Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2012 Written Episode

In short:
Anitha and gopi sing very competitively. Gopi wins. Koki feels very proud of gopi. Rashi takes back her promise and gopi talks to ahem. Ahem feels very happy about it. Anitha feels jealous looking gopi and ahem together.

Detailed update:
Anitha starts singing but she will be taunting gopi. So gopi comes on to the stage. Both anitha and gopi start singing. Both will be singing very actively and in a competitive way. Finally gopi continues and anitha couldn’t continue as she remains unanswered to gopi’s taunts. Gopi finishes singing. Anitha gets angry; she comes down and sits in a chair. Gopi also comes down and takes koki’s blessings. Koki feels happy for gopi. Urmi also comes and appreciates gopi. Again urmi taunts anitha. But koki cuts the topic. Again koki says the one who has good and kind heart will win. Not the one who has over confidence? Gopi looks on ahem and waiting for his appreciation. Ahem too waiting to appreciate gopi. Gopi remembers rashi’s promise and stops herself. Some one calls gopi and so she walks away from there.

All of sudden Ahem will be coughing. Gopi finds this and takes a glass of water but stops herself as she remembers rashi’s promise. Rashi looks this and comes to gopi. Rashi asks gopi to go and give water to ahem jiju. Gopi wonders and asks did u take back your promise. Rashi says yes. Gopi happily takes the glass to ahem. Gopi asks ahem whether he is fine. Ahem says yes. Ahem feels happy that gopi is talking to him. He appreciates gopi. Gopi feels happy and blushes. Anitha looks gopi, ahem talking and gets jealous, angry and she walks away from there.

Anchor announces gopi as the winner. Gopi is all smiling. Others cheer happily. Anitha gets upset (poor baby). Gopi goes on to dais and takes the award. Rashi taunts anitha, its so sad that you lost. Anchor asks gopi to speak some thing. So gopi says, I won only because of my maa ji and family’s blessings. I would like to thank my khana ji as he was with me all time. Ahem says koki, really mom gopi has sung very well and she has made our modi family feel proud. Koki looks on gopi proudly.

Anitha opens the gas. She sprays HIT as no one gets its smell. She feels happy that how gopi bahu will get saved.

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