Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th June 2012 Written Episode


Khushi hugs Mami and reassures her that they will find ASR soon, as Mami leaves she states she wont be able to rest without finding the truth, NK tries to make Khushi feel better and will be keeping an eye on Shyam.

Shyam in his room is on the computer and NK is peering in through the door, he notices shyam getting the pendrive and runs to Khushi and tells him to turn the laptop on, he explains that he has fitted a small camera in Shyam’s room and Khushi is worried Shyam will find out but NK explains the camera is very small. Khushi asks where he got it from and NK explains he got it from a friend and they will be able to see everything.  As Shyam is typing in the password NK and Khushi are both staring at the screen to decipher the password



The password is ‘ILOVEYOUKHUSHI’, NK is shocked to know the password and questions Khushi about the password, Khushi doesn’t know what to answer and they are interrupted by what is shown on the laptop, it asks for voice authentication and Shyam says the password again, and they see documents on the laptop, Mami comes and interrupts Shyam asking what ASR gave her. Mami thinking that ASR is kidnapped and thinks there may be some clue in the gifts. She tells Shyam she wants to see and looks at the presents and examines them

NK questions Khushi again about the password, Khushi doesn’t want to talk about it and the only reason she is quiet is because of Anjali, she cant tell anyone the truth that Shyam tries to come close to her.  NK is disgusted and he cant take it anymore, he wants to go to the police and arrest Shyam.  Khushi tells NK he understands NK and everything is Shyam’s fault but right now its important to find ASR first.



NK stating they need the voice activation and that too in his words, Khushi states she knows what she has to do. NK doesn’t want Khushi to do this, but Khushi says that they need to do this, the voice on the camera wasn’t clear and she must get close to him to make him say those words.

Payal drying her hair and gets a call from Akash, Akash apologises for leaving quickly as he has allergy to that oil. Akash wants Payal to come to a party and Payal agrees to come along.  Payal thinking this time she has to do something without asking for help. Payal looking at a magazine and saying the store is close by and she should take a look at the clothes.

Shyam telling Anjali she is on his way. He notices Khushi teary eyes walking past his room.  Khushi is holding the present and looking upset (it has the note stuck to it) shyam comes in and enquires what the matter is. NK is there peering in, Shyam goes to touch her but she moves away. She says cant take it anymore and doesn’t know what to do. Khushi asks what was the point in these presents like he would bring presents for her, she continues that she is alone, Shyam says she isn’t, Khushi presses record on the phone, Shyam states Khushi will never be alone, he will always be by her side, Khushi continues that she is alone and has no one



Shyam states as long as he is alive she will never be alone. Khushi asks whether what he said the other day was true, he explains he has only loved her, Khushi closes her eyes, Shyam holds her chin and says ‘ I LOVE YOU KHUSHI’. He continues if only she understood his love before.  Khushi states she needs some time to think and to leave her alone to think about it alone, Shyam states she can take all the time she needs as he loves her.  As Shyam leaves Khushi falls on the floor and starts to cry


PRECAP – Khushi speaking explaining to Shyam what she wants, she explains no matter how much money or wealth she takes it wont matter to ASR, she wants to break him, Shyam asks whether she is asking to divorce Anjali, Khushi replies there is no better way to break his ego and asks whether Shyam is ready for it

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