Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th June 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Shyaam on the phone while driving and he tells his man to wait for him and that he is on the way. On the other hand we see Khushi and NK in another car and Khushi tells NK that just to be out of the eyes of Shyaam, we are taking another car and following Shyaam. The two cars stop at a signal and Shyaam sees the Raizada car following his car. Shyaam wonders who this could be and why are they following him? Shyaam calls Khushi and asks if she is okay. Khushi says that she is sitting with Naniji, and just then a car from behind honks away and the phone falls out of Khushi’s hand. She worries that Shyaam might have heard the horn and this would lead to great problem. NK tells her to calm down and that Shyaam might not have heard the horn. Shyaam then takes a turn and stops in front of a building. NK then sees him leave the building from the other side and get in a rickshaw and he wonders what jeejaji is trying to do.

Khushi walks back into the RM and she is rushing up the stairs because the doorbell rings. She runs into Naniji and hugs her. Khushi takes her into the room saying that she has to tell her something very important. Shyaam is shown walking up the stairs and is on the phone and tells his man that he will be there in a bit and that if he wants money then he will have to wait. He then overhears Nani and Khushi laughing and talking very loudly. Shyaam walks closer and sees that Nani and Khushi are talking, he walks away. Khushi heaves a sigh of relief and thanks Devi Mayyan in her head.

At night; Khushi and NK are standing by the very famous pool. NK asks Khushi how she knew that Shyaam would come home. Khushi says that she feels disgusted even saying it but she knows Shyaam very well and knew that he would come home to check whether Khushi is home or not. NK wonders why Jeeju never went back to where he had parked his car though. Khushi says that there are a million questions that are unanswered such as Where is Arnav? Why didn’t Shyaam return to where he had parked the car? Who is Shyaam giving the money to? And when are they going to let Arnav free? Then Khushi says that maybe they are looking for the wrong answers and they should wonder why has Shyaam kidnapped Arnav and not where Arnav is. NK says that they should figure out Shyaam motive behind the kidnap. Khushi corrects him and says it’s “maqsad” and not “aqsad.” NK tells Khushi to think hard to when she first suspected Shyaam. Khushi says that Shyaam had told Khushi then that he is making a house for Anjali. It then clicks Khushi that she had read a text on Shyaam’s phone that he had withdrew 5 lac rupees from the Divya Jyoti bank. Khushi says that maybe they could find the bank statements and see who Shyaam has given the money to. NK says that I have an idea and that I will implement it tomorrow. NK then says “Jeeju dekhtay jaayie.”

Payal is shown applying Kajal and Aakash is just waking up when Payal remembers that BuaJi had said that Payal should use her beautiful eyes. She starts applying more Kajal and Aakash wakes up and looks at Payal with the goo-ga eyes! Payal starts to remember BuaJi’s words and rolls her eyes. Aakash looks at her weirdly and asks her if she is fine and starts to call a doctor. Payal stops him, Aakash tells Payal to take care of herself and he walks away to freshen up. Payal wonders to herself that she must have done something wrong.

Shyaam is using his laptop and opens up his email from Divya Jyoti bank. His locket comes out of his shirt so he gets up to tuck that back in when HP walks in with tea. While putting it near the laptop, HP drops water on Shyaam’s locket. Shyaam gets really angry at HP and tells him to go away. HP walks away and NK walks in while Shyaam is cleaning his locket. NK looks at the locket with amused eyes and Shyaam hides it away. NK then tells Shyaam that he had come because he wanted to borrow Shyaam’s laptop because NK’s laptop isn’t working, Aakash has already left for work and NK wants to chat with his online friends. Shyaam gives him his laptop. NK thanks him in a funny way and walks away saying that he will return it back to Shyaam at breakfast.

Payal calls BuaJi and tells her that the plan didn’t work and Aakash thought that there was some problem with Payal’s eye. BuaJi tells her to apply “Chameli ka tel” in her hair when he comes back in the evening and to woo him with the smell.

Nani, Payal and Khushi are sitting at the dinning table. Manorama sits down and then Shyaam walks in too. Manorama asks Nani where Anjali is to which Nani says that she has gone out to meet her friend and that they had to go shopping too. Nani then turns to Khushi and asks whether she has kept the prasad for Arnav to which Khushi says that she has. Nani then asks Khushi about Arnav’s return. Khushi doesn’t answer and Manorama raises her eyebrow at Khushi. Nani then says that Anjali had said that Arnav is gone for a few days but now it’s been so many days and that Arnav never does this. Manorama jumps in the conversation and says that she think that Arnav is in a huge problem.

On the other hand we see, NK going through Shyaam’s laptops history and sees a mail from Divya Jyoti bank. He opens that up.

Scene changes to Khushi telling Nani that she has spoken to Arnav this morning. Nani teases and her and says that now Arnav has a wife so why will he call his nani or sister. Khushi says that they shouldn’t be worried about anything but just that Arnav doesn’t like the environment of Switzerland. Nani tells Khushi that even she is worried like Anjali now because Arnav hasn’t called or texted in so many days. Manorama says that even she is worried. Nani then asks Khushi that has Arnav said anything regarding a date that he is coming back on? Khushi just looks away and doesn’t answer. The episode ends on her worried face.

Precap: Arnav’s kidnapper is on the phone with Shyaam and tells him that there are no other men today but just him. Shyaam says that it doesn’t matter because he will have to go buy a few things and then send them to the RM. Kidnapper says okay, the stuff will reach RM today only. Arnav looks at the kidnapper with the ASR look.

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