Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 26th June 2012 Written Episode

Anjali spots Shyam coming out of Arnav’s room and confronts him. Shyam tries to avoid the topic and tries to deviate her but she seems suspicious.
Meanwhile, Khushi is extremely upset and disgusted with herself for what she’s done and NK tries to console her saying all this is to save Arnav. They decide to get the camera and the pendrive back. NK asks her to wait in his room while he gets the things.
Shyam and Anjali are still talking. She asks him about what he is wearing in his neck and he again lies that Khushi got this raksha dhaga for everyone.
Khushi comes out and bumps into Anjali and Anjali says some weird thing about how she should look where she is going and not do anything she’ll regret later.
NK and Khushi get back to work as their password gets accepted. To cheer her up, NK tells Khushi that he calls Arnav ‘Nanav’ because that is what he called himself when he was little and couldn’t speak properly. So he started teasing Arnav about this. The plan works and Khushi cheers up and NK is happy.
The pendrive contents open and NK and Khushi realise that it is Arnav’s will which appoints Shyam as the sole institution of the will and Arnav has signed it as well. They’re both shocked. Khushi takes out the photo on her phone and realises that it is the papers she had taken signatures on and also realises that Shyam must’ve changed the papers. It is all her fault that Arnav’s life is in danger. NK tries to argue but Khushi goes from there.
Aakash seems to be waiting for someone at a party and just then Payal arrives. He scolds her for being late and tries to take her but Payal can’t walk and balance in her heels. He wonders why she wore them in the first place. Payal tries to walk but falls and this embarasses Aakash. She says she wore this for him because she wanted to do something for him. He looks at her in disbelief and counts all the ridiculous stuff she’s done in the past few days and blasts her for creating more problems for him at a time when even Arnav isn’t there and all the work pressure is on him. He asks her to take off the heels and go home. He leaves a hurt and angry Payal and goes inside the party (What a jerk).
Khushi is sitting in front of Devi Maiyya and recalls how she took the signatures from Arnav. She apologises to Devi Maiyya for having been so selfish. She says she doesn’t care what Arnav thinks about her but she can’t see him in danger because of her. She vows not to give up and fall weak. Everything will be fine now that her Devi Maiyya is with her. NK comes from behind and assures her that everything will indeed be alright now. He’s kept the pendrive back, now what next? Khushi just prays to Devi Maiyya to give her the strength to do what she is about to do.
One of the kidnappers comes looking for Arnav and can’t find him anywhere. He finally finds him and points the gun at him. Arnav taunts him for being scared when he’s not even run away but promises to run away by tomorrow.
Shyam comes to Khushi at the poolside where she is praying. She tells him they know why Arnav married her and it’s a joke now. She wants to end it but before that she needs a favour from him. Shyam is only too happy to do anything for her but she says he is lying, he just pretends to be at her side all the time. This leaves Shyam confused.
Manorma is playing detective despite her sprained ankle.
Shyam assures Khushi that he can give up anything for her. Khushi says she’ll tell him what she wants. Manorma is making her way to them. Khushi tells Shyam that Arnav will not care how much money she takes from him, he will be hurt only when Shyam leaves his sister. Shyam asks if she is suggesting he divorces Anjali. Khushi says that’s the only way to break Arnav’s ego.

Precap: Arnav is doing pushups when three kidnappers come to him. Arnav asks them to call all others as well but says it’s no use. He’s running away anyway

P.S. Eekss! ASR’s back and how! Damn, I can’t see that guy vulnerable at all and that is why I didn’t bother catching up with the 6 weeks of the show I missed but there couldn’t be a better day to come back to writing updates for the show.

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