Punar Vivah 5th June 2012 Written Episode

The episode starts off with Shobha telling Prashant that today she is going to remove the obstacle from her heart forever. She goes and comes back out with a mud pot in her hand. She announces, “I gave a birth to you, fed you, saw you grow up, and today I am going to break this birth relationship forever. I will be the first mother who will be performing the last rites of her alive son.” She puts the pot on her shoulder and walks in circular motion around Prashant as the water from the pot falls down besides her. Ending the ritual by throwing and breaking the pot. “You are dead now.” Prashant goes to his father, but Satyendra tells him to leave the house instead and never come back.

Next he goes to Aarti and blames her for poisoning his parent’s heart from his hatred and tells her much more cruel words. Aarti holds her saari’s fold with tight fists through out the time. Aarti finally looses control when Prashant points at her character and if Ansh is even his son of not. She slaps him tightly across his cheeks. Aarti says, “You are right, Ansh could never be your son, he is only and only her son.” Ansh Yash Scindhiya is her son’s name and she is proud of her son’s name and his identity. Prashant threatens her on how he used to bit her and raises his hand to hit her, but Aarti instead stands strong and stop his hand midway with fierce eyes and warns him back, “I am no longer going to stand silent and bear you. You were never a good husband and never ever a good son.” She tells him to leave and to never ever come back. Prashant threatens her, that he will burn her and will take revenge for what all she did and said to him. Aarti just pushes him out the door and closes the door behind him. Aarti starts crying once she closes the door. Shobha stops her and tells her, “You have done nothing wrong.” Aarti runs to Shobha and hugs her tightly as the flashes of when Prashant left her came back to her.

Shobha tells Aarti that her past is dead, she had to face a lot in her first marriage and Shabho joins her hand and ask for fogiveness for all that Aarti had to face. Shobha continues that from today on, Yash is her only life. Aarti has all the rights to live a life with out rejections and hurt. “The relations that has lost support since a long time, for that relation, killing the present relations is not right. In right words she is now Prashan’t widow. So, there is no lie, no hiding, no obstacle, no objections, nothing.”

Just than the phone rings and Shobha picks it up. Yash says that “meeting lasted a bit longer, and he is on his way to pick up the girls. If Aarti wants to come, then he will be there in 10 minutes so she can get ready till then.” Shobha tells that Aarti is her only daughter and a mother can do anyting for her daughter. She goes to the house’s temple and picking up the kumkum she places tika on Aarti’s forehead. “Just like Yash, Aarti has also lost her first husband. There will be no lie in middle of their relation. They are the only ones there for each other.” Written by Monal for IF only. Copy pasting on other sites is strictly not permitted.

Precape: Aarti is determined to taking decisions regarding her life.

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