Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th June 2012 Written Episode

Recap — Trish is delighted to hear of the audition for RKs film from Roma! Next day morning Paddo performs ritual for long life of her husband for which Madhu questions her! Paddo explains her that the same guy gave her two wonderful daughters! Roma and Trish arrive for audition! In the Local bus someone notices Madhu and starts to follow Madhu right upto her parlour! At the parlour after Madhu attacks him with pepper spray, the guy introes himself as Mukund, a salesman! Mukund sees Madhu for the first time and is lost!

Part 1

Roma is feeding Laddoo (sweet) to all participants! They ask the reason for it and Roma says that her baby got a break in the film aka Kayanat! They are taken aback! At the parlour, Mukund is packing his stuff and asks Madhu if he should leave and Madhu says he should since he must have gotten late! She offers him water and he admires Madhu! He forgets to open the bottle cork and Madhu reminds him! He thanks Madhu and she asks if it was for pepper spray or water? He says.. both! She grins and he turns to leave and she reminds him his bag and asks him to return the water bottle! As he is about to leave, she asks him if he has time to show demo of his product and he starts to show!

Roma sends off all participants and Trish asks one of the participants who is leaving, as to what is up? They say that the lead girl is fixed already and so they are leaving! Trish goes inside and asks Roma what the matter is? Roma asks her to forget all that and tells her to do her touch up as Trish is the only one left! The PH guy comes and asks what happened and Roma bluffs and says all left since they were tired waiting for RK! PH guy is shocked! Roma praises Trish for her dedication to RK and the PH guy invites Trish inside and she goes with Roma!

Mukund starts the demo of his product by introing with his name and Madhu interrupts and he requests her not to as he will forget his lines! He starts the demo again and Madhu grins! Amidst the demo he starts praising Madhus beauty and she grins but suddenly gets up with a start and he stammers and Madhu asks what happened?! He says he got scared that she will use Pepper spray! He shows her the ‘Samara Beauty Product’ and she claps! Madhu says she cant buy as his product is expensive! She says that she is only an employee there so she cant purchase! Mukund gives her samples and asks to order if she likes! He asks her to sign the bill for acknowledging the sample given and she thanks him! He asks Madhu if he should leave and she says yes! (Mukund Self thot- Main aapko bhul jaun par ye aankhen aapko humesha yaad rakhengei.. Miss Phus Phus)! After Mukund leaves, she reads Mukunds poem which he has left unknowingly and grins..!

Trish is giving her audition… and Roma watches excitedly! Trish fumbles but PH guys refuse to give her a re-take! Roma tries to butter them but a guy called Bittu (RKs secretary) comes and fires them! Roma is speechless seeing him and starts to butter him!

Part 2

Roma introes Trish to Bittu! The guy says Roma is more talented than Trish! He identifies her as a junior artist! Roma agrees and asks if they have met earlier? Bittu tells her to forget past meet ups and tells her that she will remember todays meet up for life! He gives her the choice that is if she wants to get kicked out of there or get her junior artist card cancelled?! Roma asks what the matter is? Bittu tells about Roma’s act of fooling the other girls! Roma apologises! She begs him to give Trish a chance.. one chance! The guy says that one chance wont make Tabela into Tajmahal! He says that Trish has neither looks nor style and doesnt know acting even and asks her to leave! Trish says that she doesnt wanna give audition and while Roma wants to linger on.. Trish pulls her out!

Part 3

Roma-Trish are in the auto and Trish’s moby rings! Roma asks who it is and Trish speaks tauntingly that its RK asking her if she will work in his film without auditioning?! Its Madhu and she asks what is the issue and why Roma is shouting? Roma starts to curse Bittu! Trish tells Roma that she should talk respectfully as Bittu is RKs secretary! The TV in Madhu’s parlour is on and the reporter talks of RKs arrival! The rick driver asks if Trish is working in RK’s film and Trish says she is not working but Roma is! The reporter shows RK walking out of the airport talking on moby wearing a cap! Roma asks the rick driver to stop and Trish says to drive on! RK sits in the car! Roma asks Trish if she doesnt care for her insult? Trish says that its coz of her own deeds! Roma again curses Bittu! Trish says that Bittu is God’s right hand and the name of the God is RK! Reporter asks Bittu what happened between RK and his London producer! Bittu feigns ignorance! Reporter says that something has happened for sure! Roma and Trish are still fighting! Madhu is confused and finally shouts on the phone asking Trish what is wrong? Madhu finally screams out of frustration and the parlour people stare at her!

Madhu wonders what will happen in future.. since RKs arrival has caused so much storm! A car is show on the roads .. A guy wearing shades is also shown!

Precap – Madhu / Trish dancing on ‘Aja Nachle’ and chawl guys are shown cheering!

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