Sajda Tere Pyar Mein 31st May 2012 Written Episode

Ranveer tells ria that she at any cost had to refuse this marriage..ria says mom wont agree as she doesnt believe him..ranveer says he wouldnt say this without any reason..he asks her to somehow convince mom to delay the marriage atleast so that he gets some time to get proof.. ria asks him to think once again as mom still hasnt forgiven him and if some problem crops up in her marriage then it’ll be never..ranveer tells her that all he knows that ria’s marriage shouldn’t happen till he gets his answers and cuts the call..

Pat brings a box to MP..MP opens it and there is time bomb in it..he starts the bomb, keeps it on table and time set is 1 minute..MP asks them to think that if ever something like this happens then what would they do? 2 guys are freaking while the one who was glaring the previous day looks at all of them..Pat is also freaking out and is telling MP that it’ll blast..

The two freaked out guys run away while the 3rd is still standing..MP starts countdown 10, 9, while Pat keeps telling that it’ll blast so to stop it..the count reaches 3 when the man standing pulls down MP..Pat also reaches 0 but the bomb doesnt blast..

The trio get up..Pat asks what’s all this..MP says bomb didnt blast but had it then this guy would have lost his life for me..MP tells Pat that he forgot to inspect the most important quality i.e. loyalty..MP appoints that man and leaves..

MP and Mehreen on lunch date..MP thanks Mehreen for coming as being with her makes him feel that atleast something exciting has happened with him in the day..

A man comes asking MP is he’s got a lighter..MP tells him that 1st he’s disturbing them, 2nd MP doesnt smoke and 3rd asks the other man also to quit..The guy asks Mehreen if he should follow what is said when MP gets angry and bangs him to the table and says i told you you’re distubing us, so leave..The man drops his cigarette..MP leaves him and he goes and sits on behind table of them..

MP starts taking to Mehreen but drops his car keys..Mehreen looks on and sees that MP not only picks up his keys but also that cigarette which is not cigarette but paper folded on something..

MP asks Mehreen not to spoil her mood on such crazy people and they raise a toast.. Mehreen has FB of Ranveer telling her, that if ever MP has to send or receive any information, he would play very smartly..If someone has to give some info to MP then he’ll come give it to MP and you wouldnt even realize it..Mehreen starts to yawn..MP asks if she’s bored of him? Mehreen says she’s not but that she needs to go home and that MP can also join her and that they’ll have dinner and then she’ll make coffee for him..MP surprised asks really and says that he’s waiting for this moment for long..MP asks waiter to get bill while Mehreen slowly manages to text Ranveer..Mehreen gets MP to her house while Ranveer is in a nearby car outside..

Mehreen gets two glasses of wine..they have a toast..Mehreen says she’ll put on music and is about to leave when she trips on MP..MP asks if she’s ok..Mehreen says she’s got a little headache but its ok and is about to leave to put on music when MP stops her saying to first rest and the rest later..MP pulls her to sit when she spills wine on MP’s coat and in bahana of cleaning it, takes it with her..MP offers to help so Mehreen asks him to go to her room and get her favourite Ghazal CD while she cleans the jacket and makes coffee..Mehreen leaves to kitchen while MP leaves to her room..

Mehreen places the coffee pot in its stand and makes it to heat while MP searches for the CD in her room..Mehreen takes out the paper, puts the ashes from the paper on a tray and thanks ranveer for teaching her to read code messages..MP on the other hand searches for the CD but doesnt find it..He calls out to Mehreen for the CD..she asks him to check at different places while she in the steam of the coffee mug manages to read a date of 8th June and writes it down..

MP finally gets the CD while Mehreen puts those asjes back into the paper and is about to fold them and keep them in coat pocket when MP comes from behind offering help..Mehreen is shocked and scared but she manages to cover up and tells him that if he wants to help then he can by pouring coffee in mugs while she irons the coat..Mehreen before leaving tells MP that he looks handsome even without jacket..Mehreen is about to leave when MP remembers and calls her asking her to give him jacket for a minute..Mehreen is again scared..

MP comes to her and takes the jacket saying he needs to check for some papers..MP checks and finds that paper safe, keeps it back and tells Mehreen there’s no need to iron the jacket as its cleaned and that its not so wet that’ll he’ll get wet..Mehreen breathes a sigh of relief..Mehreen says she has to cancel coffee plan since she’s not in mood..MP says her mood is pretty weird as it keeps changing time to time..He says he anyways wasnt interested in coffee but just to spend extra time with her since he wouldnt be able to meet her tomorrow due to some busy work..he asks for the day after but Mehreen denies it saying let it be surprise..

MP leaves..Aaliya takes out her cell to find Ranveer’s message that he knows MP’s gone and that he’ll meet her in sometime..

At Nafisa’s place, Nafisa comes calling shabana for dinner..Daijaan gets dinner but shabana is lost..Nafisa touches her and she starts talking about her’s kids and daijaan and nafisa are shocked..

Ranveer asks aaliya if only this date was written on that paper?aaliya asks why and if they cant find out anything with that?ranveer says its only a date and starts to ponder what it could be..he chalks out different things when suddenly aaliya says may be a big attack..ranveer says they cant say anything and asks aaliya if he said anything else which might be of help..aaliya tells him about MP’s meeting..Ranveer says it might be related to the date..ranveer says they have only 3 days to figure out and asks aaliya to somehow get more information..aaliya says she’s ready for anything..Ranveer asks her about the man who gave cigarette..aaliya tells ranveer everything..

There’s a thunder and aaliya scared hugs ranveer..Ranveer says you’re’ve just returned from a lion’s cave and are scared of this thunder..Aaliya tells him that she’s not scared when he’s around..(Sajda track is playing on BG)

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