Punar Vivah 29th May 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts off at a park with Sr. Scindhiya’s friends praising him on how they accepted Aarti and his son and what a great deed their family has done. Aarti tells that she had got the orange juice for all of them as the May wheatear is really hot, so drinking orange juice will give coolness and energy. They praise Aarti more by saying, “daughter ‘ in ‘ law should be like her” Aarti serves orange juice to every one, Sr. Scindhiya is not happy. Ansh asks, “will you play with me dadaji.” To which Sr. Scindhiya replies that this is time for walk not play. Sr. Scindhiya friends tell Ansh, “you dadaji is a bit strict regarding his morning walks, but we will play with you,” and saying so all three goes off with Ansh to play. Once they leave Sr. Scindhiya asks Aarti, “what exactly are you trying to prove by acting like a belonger.” Aarti joins her palms and tell that what she is doing is from her heart, “Why show off to my own people, you might not believe me, but you are similar to my father and I came here to ask for forgiveness.” Sr. Scindhiya denies saying that he has forgiven enough times not any more “If your respect me than by today evening, sign the divorce papers and send to the house,” and warns her about the legal notice. Aarti tries to say something but Sr. Scindhiya is not ready to listen to any bit.

Yash explains that Ansh wanted him to take part in the race with him so he did. Gayatri asks, “Whats the need, you are getting divorced with Aarti.” Yash continues, “I am doing all this for Ansh not Aarti.” Gayatri says how he can’t break heart of a strange kid but can break your own mother’s heart. Gayatri threatens, “If you go to race with that kid, then I will leave this house. And this is not a joke, I will show it by doing it.”

At the race track, Ansh tells that he will surely win today as his new papa is going to run with him. Race is about to start and Yash has not came yet thus Aarti starts getting worried.

At the house, Yash asks if you will do the same if it were Palak and Payal instead of Ansh. Gayatri says that there is a difference between ours own and strangers. Yash states, “If only for few days, but still Ansh had stayed here being our own.” Yash remembers how Ansh had said with confidence that his father is with him thus he will win. Yash says firmly. “No matter what, I won’t let Ansh loose in the race.” Sr. Scindhiya blesses Yash from coming in from the behind. Gayatri with having no option has to let Yash go. Yash was about to leave when Sr. Scindhiya stops him and tells, “Aarti is also going to be there, so before coming back make her sign this divorce papers,” and hands over the envelope.

Just before the race was about to start, Yash reaches there and ties their legs together. Aarti cheers Ansh, while Yash and starts the race. But in the middle they both fall down. Yash gets up and pulls Ansh up too and starts back running. Ansh gets very happy when they win. They both fall down on their back laying on the ground as they crosses the ribbon. Ansh says, “I love you papa,” and sweetly kisses Yash on his cheek. Getting up Yash kisses Ansh on his cheek and both gives low five to each other. Ansh goes and hugs Aarti and tells her that see “I had told you naa, that my papa will make me win.” Shobha takes Ansh to the stage where he has to collect his award from. Once they leave, Yash pulls out the envelope from his pocket and putting it forward he says, “Divorce papers, needs your sign.” Yash tells that they had married due to their families pressure. And Yash has not complaints regarding Aarti, as she had taken great care of Palak and Payal in the mean time. Aarti says, “But I don’t want to live that old life.” As Ansh gets his award on one side, Aarti tells Yash that she wants to return back to the house with him, but this time not for Ansh but for Punar Vivah. And asks for a chance to, make her mistakes right, fulfill her dream of giving mothers love to Palak and Payal.

At the house, Vidhi asks what to make for food, Gayatri tells that “you and Pari could make anything that you like, but do make sure to make something sweet, as today is a really great day,” referring to them getting rid of Aarti. Prateik, Pankaj and Vidhi look at each other with a sad face. Gayatri calls Pari to ask her if she finished cleaning up the rice, Pari comes with rice and tells, yesh she had cleaned them. Gayatri looks in the plate to see lots of small pebbles, and asks this is “how you clean rice.” Pari says, “Mummiji, actually I don’t know how to do this kind of things, but if Aarti bhabhi were hear than she would have taught, she always teaches me how to do what.” Gayatri tells that Aarti is not part of the family any more. So, she is not going to come back here and you learn to do things on your own. Just then the doorbell rings and getting excited that Yash is back along with the signed divorce papers, Gayatri rushes to open the door. Upon opening the door she see Aarti and Ansh standing. Every one comes to the main door. Sr. Scindhiya says that “she understood his saying or got scared of the law and court.” Yash comes then and announces that, “neither of us want this divorce. I have brought your daughter ‘ in ‘ law back to the house.” Pari and Vidhi gets really happy hearing this and the rice plate from Gayatri’s hand falls down. Written by Monal for IF only. Permission for copying at other sites is not granted!

Precape: Sr. Scindhiya says that upon Yash’s telling I will give you one more chance but there is a condition’

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