Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2012 Written Episode

Part 1
Episode starts with Raashi calling gopi near dinning table.She says her to come out fast.The new gopi comes and say yes Rashi ben ( Over acting dikha rahe hain yaha )
Rashi says to help her with cutting Kairi ( sorry I dont know what it is just writing how I heard it )
Rashi thanks god that finally anita has gone out of there house and gopi says you should not tell like that ( Oh my the acting here was like WHAT THE?)
Rashi says why she is telling like that as because of anita a big thing could have happened in there house .Rashi says what trust on people like Anita .She only did fire today who knows what Anita will do another day.And Rashi is still worried about what happened to kitchen here .Gopi says she should not say like that and touches her forehead .Rashi asks if she is ok and she says yes and goes to make chatni ( Over acting dikharahi hain boss )Rashi says her to wait as she will bring water for her.And here gopi doesnt wait and she goes to do some work .And when Rashi comes she is gone . Gopi is taking something on the grass and some people (male dressed as female)thinks as if she’s is pregnant and says in these days she should not go out and all..and there nonsense is going out here …Koki ..Hetal and Rashi comes where gopi is .And everyone is shocked to hear the people saying as she is pregnant.Savita comes and says what are they saying?Gopi and pregnant?Kokila says there is nothing like that .Savita says that the people maybe confused and her daughter in law is Pregnant.And as usual the gossiper savita says that she heard that they was a fire accident at MM and if its true?And koki says to savita that she gets all news very truly.Its true that there was a fire accident but no one was hurt by the grace of lord krishna

Part 2
Gopi is cutting some vegetables ..Rashi asks what the matter is as her face is glowing soo much .Gopi blushes .Rashi smiles and asks if her face is also glowing.and gopi says she is .Rashi brings a radio there and both listens to it.Koki calls rashi and she goes . Ahem comes near kitchen ..and there bg is going on here .Gopi wears pallu as ahem came .Ahem says thanks as she saved him from fire(how many times will he thank?)And ahem also says I love you ..this I love you part was a dream.Out of dream ahem says her to listen to radio and goes.And from radio a programme is coming which is related to pregnant woman in the first few months .Gopi is eating raw mango while listening to radio .She has flashback of what the people said to her the morning.Rashi comes and gopi gets intrupted .Rashi tells that she told her to eat and she is eating raw mango here?when u even dont like it .Rashi says her to get the dining table ready .Gopi gets flashbacks of the things told in radio .She gets flashbacks of the holi scene and she is scared as if she’s pregnant.

Part 3
Jigar is talking on phone with someone ..He comes to kitchen and calls out for Rashi ..When he sees rashi he laughs .Rashi asks why he is laughing and jigar cleanes the black thing on her face and in return Rashi puts black thing on jigars face and both smiles .( Soo cute)Gopi is on bed and she is still thinking about pregnancy stuffs ..the holi scene and all.Here both ahem and gopi are not abel to sleep .
Its morning..gopi is confused to what all is happening to her ..A pregnant woman nisha is shown ..she is trying to take out a pot and gopi goes and helps nisha.Nisha thanks her .She further tells that preg woman should not take heavy things and all.
Gopi tells nisha to take care and she goes.Gopi goes to mandir ..she is getting the flash back of holi scene.Gopi asks kanaji is its true and if its true then how will she tell it to ahem as he dont even remember what happened that night.Ahem comes and gopi says him to tell what he came to and ahem says he forgot.And goess.Gopi gets a flashback in which ahem says he dont remeber what happened in tha holi day

Precap :gopi tells kanaji the thing is related to ahem ji and when ahemji dont remember it whats the use of this happiness

Episode ends
I will says it a boring episode .Loved the Raji scene though

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