Balika Vadhu 28th May 2012 Written Episode

Gauri sees Jagat and she takes him to show something, she tells him about the doctor and Jagat says he heard. Jagat says he went to an interview and Gauri asks if he got the job, but he replies he didn\’t even take the interview and tells her about the situation. Gauri tells him he should have taken the interview and how he needs a job, he replies that he is not willing to work anywhere and wants to work in a first class hospital like her. He wants to take Gauri out, but she says she is on duty and cannot leave, they can go to the canteen, Jagat doesn\’t want to eat in the canteen but Gauri makes him.
Anandi thanks Shiv and tells Shiv that Heth cannot be trusted and he is all talk. Shiv says that may or may not be true. She adds that she has been living here for a while and know the people well. Shiv continues that he cannot take it on her word as Heth may also say stuff about Anandi who\’s word should he trust
He continues he know right from wrong, Anandi says she was telling him to take heed, but if he trusts himself she will not get involved. She continues that some people only learn when they face the problem, Shiv calls after Anandi but she leaves
Jagat finds a friend in the canteen and says Jagat is free now he should go out and watch a movie with him when he is free. Jagat asks about the doctor and she starts complementing the doctor and how she has been selected. She introduces Jagat to Dr Khanna and he asks where Jagat works, Gauri replies he needs to complete his MS and then he will work. Dr Khanna complements Gauri on her work. Jagat says that its so easy for her to say things but she doesn\’t understand how he feels, he leaves from the canteen.
Anandi notices Shiv\’s car and sees him talking to the kids and saying riddles. The kids are having fun with the riddles and trying to solve them. Anandi comes in and Shiv states that doesn\’t have a watch so therefore came late, phooli states Anandi came on time she invited the students to come early to play games. Shiv takes leave. Anandi comes out and asks for him coming, Shiv says that he wanted to see the school. Anandi says it was nice seeing Shiv smile. Shiv enquires about the facilties, Anandi says she has applied for it, Shiv says he will try to help as much as he can, Anandi says that she doesn\’t want him to use his position. Anandi continues why do people think women are weak and she will do it on her own without help. Shiv returns Anandi\’s gungroo back to her.
Jagat looks in the fridge and there is no food thereGauri comes home and he enquires if she brought anything as there is nothing to eat and he is starving. Gauri says she did shopping for herself and Dr Khanna dropped her off. Jagat asks he bought all these items, Gauri continues that she needs to look presentable. Jagat continues what about everything else in the house and why didn\’t she buy anything if she went to the shops or was she wanting him to get it since Jagat is in the house and has nothng to do. Gauri asks what the problem, Jagat continues that Gauri is enthralled into her world and has become selfish and does not think about him. Gauri continues that she works all day therefore she needs to be presentable as she has an important position. If she is bringing in the salary cant he do small housework. She continues that he is not able to handle her success and is jealous.

VOICEOVER \’ due to jealousy they behave different which affects relation
PRECAP \’ Heth talking to Shiv about city progression. Anandi comes with contracts but states it seems like he may not need it, Shiv continues he doesn\’t look at positions but the capability of the people when choosing

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