Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th June 2012 Written Episode

Ignore the mistakes

Episode starts from where it ends..
creep witnessing Khush asking and anjali giving her money.Khush comes out of anjali’s room and creep hide himself.
Khush goes to some guy.he asks money..she says is the work done?is he done with ASR’s signs?..he says he will do it..she gives him money and says will give rest only when you’ll b done with your job.all this while that creep is spying on her..
She turns and sees the creep..she gets nervous ,but turns anyway and comes home.he follows her all the way..
At RM there is no one at home..he holds her wrist from back and says where are you running..and why are you nervous??..Who was that man??She answers nervously that who man?she dunno any man..he comes in front and says I am not gonna let you go that easily.and will get to know who that man was??and what you were talking about?…She bravely answers thats its not your bussiness.He replies that IT is my bussiness because i have heard it all.But she passes him and says she don’t need to answer any of his question.
He loudly says hers dialogues with that man..she gets shocked.his evil smile..and says thats what u said to him na…Tell me Truth why u needed that much money? .and as much as I know there is no school near Buaji’s house.
He says tell me the truth or else…she says Daringly or else????…what will u do?..let me go!
he grabs her again and demands answer..she says okay you want truth and TRUTH is..
I want ASR’s signs beause i want his everything.His money,his bussiness.his house.his everything..
Now its time for him to be shocked..
he asks her why?..she answers bacause i want to destroy him.want to break him…He destroyed me.
But now its time he should pay for all his deeds..I’m tired.i cant take it any more..
Everything was going according to plans But at the exact moment he gets Kidnapped.another shocking expression from that creep .
he fumbles with words “what Dear bro-in-law gets”..
She answers she dunno that..and she dunno what to do.?””I just want him i can go by my plans.””
On realizing what she has blurted out..she gets terrified..and his evil smile..
he sweetly says i didnt knew that you feel like this way too..i thought you only hate me..she says she hate Both of them..You betrayed me and he destroyed me..
phew finally that creep’s scene is over
Next they showed Boss with that kidnapper..he slaps him hard ..the kidnapper says he swear he didn’t used his own phone..but Boss[Creep]throws his phone
Aww Arnie finally got to see him.God missed him soo much.
Meanwhile Arnie was walking here and there in that place..he finds that phone and thinks of calling his Khushi..
Khush on stairs and her phone rings.she picks up and RABBA VE RABBA VE RAbba ve…
both speaks at same time each other’s names..
She asks where are you?where they have kept him?.he says Khushi STOP please..
[then a creep scene.will write later..]
she wants to tell him first about the mastermind behind all this.But he says ‘No first I’ll say .thats more important.”..He says ‘I am sorry.i hurted you that night.I had to..i had no choice..or else they would have hurt you and I can’t let that happen”.[soft piano rabba ve playing].He says i have applogised BUT i will never be able forget myself.i have hurted you..”aww.
in between BG[train’s sound and mandir’s bells sound..]
she Asks him about that..he says he dunno..then some intereption in phone.they can;t hear each other..when he able to hear her again..She says all the truth about that creep.but sadly that moment kidnapper comes and Arnie hides his phone..and wasn’t able to hear the truth..
after that when he picks phone again..battery gone dead..He throws phone.
she thinks that she had atleast told him all the truth..
[that creep’s scene which interfere arhi phone convo]
he says now lets see whom you are faithful khushi.will you tell me about this call.
[this means he himself allowed ASR to pick that phone and to call khushi to test her]
Next Khush in her room. ehr phone rings..Some Roy[claims ASR’s lawyer] on the phone says ASR before going abroad has bought some property and the papers are ready for deal..since her is not here You can also sign on behalf of him as being his wife.she was recluntant but agrees anyway..she notes address.
That Roy puts reciever down and smiling says to creep that ur work is done..his evil smile
In RM Khush comes downstairs where nani,mami and anjali having tea.Nani ask where she is going.she says she has some impprtant work.creep comes
Anjali gives tea to khushi and asks about that money whether she has given that money to that trust.
Mami wonders about that.where is that..khushi leaves Tea and tells mami about trust ..she says she is going to meet that trust’s trustee..
everyone leaves except that creep..he talks to himself that its time to test you ..where you will go.To find arnav and to that lawyer..
Creep giving pen to khushi in that lawyer’s office..she recluntantly sings.he says to himself that You have passed this but you haven’t told me about arnav’s phone.

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