Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2012 Written Episode

Karanjkar House

Sulochana is going outside. She notices how hard it is raining. She gets all the clothes that were hanging. Purvi is coming in.
Sulochana: Oh Purvi you have come? You are so wet. Come inside you know that you feel cold so easily and you don’t even take care of yourself. I do care about you though. Purvi is crying and she is remembering when Ovi slapped her and Punni was talking about Arjun and Purvi’s affair. She also remembers Archana defending her.
Sulochana: Purvi why are you crying, because I scolded you? I always scold you what is it? Purvi is crying.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Teju and Ovi are in their bedroom.
Teju: What are you doing?
Ovi: I am going to call Arjun.
Teju: What are you going to ask him?
Ovi: Why should I not call him? I just need to ask him.
Teju: Have you gone crazy Ovi? You will not call Arjun until the truth comes out. If you cal him it will mean you are questioning him and suspecting him.
Ovi: Teju I am not suspecting him you tell me what I should do.
Teju: there is no need to get so emotional soon the truth will come out.
Ovi: Teju I can’t live without Arjun. She is crying. Teju hugs and consoles Ovi.

Deshmukh House in the kitchen

Archana is in the kitchen. She remembers when Ovi was saying that Purvi has done a sin, she had asked Purvi how could you snatch Arjun from me, I expected such a thing from you. Archana remembers Savita saying that you always jump on those who talk about your daughter but what about your daughter ruining my granddaughter’s life?! Manav comes to the kitchen.
Manav: Archana it is raining a lot. He closes the windows.
Manav: Archana do not worry I know that aai had said a lot.
Archana: Manav aai is not the problem the problem is I am worried for Purvi. I don’t understand what happens, so many problems are going on. Why does this happen? It is not her fault that she has the same destiny that I do. It is a mother’s duty to give her children what she needs but Purvi is insulted because of me.
Manav: Archana this is not the time to worry about our destiny but taking care of Purvi. She needs her mother the most. You should go to Purvi.
Archana: Manav should I go to aai’s home?
Manav: Yes.
Archana: Thank you.
Manav: One minute Archana I will also come with you.
Archana: but Manav aai will see and there will be a problem.
Manav: Aai will not see. I will get the car since it is raining you come after a little bit. Archana sees Savita consoling Ovi in the bedroom. She leaves the home.

Karanjkar House

Sulochana and Purvi are at the Karanjkar House. Sulochana can’t believe Punni could say something like that about Purvi and Ovi believing it all.
Purvi: Aaji I need to talk to you about something important. The doorbell rings. It is Manav. Sulochana gets it. She looks upset to see Manav. But Manav tells her that he knows she has a lot of complaints about him but he has come to console Purvi. Archana comes in the home. Both Manav and Archana go into the bedroom where Purvi is to console her.
Manav: Purvi I apologize to you on behalf of Ovi. The thing is she does not know the truth and much about culture, she does not know you very well and this is why she reacted like that. but one day she will find out that you are a great girl. Look I have said to you before that I am with you, I say it today and I will always be with you. You don’t need to worry at all. Purvi thinks to herself, aai, baba and aaji you both have a lot of faith in me but you don’t know that what Punni tai said was right. I don’t know what to do and how I say the truth to aai she maybe very hurt and may never trust me again. I can’t hurt aai.
Archana: Purvi you must be tired you should go to sleep, we will leave now.
Manav: Look dear do not worry about anything ok? Manav is about to leave but Sulochana tells Manav and Archana to wait and she will make some tea.

Deshmukh House

Savita and Archana are at their house. There is a knock at the door. Archana goes to get it. It is Manjusha and Punni. Archana sees Manjusha first and smiles.
Archana: Come in vahini. Manjusha looks at her angrily and she calls for Punni. She does not step in the house.
Manjusha: I will not come in a home where my daughter got insulted.
Archana: Vahini please try to listen to me. Savita stands up and walks to them.
Savita: Archana. Does your family not have any manners, they just come in our house whenever they desire. They don’t have respect but we do! If the nanand and vahini fight here then the neighbors will ask and I will need to answer them. Go, go and talk outside.
Manjusha: No I will talk here. Come in Punni. Savita closes the house door.
Archana: Vahini listen to me.
Manjusha: How do you have the courage to slap my daughter?
Archana: You can think what you want but listen to me once.
Manjusha: I will not listen! Archana looks shocked. Savita smiles.
Manjusha: I will not listen because I have full faith in my daughter and you crossed your line. You lectured Punni way too much and you think you know what is right and wrong what happened now? Savita smiles and nods her head in agreement.
Manjusha: You slapped my daughter when your daughter was the one who made the mistake? Savita opens the bedroom door and has Ovi and Teju come out to see.
Archana: One second vahini. Each mother has trust in their daughter, you do too and that is ok but you have no right to say something about someone else’s daughter.
Manjusha: Oh you are so troubled because I am talking about your own daughter. What about when you slapped my daughter?!
Archana: Listen if I try to tell you the truth you will not listen because you don’t want to listen so I suggest you leave. We will talk later.
Manjusha: Leave? Why should I go away from here, I won’t leave until I talk to you. Savita nods her head.
Manjusha: And what did you think, you could do so much to my daughter and I would tolerate it?
Archana: Vahini it is not that.
Savita: Look at this nanand and vahini fight. What family do I have, the whole family just keeps fighting. They just find an excuse to fight. But what Manjusha is saying is absolutely right. Teju and Ovi I have been telling you, look at this proof we have to tolerate her drama.
Manjusha: I am not creating any drama, you are the one going on. I have just come to talk to Archu!
Archana: One second vahini. I want to say something, I am not regretting what I did. For every mother their daughter is right. Your Punni made a mistake and she has gotten her punishment.
Manjusha: One minute! Who are you to call my daughter right or wrong or give her advice? I think you have forgotten to determine what is right and wrong. Your daughter is wrong and will stay wrong and Archu you are not always right and we are not always wrong. Savita is looking disgusted.
Manjusha: This time your daughter is wrong! Savita screams.
Savita: Be quiet! Do the drama outside my home, leave or else I will kick you out!
Manjusha: I am leaving! But how dare you do anything to my daughter again! Savita orders Manjusha to leave. Manjusha and Punni leave. Savita glares at Archana and then leaves the room. Archana looks at Ovi and Teju. Ovi gives Archana a mad look. Teju is looking sad.

At the office

Punni is walking in the office. She says good morning to a few people. Some say good morning and some people don’t answer. Punni sits down. She asks a client if Purvi came. The client shakes her head no. Punni smiles and thinks to herself, and how can she come, after everything happening yesterday she won’t have the courage to come here. Punni is remembering when Archana slapped her. Punni touches her cheek. She thinks to herself, I don’t know why Archana Aatya slapped me. One of her daughters is ruining her other daughter’s life and she is supporting her. Arjun is entering the office and he asks Ovi if she feels fine.
Ovi: Yes my head was just aching a little.
Arjun: If your head was aching you should have rested a little bit right?
Ovi: No Arjun I talked to you, I’m sure my headache will go away. Arjun goes to talk to Ovi more.

Karanjkar House

Purvi is sitting down. She is remembering when Manav came and apologized to her on Ovi’s behalf. Purvi thinks to herself, I will need to talk to Arjun about this, I don’t know if Ovi maam has told this to Arjun yet or not. Purvi thinks no, if they talked then Arjun sir would’ve called me but since he hasn’t called they haven’t talked yet. Sulochana comes to the room.
Sulochana: You haven’t eaten yet? I made Poha for you and your tea seems to be cool, are you not going to the office today?
Purvi: Aaji I am not hungry and I don’t feel like going to the office.
Sulochana: I know why you are not hungry and don’t want to go to the office, I know the reason behind it. You don’t have to go to the office if you don’t want to but people shouldn’t misunderstand. They shouldn’t think that you made a mistake and that’s why you didn’t go to the office.
Purvi: Aaji.
Sulochana: Purvi you know the most special thing about children? Their parent’s trust in them. And your parents trust you a lot and you didn’t even do anything wrong so why do you fear? If you don’t want to go to the office then you don’t have to but at least have your breakfast. I will warm up the tea. Sulochana goes. Purvi thinks to herself, no I just can’t accept defeat like this I will need to call Arjun. Purvi calls Arjun. Arjun is at his office and he picks up the phone.
Arjun: Yes Purvi.
Purvi: Arjun where are you?
Arjun: Hello Purvi what is it? Why didn’t you come to the office?
Purvi: Arjun please don’t say anything I need to talk to you about something important. Can you meet me somewhere, where are you right now?
Arjun: I am at the office right now.
Purvi: No not at the office I can’t meet you there. Some other place?
Arjun: How about at home?
Purvi: No not at home we can meet somewhere outside.
Arjun: Outside? Ok. Ok you can SMS me and meet me there.
Purvi: Yes ok, bye. The screen splits. Arjun is on the left side looking confused. Purvi is on the right side looking worried.

Precap: Archana and Purvi are at the Karanjkar House. It is dark. Archana asks Purvi firmly, where did you go? Purvi says aai I went out for some work. Archana walks over to Purvi and slaps her. Purvi looks shocked and she says, aai. Archana slaps her again. Purvi looks very scared. Archana looks very angrily at Purvi and grabs her tightly.


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