce paper. Arti tells she WILL NEVER SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERS EVER IN LIFE !!!
Overall .. A fantastic Episode !! Well Done Arti, she is truly Jhansi Ki Rani !! Courageosly faced the monsters without any fear !! Go Girl ..
Payal – Palak needs mannerism immediately … First it was Ansh but now the 2 girls are really following their Grand mom and Bua


Episode Analysis

It would just be a gross understatement to say that I loved, adored the episode and worship/prostrate at the feet of the Mittals! What genius this show is, each and every episode woven so tightly that you can\’t even see the threads but only feel it running smoothly like silk over your mind. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

I love the sense of apnapan that we saw with AarYa today. Even though they have been together such a short time they know each other so well, and I loved the little touch of Aarti calling Yash out on his habit of forgetting his phone because just a few days ago we saw him forget it when Shobha was trying to call, which allowed Bua to tamper with the information he got about Aarti and his marriage, and well, his life! I thought it was also deeply symbolic the way they showed why each Yash and Aarti did not have their phones, which I suppose here symbolises their connection to the present moment. Yash forgets it altogether which means that in his habit of getting lost in the past and the future he forgets the present, and Aarti loses it in the heat of an impassioned moment. It was also interesting to see how Kirthi\’s (I think) paradox came into play of Aarti doesn\’t think before she speaks and Yash doesn\’t think before he acts. Yash in his eagerness to find his phone, lets his hand almost offensively brush Aarti and Aarti blurts out her reproach before she checks if she has her phone with her! How cute are these two?

And I never thought we would actually get this but Aarti is accosted by the creep next to her and almost immediately Yash becomes aware of her discomfort and acts as a barrier between her and it. And need I say how beautiful that scene with Kratika\’s hair was? I am always eager to see those flawless, silken tresses and it was a treat for the eyes today. It was also interesting that last time her hair was flying away from her and onto Yash\’s face and he was trying to move it out of his face, where as this time it is blowing towards her, over her face and onto Yash\’s. Does this mean she is aware of her heart strings being pulled towards him now? And though she tries to pull them back several times, he doesn\’t and in the end both of them just let the hair fly as they look into each other\’s eyes. Just kill me now!

And then in jail, there never was such beauty, inside out! Trapped together, they both figured they would have it out and I love how Yash rants at her for chasing after the thief. And I think what he was really expressing was his frustration at her “mixed messages”. “Why do you leave and send the kangans only to promise Ansh I would come and then chase after my walled like your life depended on it?” And I thought his reaction was just beautiful when Aarti said those two simple words, I\’m sorry. She is constantly catching him off guard because here, I think he expected to see the JKR he had just witnessed and instead he sees a meek and penitent woman before him. In all his confusion he thinks she is apologising for running after the thief which wasn\’t the real problem anyway and he takes his rant back, confessing that he doesn\’t like the idea of her locked up or WRONGLY ACCUSED..ahem. But she surprises him yet again. She actually read the undercurrents of his frustrations and was apologising for exactly what he was ranting at! I just loved this conversation on two layers.

Aarti finally got off her chest what she had been holding onto since she heard that fateful gunshot. She was sorry for everything, for mistaking him, for underestimating his commitment when he almost gave his life for Ansh, for not being able to do more than try with Payal and Palak, when he had gone so far past her and succeeded with Ansh (he was later to learn in the episode that this success was a two way street!). And of course because this couple always seems to work in reverse, her giving him that answer provoked him to ask the real question. Why did you leave before I came around and why did you return those kangans?

It is Aarti\’s turn to be surprised, and then not so surprised now. Everything falls into place. Yash signed the papers because she “gave back” the kangan and Bua took the kangan to make Yash sign the papers. And in true Aarti style, she is about to blurt everything out to him until she is interrupted. Fate intervenes and allows Aarti time to think before she speaks, something that would never have come around naturally! And got I loved the jovial police officer whose lines had such meaning. He tells Yash, don\’t allow your MUs to imprison you, because I won\’t be there next time. I think that hints at a boy who cried wolf scenario. There are only so many times fate will bring them together despite all opposition and at some point they have to take the reigns.

Bahaha…heart attack for PapaS, who seems in an awful hurry to throw Aarti out of his life. I love how he said, “She insulted ME so much…oh yeah…and Yash had some issues too..But ME, ME, ME!” Part of me feels it is unfair for Yash not to know the whole truth, but then in the circumstances, I really don\’t think he is strong enough to handle it. And he will do something rash, in anger…like signing divorce papers…to divorce his parents, ie leave the house. Aarti is mothering him in this instance and I don\’t know that I am against that because she is a great mother and he needs that kind of nurture right now. He needs someone to make the hurt in his heart better, before anyone rubs salt in it, and she is rising to the occasion. LOVE.

I loved the conversation with the five + their best well-wisher Prateek. Prateek is just waiting for things to work out themselves so he doesn\’t have to do a thing but this is not one of those days Prateek, man up and grow a pair, like your gundi bhabi! I love how he is still in that apologetic mood and she has moved past it, and is like whatever, dude, I\’m set…for life! And then out come the kids in all their true colours. The contrast between PayPal and Ansh was again highlighted today. While Ansh is so affectionate to Yash when Yash doesn\’t even try, PayPal are antagonistic to Aarti when she is trying so hard. It was so sad to see them already so insecure about not being selected for the race that they had to make up some face-saving lie. Save them, Aarti, you are their only hope! And they looked none to happy about their papa with Ansh. But I hope there is a scene on the sports day where all the girls are being readied by their moms or need costumes stitched (Aarti used to do embroidery right?) and Payal and Palak realise how nice it is to have Aarti because everyone tells them they have the best costumes…

And how can I express the way Yash defiantly claimed his position back as Ansh\’s father. It was beautiful because he doesn\’t know that he is not fighting Aarti but is fighting his own family in doing this, but the message went straight to Aarti and touched her very soul. So in the end, though he was consciously fighting with the wrong person for Ansh, the right person saw him do it and it had more than the desired effect!

And what can I say about the last scene, far from saas-bahu, it was bahu-saas!!! Aarti was doing nothing short of torturing Bua and Gayatri by refusing to back down and yet refusing to do anything wrong by their standards. She was scaring them to no end really and they felt distinctly shaken from their comfort zone. I also loved the looks on Shobha and Dubey\’s faces! They were like, who are you and what have you done to our daughter? But then I think Shobha liked the change. I love this change that Yash has brought about in Aarti. He is fighting for Ansh so she is fighting for him and PayPal and she is not going to back down now, just like he didn\’t. So in the end, she is his medium to fight the forces of evil in his life. He gives her strength and faith and she fights.

And the precap, the precap! I am speechless because Aarti Scindia has said it all!

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