Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2012 Written Episode


In Kapoor Mansion, Maama asks Niharika to stop brooding and pack her bags so they can leave KM. They can go back to their Baghawada home make a living there. He says Ram has come to know everything and will take all his anger out on them when he returns, and maama was dreading this. Niharika asks him to shut up saying just because all their truth is revealed to it does mean that she has lost and declares “Niharika never loses” – asks her brother to keep quite so she can think. Niharika says she knows that when Ram comes home he will be furious…..she is interrupted by Ram who enters Kapoor Mansion.

Ram calls out to Rishab and everybody gathers – Nik, mama and Vikram. Ram asks Rishab whether he had any clue if Sid was going to do something so wrong. Rishab denies knowledge about Sid’s misdoings and tells Ram that had seen Sid talk to the manager only once and never imagined it would have such serious so many consequences. Ram tells Rishab it is very important to find Sid wherever he is. Rishab and Vikram tell him that they are doing everything possible to find Sid. Ram says they need to do it quick so Priya can be released soon. Niharika is terrified and mamaji takes shelter behind his sister when Ram gives them both a fleeting cold stare.

Niharika finds it strange that Ram did not explode with anger towards them after the day’s events. Mama says Ram’s anger is a volcano that can erupt fast and furiously very soon.

In the Sharma residence, Natasha is upset about the turn of events in KM and Kartik consoles her saying everybody knows that Priya is innocent. Natasha jumps up saying she needs to talk to Ram immediately. Kartik convinces her that it was a bad idea to talk to Ram so late in the night because Ram would already be very upset and tells her to talk to him in the morning.

The next morning all the Sharmas are brooding in the living room. Natasha brings Shipra tea which she refuses. Sudhir and the rest of the family try to get her to relax. Ayesha tells her Ram has many contacts and will get Priya out as soon as possible. The doorbell announces visitors; it is the neighborhood gossip ladies trying to add fuel to the fire. They make caustic remarks about Priya and the rest of family and also make digs at the Sharmas’ “sanskar”. Ayesha loses her cool and yells at them so does Kartik and ask them to get out and Ayesha sees them to the door with pleasure. Shipra breaks down and says they cant keep tongues from wagging.

In jail, Ram arrives to meet Priya early the next morning. Priya asks him how he came to visit so early, Ram says he wanted to give her some good news. He asks her why she was looking so worn out. Priya says she could not sleep because she missed his snoring as now she was habituated to it. Priya. Ram blushes very cutely. Priya says his eyes tell her that he also did not sleep last night. Ram agrees and says he could not sleep because the AC was not running. Priya says he would not have turned it on. Ram admits he did not turn it on because of she was allergic to the AC. Priya cannot control her tears and Ram is visibly hurting. She wipes her tears and asks Ram what the good news was and Ram tells her that advocate Amith Khanna will fight her case and she will very soon get out of jail. Ram continues quoting Priya’s previous lines to him – says he is a very selfish person and does not like it if she gets ahead of him in any matter, and especially not in the sacrifice department. Both share a sweet moment as their eyes lock and Priya remember her words to Ram not too long ago. Priya reminds Ram that she is very selfish and has done everything only for her own happiness. Ram retorts that he is the more selfish of the two because nothing is more important to him than his own happiness which he obtain at any cost and his happiness is in her getting out of jail.

Natasha storms into Kapoor Mansion and calling on Ram tries to go up towards his room. Niharika informs her that Ram was not home and could have gone to meet Priya. Natasha congratulates her Niharika for having achieved what she set out to and having won the battle with Priya. She reminds Niharika that her tears of joy and short lived as Ram and Priya could be apart for a while but they are not separated and Ram will not allow Priya to remain in jail for long and the day Priya is out, Natasha pronounces to Niharika – “she is finished.” Natasha takes her apart severely and finally declares that Nih has even lost her mother’s right over her and tells her that from now on, she will come and go to KM as and when she chooses. She tells her that she does not want to even talk to her any more

Natasha meets Ram outside KM and enquires after Priya’s wellness. The pain on Ram’s face answers her question. Natasha tells Ram that in a way he was responsible for everything that happened. After all he did for his family he received only betrayal. On the one side, there was Priya who did everything she did only for him because she loves him and on the other is Niharika whom he loved, respected and even fought the forces for but she ended up using him and betraying him. Ram interrupts and tells Natasha that he feels good to see that she has grown up.

Vikram is talking on the phone to the lawyer and Ram enters. Vikram asks him where he was as they were getting really late…. He stops and notices that Ram and gone to see Priya. Vikram says that he need to really act fast as they have very little time. Ram agrees. Vikram asks Ram to not lose heart as things will be set right soon. He asks freshen up so they can go and meet the lawyer.

In their conspiracy chamber of KM, Nih and mama discuss the very silent Ram and Nih wonders what was going on his Ram’s mind. Mama guesses right and says Ram’s head is full of Priya and how he will get her out of prison. Nihrika declares she is freaked out about Ram’s silent treatment and wonders if this was the calm before the storm.


Neha visits Priya in jail and Priya tells her she is worried about Ram. Neha asks her to at least once in a while think of herself too. Priya smiles and says she is thinking about herself and that is why she is asking about Ram; tells her that when she saw Ram in the morning he was very worried and had not slept all night. Neha asks her not to worry about Ram as she and Vikram are there. Neha asks her if she needs anything, asks her if she wanted food from home. Priya denies this but asks Neha for a favor. She hands her some chits of paper and tells her to place them in their room – as this could help Ram through the hard and lonely times. Neha says that she agrees that her chits will help Ram when lonely but what about her. Priya replies that if Ram’s loneliness is removed, then automatically hers will be lifted too and says that she is sure that Ram would bring her out of


In Ram’s office, Ram tells the lawyer that all their hopes were resting on him and asks him to do something. The lawyer says that he has studied the case thoroughly and the case is very weak – the only way to get Priya out of jail is to get Sid and present him in court and get him to confess. He continues to tell Ram and Vikram that they have very little time as the hearing was tomorrow and at any cost Sid needs to be brought to court. Ram says he will bring Sid to court if that is the only solution to getting Priya out.

Precap: Ram confronts Niharika and asks her the whereabouts of Sid. Niharika denies knowing about him.

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