Phir Subah Hogi 28th May 2012 Written Episode

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Episode begins with Amrita bringing food for all\’ Gulabiya scolds Sugni for taking Amrita\’s help when Amrita says Sugni didn\’t tell her anything & she I came on her own\’ Dinkle asks what food she has got\’ Amrita says she has got lots of sabji,gulab jamun etc & asks them to sit to eat\’ Just then someone throws a stone at their house & the food carrier falls spilloing all the food on the floor.\’ Amrita starts shouting who did all this\’ who can give so much trouble to innocents\’Gulabiya stops her and tells her to leave the matter & go to her home.
Hukum Mama in thakurayan devi\’s house pleading her for mercy\’& requesting for Sugni\’s sar dhakai\’Thakurayan says when my husband told no one will help why should I arrange for sar dhakai\’ I hate your sister & her daughter for spoiling my family , I am now happy to see them suffering & will never help you all\’
Adi asking Dhanu maa as to where amrita is\’ Dhanu maa after some hesitation says Amrita went to meet Sugni & give her family food.. just then Amrita comes & Adi says I hate the bedinis & still you befriend them, never meet them again\’ Amrita says why are you trying to rule me or advice me all the time just becoz we love each other, Adi says cant I request you for anything\’ Amrita says I need some space don\’t interfere every time.Adi says you know how much I hate the bedinis but still you do what I don\’t like\’ today Sugni matters you more than me\’ Just then TVS comes and says he sent Amrita to Sugni.. Adi is hurt hearing this\’ Vikram says I know your feelings but how can we see an innocent family suffering be it thakur ya bedini\’ Aditya has no answer to this.
In Gulabiya\’s house night time the dogs are eating the fallen food on the floor which Amrita had got\’ Dinkle comes with tears & shoos away the dog and is about to eat the leftover when Sugni comes & stops her.. Dinkle says she cant bear the hunger anymore & sugni hugs her tightly\’ Gulabiya sees this and is crying desperately.
Gulabiya in deep thoughts thinking today she is going to do something for which she wont repent.She comes to the room & dresses herself from head to foot & is looking gorgeous. She reaches Jwala Thakur\’s room who is shocked to see her, Gulabiya closes the door and says she has come today like old times, JT says he left her long time back and don\’t even remember when they were together & asks her to leave, Gulabiya says I remember we had met exactly 8.5 yrs before but today I have come only for one night to you\’To satisfy you & in return get some money for food to my family\’ JT says for hunger you have come here, gulabiya says each have their own hunger\’
Gulabiya continues to charm JT with her beauty and words & he is getting carried with her words… she brings hookah to him & JT says you havent forgotten my tastes.. Gulabiya pressing his legs & tells my heart is full of you & your memories… JT looking at her lovingly & pulls her towards him…Gulabiya blushes… both on the bed… JT trying to loosen Gulabiya\’s blouse strings & she helps him…JT mesmerised by her beauty pulls her towards him & she switches off the light… After sometime Gulabiya comes out of the room which money in her hand… She is leaving for homewhen Thakurayan devi sees her & is shocked.

Precap : Maami asking from where she got the money to bring food when Sugnoi too starts questioning her.


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