Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Urmi trying to enter Raashi’s room but the door is stuck and wont budge…she then sees Koki and Gopi coming there with Koki carrying Gopi’s bag and hides herself. She cribs that Raashi missed all the drama and fun!(honestly i felt like breaking her teeth!!) Koki is walking in a daze and is about to collapse, she hugs Gopi and cries and Urmi is watching them from her hideout (honestly doesnt she have anything else to do???). Koki tells Gopi that she doesnt know where she went wrong, Gopi tries to stop her but Koki folds her hands and asks for her forgiveness. She tells Gopi that you came to this house because of me but I did not imagine that my Ahem will be so unfair to you. She says sorry again. Urmi comes out of her hideout and calls Koki. She comes to Gopi and hugs her and pretends to feel sorry for her. She tells Koki that Gopi has always been unlucky and could never get happiness (really and who is responsible for that?). She goes on to say that Gopi lost her parents when she was a child and has been alone since then. Koki looks angry but Urmi is obviously not paying attention. She says that after marriage she thought Gopi will be happy but she is still alone. Koki interrupts and tells her that her Gopi vau is not alone and will never be alone because she is with her and she will never let Gopi suffer and her Gopi vau does not need anybody’s help or pity. Koki tells Urmi that the day Gopi came to her house after marriage, she became her mother. She tells Gopi to trust her and she will always support her. She tells Urmi that the puja is over and she had the prasad too so…Urmi looks uncomfortable and says she wants to meet Raashi
Baa is crying that they we were so happy few hrs back about the kid and now..Parag, Chirag and Hetal are consoling her. Parag says Ahem was wrong but was Koki’s reaction correct. Baa tells Hetal that she wants to talk to Kokila. Baa tries to talk to Koki but Koki says she will not change her decision. Baa says she is being too harsh but Koki disagrees and says that Ahem has no right to insult Gopi, he said that he doesnt want to be a father in front of everyone. Baa says there may be some misunderstanding but Koki disagrees and says she wont forgive him. Baa says its not right to separate husband and wife and maybe he didnt mean it just said it..but Koki says how can he say such a big thing. Koki requests Baa to trust her decision, Baa hopes that everything resolves and Koki says that hope Krishna bhagwan makes her strong enough to forgive Ahem.
Precap: Ahem is trying to explain to Gopi that whatever he said today…Koki at door behind Ahem watching them angrily, Gopi sees her and walks away in tears. Ahem turns and calls her and then sees Koki.
Raashi is back finally. Urmila is banging on the door to her room, Raashi complains that she is already suffering because of her water bed kalakari, God knows what she wants now. Raashi complains that her water bed ended up with her getting a backache. Urmila tells her that she ordered water bed for her but Raashi spoiled it because of her mistake. Urmila tells Raashi that Gopi is no longer her jethani, Raashi is shocked. Urmila says that Ahem is separated from Gopi and her kid. Raashi is super shocked but tells Urmi that she knew he does not love Gopi. Urmi tells Raashi again to get pregnant and Raashi is irritated. They bicker over it (nothing new to report there). Urmi leaves in a huff.
Gohem room
Jigar is consoling Ahem, he says Koki will listen to him once she cools down. Ahem is angry with himself that he said all that , Raashi comes there calling Gopi. Jigar tells her to be quiet and tells Ahem to talk to Gopi, she will listen to him. Ahem agrees and thanks Jigar. Jigar and Raashi leave. Gopi as usual is at the temple crying and remembering Ahem’s harsh words about kids and that he does not want to be a father. Ahem is sad in his room and worried what to do. He wants Gopi back (Title track in BG). He begins to text her that he wants to talk to her but then changes his mind and walks out of the room. Gopi is at mandir crying, Ahem comes there
and calls her. He tells her he wants to say something and Gopi tries to walk away, but he stops her. Ahem says he wants to talk to her, mom is not listening. Gopi sees Koki behind Ahem. He tells her that she can make Koki understand. He tries to talk but Gopi walks away and Ahem turns to stop her but sees Koki. He tries to talk to her but she walks away. Ahem looks sad and worried.
Ahem sends a message to Gopi that he wants to meet her and wants to talk to her just once. Gopi reads the message, but looks shocked (I am sure Koki is going to confiscate her phone next).
Loved to see Ahem finally out of his comfort zone in his relationship with Gopi!
Sorry guys, the update is not as good as i would have liked..but had a power failure so had to watch the episode again to update the missed part, then my internet connection gave a lot of grief..had to type the whole thing twice! …please bear with me if i have made any errors!

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