Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 4th June 2012 Written Episode

Recap — Paddo is shown in the studio and voiceover on how she was offered role for a Marathi film and there on the set she gives birth! They show how AK Hangal saab names.. the baby girl Madhubala..!!

Part 1

Doc tells Paddo that both her girls are very lucky as first both take challenge and later get help from strangers! Roma chides Doc for calling her stranger and says that she is more closer to the kids than real Mausi..! Doc thanks Roma for admitting the baby in the hosp for three days..! Trishna comes running in the hosp and Shamsher holds her and asks her what she is doing there and Trishna says..she wants to meet her mom! Shamsher says that Doc has said if they go to meet Paddo, Doc will give injection and Trishna says she doesnt mind injection..! Trishna comes inside and goes straight to the baby girl! Shamsher says that her mom is mom second time, Roma became aunt second time but Trishna became sis first time! Trishna asks Shamsher what he became and he blushes! Roma says, he will be what she wants him to be! Peston ji comes and Roma greets him and he calls her mom and she chides him n says she is not mom and directs to Paddo..! Paddo gives name of baby ‘Madhubala’ and on being asked day of birth, Shamsher says12th and then adds time as 12:12 minute! The guy asks location and Shamsher says ‘Studio’! He asks for parents name and Paddo says..her name but freezes on Ballos name! Ballo is on the terrace and greeting Mumbai city! He says that Mumbai shows the real status to all people… if one looks from down, they will think , he is God! The henchmen tease him saying that his face is bloated! Ballo chides..! A guy comes and asks Ballo how he finds Madhubala? Ballo is lost singing ‘Aaye ga’ ! The guy feeds him sweet and shows the newspaper clip of Paddo-Madhu..and congratulates him for becoming the father of second Madhubala! Ballo recollects Guru jis words and is furious! Ballo starts feeding the guy sweets forcibly for the bad news! Ballo says that three days ago, when the jeep tyres had burst, he knew his bad luck has begun! He says that Madhus every breath is suffocating him!

The other henchmen says that the girl next to Paddo (Roma in the pic) is seen at a set and she can take them to Paddo! Ballo says that they should start immediately as time is ticking in the reverse! One of the henchmen suggests to show the Doc and Ballo puts the gun in his mouth and forcibly takes out a tooth! Ballo says that no Doc can find solution to his pain..and that his pain needs his solution! He says, they wont waste time anymore! They rush!

The guy asks Paddo about the baby’s fathers name and asks for the sign too! Shamsher intervenes and offers to sign but pen is not working and the guy goes to get another pen! Paddo intervenes and says that they will fulfill the formalities after two days..! Shamsher sulks! At the chawl, all are busy in arrangements to welcome Madhu and Paddo back! Roma chides a guy for getting weird Kaju Katri! A local Chachi says that Roma who always saves money is expending so much! Roma says she is delighted to be Masi! Shamsher drives Paddo, Madhu and Trishna in his jeep! All welcome Madhu! Roma does her Aarti! Roma sends off all to work and Paddo asks her for whom she decorated the chawl so much! Roma says she did it for Madhu..! Roma tells Paddo to get ready as its big party at nite! Shamsher sulks thru it all!

Part 2

The chawl ladies call Trishna to come to them but she says she is busy and they ask doing what? She says.. coz her lil sis has come so..! The chawl ladies smile! Paddo says, she will send Trishna in few minutes! In the room, Paddo keeps the baby on the bed and goes to drink water when Shamsher comes! He says that on the form, the signature of babys dad was needed not her hubbies and hence he suggested his name else the baby’s birth would be tainted and she will be called ‘najayaz’! Shamsher says that Madhu is more legal than Legal, itself! Shamsher tells Paddo that he was not imposing any relation with Paddo by signing but only making Madhus birth legal! Paddo wipes her tears and says that Shamsher’s thots were right but what was happening was not right! Paddo says her hubby has a name and that Madhus father too has a name… irrespective of them not taking the name! She says that its a reality which wont change by Shamshers signing! Roma comes too and asks what is going on? Paddo diverts and says that its for filling the form for formalities at the hosp! Roma asks her to rest so she too can enjoy in the evening!

Part 3

Its evening and chawl is decorated and all gather for the party..! The song is ‘Satte pe Satte’ All take Madhu in their arms turn by turn and admire her! Roma especially is happily dancing with Madhu! Ballo and his henchmen are driving towards their destination and Ballo sings… ‘Mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari’ and says.. ‘Madhubala’! During the dance.. Roma does filmy stunts in between the dance and all are enjoying..! Paddo smiles widely! She starts to give sweets to all and then gives Ballo too! Ballo tells Paddo that he realises that she is giving one sweet to others but to him too?? Paddo freezes seeing him and drops the sweets!

Precap — Ballo forcibly carries Paddo and the kids with him and Ballo tells henchmen to ask Paddo where they should chop her and throw? Paddo asks for help from Roma!

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