Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th June 2012 Written Episode

Recap – Madhu -Mukund walk on opposite side of the road! Mukund gets knocked down by a speeding car! Madhu sees someone drop a beer bottle on the road and notes the Car registration no.! She rushes Mukund to the hosp! Cop comes there to take Madhus statement!

Part 1

Madhu tells Mukund that Cop has come to take his statement! The inspector says Madhu has already given the statement and repeats the details! Mukund says that there is no need for FIR! Cop says.. he knew from before this was gonna happen! Cop chides Mukund for backing out and praises Madhu! Mukund agrees to sign! Mukund asks if he needs anything more and Cop says no! Madhu thanks Ravi Pradhan aka the Cop! Mukund asks Madhu why she din ask him from before! Cop calls Madhu outside and asks her relation with Mukund! Cop hints at bro-sis and Madhu says its deeper than that and that its called humanity! Cop says.. thats why he praises her so much! Mukunds parents arrive! [Savita tais entry]! His father n mother express concern seeing his condition! Mukund screams out in pain seeing them! His sis asks if he is in pain? Mukund fakes! His mother-father argue and his mother sends his father out to call the Doc! His father asks a ward boy fora copy of Mukunds reports to take second opinion! Ward boy says that plaster will remain as three bones have broken, beyond that he does not know anything! His mother asks Mukund how he reached the hosp? His father chides him for getting bed ridden now! His dad gets a call from their family Doc! His father speaks sarcastically of how the people who are free n wander around get knocked off! His mother rues about the bill of the hosp! His mother wonders who admitted Mukund to the big hosp! Someone known calls Mukunds father and asks how Mukund is? Mukunds father rues how he did all the duty of an older bro and got his bro-sis married off, saw them settled in life and then settled but now all his bro-sis kids have succeeded n Mukund has failed! His sister tries to defend! His father asks him to cross the street with open eyes as they are already paying the charges for their own sickness! Mukund talks of Medical insurance n his father reminds that he is paying the premium! Mukund fakes pain and asks to turn him and his mother helps! Nurse arrives and asks when he gained consciousness n Mukund says he is fine! Nurse tells to ask junior Mrs. Dixit ..aka Mukunds wife and his family get shocked! All start chiding Mukund!

His mother chides his father for scolding Mukund so much which led to him finding love outside! His father wonders who married Mukund when he doesnt have any job..? Right then Madhu comes and greets them! All are shocked! Madhu explains how Mukund got knocked off and so she brought him to the hosp! Mukunds mom asks since when Madhu knows Mukund?! Madhu praises Mukund! Mukunds sis smiles! Madhu tells Mukunds mom that he will fulfil all their dreams and they will be proud of him! Madhu says that some people learn to walk late and when they start to walk they leave everyone behind! Mukunds mom asks if she knows them? Madhu gives their intro and then cites to Mukunds father how some students surprise all by their performance and that Mukund is also like that! She assures them that one day Mukund will take them all by surprise! She greets them all and excuses after wishing Mukund! Madhu tells Mukunds mom that she and Mukund are not married!

Part 2

At the hosp Mukund is lost in thots and says today he learnt to walk tho he is lying on bed with one leg in air … another in plaster! He says that someone gave him confidence today and that tho she is not there with him, her thots are with him like a scent … he says that if she doesnt belive she can ask his nose and lungs! Madhu is lost in thots of Mukund as well and bus conductor asks for ticket and she wakes up from her day dreaming and says Hiranagar and keeps ticket like she and Mukund do, in the ring! Mukund says today finally she felt like flying, Madhus ends up slipping on her shoe again and thinks of Mukund and turns back and smiles!

He says ‘Woh aayi to hawa mein barish si thi…halki halki… woh aai to in toote haddiyon mein na dard tha na pain’. The cop is singing at a tea stall! Madhu notices the cop waiting for her at the tea stall outside her chawl..! Cop says that Mukund will be fine in 45 days! He tells her that the case is not strong enouf! Madhu reacts saying that he knows well how cruelly the guy knocked off Mukund! The cop gets stern and says that when a cop tries to explain things.. she must try to understand!

Part 3

Madhu says she is listening! The cop says that the victim is not interested so she better forget it and asks her to withdraw the case! Madhu is appalled! She reminds the cop of his earlier promises! The cop says that he gets worried seeing Madhu worried, Madhu cuts him off and says that she will teach a lesson to the guy who thinks the street is his property and the people are ants! The cop laufs out and says that she does not know who she is talking about since its impossible for her to see HIM from where she lives! He says how HE has a stature ..a position! He says that when HE walks, people fall on their knees! He says that he keeps cops in his pocket and law under his foot! The prison scenes shown, jeep bringing in Vivan! All prisoners chant his name ‘DILAWAL’! The cop says that when he will tell her name, she will shiver..! Vivs eyes shown!

Precap — The jailor says that upon staying there for four days, Dilawal will come to his senses! Dilawal shakes his head and says that four days is too long, he just came to say ADAB to the jailor! Cop asks what he means and right then there is an explosion and Dilawal runs off!

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