Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 20th June 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Jeevika being carried off by the “kidnapper” in some dark area. He puts her down and Jeevika starts shouting at him, telling him that she is Mrs. Viren Vidhera, wife of famous criminal lawyer and he will put him in jail for the rest of his life, etc. She then slaps the kidnapper and then Jeevika feels bad and then takes of his mask. Turns out it is Viren and Jeevika is surprised as to why he was kidnapping his own wife. Viren says he wanted to surprise her. Jeevika gets upset and Viren (V) tries to pacify her by making jokes and apologizing. He then says there is another surprise. He whistles and there is a chariot of sorts pulled by a white horse that lights up. Jeevika (J) is still upset and walks away.
There is a dream sequence (?) where V and J are on the chariot and it is black and white and Viren is singing the song “yoon toh humne lakh haseen dekhe hain, tumsa nahin dekha”. J is upset and V is trying to ask for forgiveness. After some time, J seems to be getting into the song too and starts dancing too. This is a super cute scene!!! Do watch as I can def. not do this justice!
Manvi (M) and Virat (VV) come into a dark room and you see that it is a shooting set. M is super happy that he brought her to a live set. V shushes her and they watch a romantic scene being acted out. The scene is actually very similar to what M and VV are currently going through – friendship vs. love. This gets M thinking and she goes back into flashbacks of their time together. The dialogues the actors are saying are exactly what M is feeling! You can just see the lightbulb going off in M’s head! The shot is called for “packup” by the director and a random kid starts saying that love is nonsense and saying that it only looks good in films and doesn’t happen in reality. VV tries to talk to him about his negativity towards love. The kid says that he hates girls and will always hate them even when he grows up. VV tells him to watch what he says as he’s sure that “hate at first sight” can be converted to “love at first sight” very easily in adulthood. VV says that love can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone! M is listening to this and flashbacks to what J told her about love. VV continues to the kid that at first you find the person annoying and hate them, but then slowly fall in love with them as you get to know them. VV has some great dialogues here. M keeps watching with a curious expression on her face. VV starts having flashbacks of M and his times spent together. The kid brings him back to present by asking what happens next. VV says that later says that first you start being the person’s friend and then friendship converts to love after you realize how special this person is! The kid asks how does one know when they are in love and VV says that you have to be filmy to know that. He instructs the kid to put his hand on his heart and to close his eyes and try to see who he sees. M does the same and sees VV’s face. The kid shouts that he found his true love. VV asks who the lucky girl is and the kid retorts that it’s not a girl but his dog Sandy! VV just looks on in astonishment at the kid.
Just then a worker from the set comes and inquires about a particular car which turns out to be Virat’s. The worker tells VV to move his car as it is in the shot and VV says he will. He asks the guy to take a picture of M with the hero and heroine and walks away to the car while M keeps staring at him with a confused expression. M gets her picture taken but keeps staring at VV’s retreating back.
M looks very confused and asks herself why she’s getting so affected by these love talks. Why are her feelings concerning VV so strong – friendship, anger, envy, fun, etc. She asks herself can it be more than friendship? Why does she feel so restless and anxious and why is she thinking about this? She asks god why he put her in this confusion and asks him to help her out. She innocently crosses her fingers and gibes God an ultimatum that she is going to count till 3 and he should put the answer in front of her. Well, it turns out God is listening because as soon as she opens her eyes from her countdown, she sees VV walking towards her in full filmy style with heart shaped balloons everywhere. She is super happy that she has found the answer to her confusion – Virat! She tells herself that Virat is indeed her love! VV stops in front of her and she looks super relieved and then fake snow starts falling. M keeps looking at him in awe and VV looks irritated at the snow/confused at M’s expression. They have a little eye lock and then VV gets too irritated by the snow and asks the set people to stop it and the moment is broken! M keeps staring at her. VV looks at her and starts picking out the snow from her hair and she still looks confused. VV asks normally that should they leave and go home? M still has a weird expression on her face, so VV asks her if she is okay and is feeling alright. M blushes at that and VV asks her when she turned into a demure shy girl from a warrior princess. M still doesn’t say anything and keeps smiling at him. VV gets a call and he gets all worried and says I’ll be there to whoever is on the phone. He tells M he has to leave for an important task and will drop her home on the way. M just smiles!
You see M happily entering a room (which I am guessing is Virat’s). She looks very happy and there is the EHMMBH Virman happy tune/song playing in the background (I think, not sure about it). She sees a pic of Viren and Virat and hugs it happily. She then spots his T-shirts on the bed and twirls with one of them and hugs it. She remembers a time when VV was wearing that shirt and told her “Anything for you”. She picks up a different shirt (yellow this time) and dances with that one too. She puts them back on the bed and spots the punching bag. She flashbacks to a time with VV punching the bag. She then hugs the punching bag and plays with it. She then sees his guitar and picks it up with happiness (again another flashback). There are numerous flashbacks to where VV and her held hands in different scenarios. She remembers the time when VV called her “the best girl in the world”, when the sardarji blessed their Jodi thinking they were married, when they first met, the dance in the dhaba, numerous hugs, etc. While M is happy and having these feelings, Virat is at the doctor’s office getting bad news. The doctor tells VV that they cannot treat Manvi as after conducting the preliminary tests they have found that their treatment won’t work. They had thought that Manvi was like any other cancer treatment but it turns out that her body is incompatible to get treatment through the spine. He says that M can’t be treated here! VV is super shocked! Back at home, M is talking to herself that she can’t believe that she’s fallen in love. She then gets super excited and shouts that “she’s in love”. She twirls around happily. The serial ends with Manvi’s happy, ecstatic face on one side and Virat’s shocked, upset face on the other side of the frame.
No Precap!
Sorry it is a bit rushed and not that good. Though, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway and should be watching the show! Definitely well worth the time you’ll spend watching it today! There were tons of emotions and some brilliant acting by Nia that no one can put into words! So, go watch it and I promise you won’t be disappointed!
– Gunia

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