Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 20th June 2012 Written Episode

Mohan ji out ho rahe hain instead of getting in
Unka Spl staus in Vyas house jald hi jayega chin
Mohan ji tayaar ho jao start ho gaye hain bure din
This MU of yrs will show u stars in broad din
And Mangasutra khareed ke kyon apni pocket kar rahe ho thin
Arre dekh to lo yr pakki hui khyaali daal is all set to b thrown into the bin

-Nanhi offers her seat to Mohan and Ved praises her act and Mohan has his seat next to Addu.Mohan tells Ved abt accepting his offer and Jiji n Nanhi are super pleased while Megs thinks this is sum serious MU and i need to talk to Mohan

-Nanhi brings Icecream and Mohan tries to get Addu to eat it as Addu is making a fuss but Addu drops the icecream on Mohan and Manav gets him to have it saying hw Sachin has it and Ved n sanjay praise manav and he tells Addu he will teach him a game

-So Manav makes that house of cards and Mohan in his quest to teach Addu a game and make a impression tramples it and Addu is mean to him and Mohan decides to let go and Takes FIL’s leave as the kids are happy with manav mama and Ved asks Megs to drop him till the door.MM decide on talking to each other at length tom

-Sanjay offers Manav a drink but he refuses it but Renu encourages and asks him abt his thoughts on second marriage and he tells how he feelsvery lonely and it has been very very difficult to live sometimes after Shalini left him . Renu says you don’t always get what you want. Just chose the best from what ‘s around you and she conts with her lecture and how he shud settle down again and Manav says he trusts her choice so she can look for a match and renu is maha pleased

-MM at PL and they decide to meet up later today and talk things over there and mohan is pleased while Renu tells Ved n saroj abt Manav as a prospective match for Megs and ved is like has she found out his thoughts and Renu is like wont talk without yr permission and Manav walks in Saroj gives him the prasad

-Ved enquires abt Manav’s family and he tells he has none and Ved also mentions abt Megs remarriage in front of him and manav praises his thought and Megha as well

Precap- Megha tells Mohan off and says cant marry u and will marry who my family chooses and he asks why not me and she says bec u r careless and cant take care of me and my kids

Mohan just dont bother Abt Megha or her kids or the family achai ki jo value na kar sake usse achai milne ka koi haq nahi …no wonder the Vyas’s have suffered and will cont to do so …and CV’s if u ever visit this forum my request new female lead opp Mohan and u can always ask me to audition for the role
and who did Megha cal careless the guy who risked his life for the family again n again who took care of her and her kids at the farmhouse and who saved her izzat ..itne sayane and carefull aadmi pe aisa ilzaam manaa hi karna hai to kuch logical to kaho

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