Choti Bahu – 15th May 09 – Written Update

– Devki asks Vishaka to send Radev wedding photos to break up the marraige
– Arjun, Chacha and Mrinalini watch Dev watch Radhika
-Dev wants Radhika to tell him he loves him

Part 1

The episode begins with dev walking and smiling in the patio (near the tulsi tree and the swing), just then radhika walks in after taking bath and prays to the tulsi tree. He turns around looks, smiles and then walks up to her and watches her as she prays. Radhika senses someone and opens her eyes. She looks at Dev and is shocked and asks Dev you are here so early in the morning? Dev smiles and says yes, I had to talk to you about something. Dev says he wasn\’t able to sleep the whole night, he was just waiting for the morning. Radhika looks scared and she looks around. Just then Dadi walks in and says Dev, you here so early in the morning? Dev was about to say something then Dadi says for the Brahm mahurat\’s puja, Choti Bahu has to be here early. Dev and Radhika are looking at each other. Dadi tells Dev to go send Choti Bahu. Dev looks at Radhika and smiles, she just looks down. Radhika looks at him and gets worried. Dadi is praying to the tulsi and after that takes Radhika to the temple area to ask about the flowers and water.

In Vrindavan, Devki is remembering what happened in the Phool Bangla temple. Shastriji walks in and asks her why she is so lost. Devki asks Shastriji to ask Radhika to come back. Shastriji says it is not so easy to just do that, she is in our daughter\’s in-laws place. Devki insists that he calls the family. Shastriji looks suprised and asks what happened and why she wants her back. Devki says she cannot handle all the work alone, Shastriji says but Radhika is needed more in that house to help get Vishaka\’s life back on track. Now he has seen a change in Vishaka and she seems more responsible and eager towards her duties. Shastriji says please handle the work for some time by yourself. Shastriji leaves, Devki looks worried.

Part 2

Devki walks to the kitchen and the milk that is overflowing falls over. Amma comes in and tells Devki to watch the milk. Amma tells Devki whats the use now, the milk has overflown, you only get sense when the  damage is done. Amma says a snake with it\’s fangs showing and boiling milk should both be watched from the very beginning (hinting Radhika), seen what Radhika has done. Devki says she has done a huge mistake, she should have stopped Radhika long ago, now how will she call Radhika back. Amma says in the streets of Mathura there is a priest who does pujas and breaks a marriage/wedding. Devki asks how that is done, Amma says anything is possible and she has seen some pujas that are not there in the scriptures.Amma says seedhe phere lene se shaadi ho sakat hai, ulte phere lene se shaadi toot bhi sakat hai( in Amma lingo, when the pheras are done straight straightforward, marriage is formed; when the pheras are done in reverse, the marriage can be reversed). Amma asks Devki to call Vishaka and ask for the wedding photo, the priest will do the puja and the marriage will break. We will tell Radhika this and she will come back.

Devki calls Vishaka while she is putting on her nailpolish. Devki asks how is she is everything in the family, she says can I call you back since I am doing something important. Devki says no listen, this is very important, please send a photo of Dev during the wedding. Vishaka gets irritated and ask why, Devki says she wants to break Radhika\’s wedding. Vishaka asks why; Devki says that till Radhika\’s wedding breaks, you cannot be married to Dev and till you are not married, every moment you spend there is like sin. Vishaka says fine, Devki says please keep Radhika away from Dev, Vishaka gets angry and says even you are talking like Mrinalini Bhabhi. Devki is shocked that Mrinalini suspects, and asks Vishaka to keep them away. Vishaka says ok and she puts the phone down hurriedly.

Part 3

Dev, Arjun and Chacha are in the living room talking about work, Dev sees radhika coming to the temple area and keeps staring at her. Just then Chacha stops and sees Dev looking at Radhika, who has now sat down to make the flowers into a garland. Chacha increases his volume to get Dev\’s attention, then Arjun looks up and sees Dev watching Radhika. Chacha finally screams and Dev is brought back to attention. Arjun is smiling. Dev is still staring at Radhika, just then Mrinalini comes in. Chacha tells Mrinalini bhatije ka dyaan vakehi batak raha bahu, nazar jo hai baar baar Vrindavan ki churaiya pe atak rahi hai (Nephew\’s attention is really on someone else, his sight is on Vrindavan\’s girl constantly).  They are both watching Dev watch Radhika.Mrinalini says see I told you, the story has started, Chacha agrees and says let me show you bad the situation\’s got. They both come near Dev, Arjun is smiling, they are all watching Dev. Chacha asks Dev if he should cut the check for a 1000 people, (Dev cannot even hear it, seems to be in different world). All three are smiling, just then Arjun tells him to say more. Chacha now says should I cut the check for 2000 people, just then Dev looks around and says yes. Dev gives him the check and then sees Radhika leave. He excuses himself from the living room and leaves. Arjun then says if our Raj Purohit keeps slipping away like this then we have no need to remove him from the position, it will vacate on it\’s own. Mrinalini says the Rajpurohit position was always yours and you will only get it.chacha says which work I couldn\’t do by hook or crook, that work was done by love, this is called Krishna\’s handiwork.

Dev follows Radhika through the entire patio, then he stops when he sees Vishaka. Vishaka asks Radhika to come in the room, she asks why. Just then Dev passes them, Vishaka says just come, do I need to tell you out here? Vishaka asks Radhika to take out a photo of Radev\’s wedding and says mother has asked for it. Radhika asks why.  Vishaka says with an irritated tone that all sins are being committed in this house no, everyone has woken up and driving me crazy, now they want a photo to do puja and break up your and Dev\’s marraige. Radhika looks shocked. Vishaka says Ma was also telling to keep keep you away from Dev, but why was she saying that? Radhika looks shocked, Vishaka says I am sure Mrinalini must have told them something at the Phool Bangla fair.

Radhika is upset and slowly goes and removes the wedding album and is going through the photos.(Background music of Choti Bahu theme song is playing).

Part 4

Just then Dev enters and sees her looking through the photos. Dev asks her what she is doing there. Radhika says no, nothing. Dev says I know you are looking at my wedding photos and crying because which wedding was going to take place with you, that wedding took place with someone else. Radhika says no nothing like that. Radhika heads towards the door, Dev blocks her way and says he wants to talk to her. Radhika says no, she has got work. She then calls one of the servants to take some clothes for ironing. Dev continues to look at Radhika and says fine, I will talk to you, if not here then someone else. Radhika looks upset. Dev leaves and goes sits on the swing(he has his head completely back). Vishaka comes there and asks him what happened and what is he thinking about. Dev leans forward and says nothing Vishaka says you havent healed fully and you already started work, you must be tired no? Vishaka asks if he needs anything, she will tell Radhika to bring. Dev seems happy at the thought and looks up. He says he left a red file on the terrace which was very important, Vishaka says only that much, I will get it myself. Dev seems upset by that.

Vishaka enters the room and tells Radhika to go get the red file from the terrace. Radhika comes to the terrace but doesnt find anything. She begins to leave when Dev comes there. She says aap yahan (you here) and he says Haan (yes). She begins to leave but he blocks her.  Dev says I told you I will talk to you, if not here or anywhere else. Please forgive me for calling you here like this. Radhika says Maine pehle hi aapse kaha tha, mujhe kuch nahi sunna (I told you before I don\’t want to hear anything. Dev says mat suno, aaj mein tumse kuch sunne ayaa hoon ( don\’t listen, I have come to hear something from you). Dev then moved towards her and comes closer. Dev says tum mujhse pyar karti ho, tum mujhse chupa nahi sakti tum mere liya kya mehsoos karti ho, bas jatane se darti ho (You cannot hide what you feel for me, you are just scared to show it) He keeps inching forward, she keeps moving back, both looking into each others eyes. Radhika  finally hits a wall, she looks back and then looks down, Dev is extremely close to her. Radhika says aisa kuch nahi hai, mein aapse pyar nahi katri, kripa karke mujhe jaane dijiye (I don\’t love you, please let me go) Dev puts his hand across her on the wall so she is cornered. Dev says jaane doonga par jo baat tumne abhi kaha hai, woh meri aankhon me aakhe dalke kaho (I will let you go but what you said just now, look into my eyes and say it again). Radhika looks scared, Dev says tumne hamesha mujhse kuch na kuch chupaya hai, hum dono ne itne saree baatein ki hai, ek doosre ka chehra dekhe bagair farq sirf itna ki mein sach bol raha tha aur tum jhoot (You have always hidden something from me, we have talked about so much without being face to face,difference is I was telling the truth and you were telling lies).

He says he wants to hear the truth, so look into my eyes and tell me the truth. Radhika looks away.(He has both his arms on the wall and completely blocked her). Radhika looks into his eyes and says Main aapse pyar nahi karti (I don\’t love you). Dev looks surprised and as Radhika is leaving, he stops her and says you know why I asked you to look into my eyes and say it (he whispers into her ear from behind) so that I could read your eyes. He then comes in front of her and says your eyes have given me the picture into your heart. Now words that you just uttered make no difference to me, I know you love me very much. Dev says aur yeh sach mein ek din tumhare muh se sunkar hi rahoonga, tum mujhse khud kahogi ko tum mujhse pyar karti ho. (This truth you will tell me yourself one say). Radhika and Dev look at each other, Dev is smiling.

Precap: Devki receives the photo, Amma asks if Vishaka sent the right photos, Devki says yes. Amma says this wedding is what holds Radhika to Damaad Babu, first lets break this marraige.

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